Sunday, May 29, 2016

Book Fair Tour

health permitting, I'm on some pretty strong stuff as the deterioration of my spine has gone warp-speed. So IF possible these will be the books available. (Mama's Umbrella is the hardcover) Also the first Emit book and Soon ling should be internationally available now.


There's the linkif you want to buy them before the signings. 

Peace and blessings!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

NOW Released!!!!

Soon Ling is a smart, pretty little girl. She has a new doll house and straight A's in school.  But her hair is such a mess that her mother calls, the tangles in her hair “goblins”.  When her mother suggests a hair-cut Soon Ling flees into the land of goblins to become their queen. What will soothe her fear of the barber's sharp scissors and bring her home?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I am proud to share that these exemplary students chose my work as a part of their journal  for their English class. Thank you ladies sooooo much. I am honored!
Really thankful you would consider my work good enough to be used in an academic situation!
It's a great journal and I think you should get A+!

(They said I was a great writer.... ego boost. giggle!) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Check it!!!

Cheshire Grin is working on something to renew the you! Ladies, are you worn down mentally and spiritually? Never enough personal time, and when you have time on your own, just feel lost as to how to use it? Does your inner-self feel as run down as your outer-self. Need a little help?

We are working closely with an internationally reknown author Serge Kozlovsky, best known for his reviews on music and very in depth spiritually on the healing properties of music and poetry. And you're going to love this.... 

He's working on a book of  Mantras and Meditations for today's woman! Very new age and even includes psyche exercises and journaling pages to work out all of those tiring kinks in your style. Complete with coloring pages (scientifically proven to reduce stress while stimulating the brain) How could you ask for more? Never has there been a Personal Workbook and Journal with so many tools to raise your vibrations and reduce those toxic stress levels. I haven't been this excited since the release of Celestine Prophecy!!

So let's give a big Cheshire Grin welcome to this kool Cat and his soon to be released book...

Nourishment Of Being; Mantras and Meditations For the Contemporary Woman

I'm achieving Zen as we speak.

That's my side of it 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Free first chapt (Adult content)

Free first chapter

Warning: much profanity, sexual situations are implied but not graphic, drug use and drunkorexia

For Rachael God rest you
And for all of the sick and suffering inside and outside of these rooms.

Diaries of the Cheshire Girls

If you're looking for a happy, light-hearted story then get out while you can. If romantic comedy's your thing or say flowery, poetic garbage like that, just go back to that epic misconception of how the real world works and leave me alone. If you like trite inspirational and meaningless stuff like that don't read any further. If angry is your thing then you've come to the right place. The thing you need to know right now is that this story... my story... the story of Chelsea O'Hara starts in death.

If all you envision in your tiny, little life is entrance to the Gates of Heaven, then I'd suggest you run like hell. My life, my inner ME, my gentle disposition was spawned in a gutter and I will not be moved. So if you're one of those do-gooder's that's lookin' to save a soul then let me save you a little time. In my world Wonderland comes in the form of a drug-induced coma. I'll never reach the light.... but then I'm not looking to. Just a nicer gutter and a better fix. If that's not available... a crappier gutter and a mediocre fix'll do. Whatever it takes right?

Because just like all of you mamby-pamby wanna-bes out there, I'd do anything for my God. The difference is my God is real. You can touch my God... you can snort him, smoke him, swallow him, inhale him, inject him or drink him.... whatever you're into really. It takes all kinds right? In my church we never turn anyone away... but like any temple the problems start with the money-changers. Isn't it always the way?

And suddenly I see...

All of these people are swarming around me. I don't know them. I'm not certain what's going on but I can't feel my legs which tickles in a way. My arm hurts real bad. They are trying to put an oxygen mask on me but I am fighting them tooth and nail. They wanna take away my high. They wanna take away my low. They wanna take away my numb... my perfect numb so screw them. I feel this unbearable buzz in the back of my skull and I start to flail and writhe... some kind of seizure maybe. Please give me more. Please give me heaven.... the heaven of numb.

Flat line.

The Making of Alice

You know I used to have another name. I mean I was born with the name Alisha but it never fit. Maybe it's just me who never fit. I dunno. In all honesty I don't care. I guess when I was little it fit because what else do you really know when you're five? It sounded like a princess name to me then... a pretty princess all thin and gorgeous in her satin gown... like something out of a fairytale maybe.

I would really love to give this story true credibility like that. I would like to start with “Once upon a time,” and end with “Happily ever after.” I totally would... except I don't guess the world really works that way. When I was little I would just close my eyes and become the fairy princess on the balcony of that imaginary tower. I used to think that way... you know like I could slay the dragons? Sadly the world taught me different.

When the dragons came for me I wasn't even 10. Those dragons are real bastards too. They crawl in your bed at night instead of staying under the bed where they belong. They whisper in your ear, “I can get to you anywhere, any time. So it's a secret and if you tell... I'll kill your Mom.” I hate dragons. They are just too big for me to ever stand up and become a fairy princess, y'know?

It's a long time ago... the time when I knew Alisha... before all the dragons and the pirate raids stole away the buried treasure of who she was. Doesn't matter because now I just call myself Alice. I'm pretty sure that that's who the world wants me to be. I mean I watch all those liquor commercials and I know they are really saying, “Drink me.” Or those ads with the smiling parents and the birthday cake that's on special at the grocery this week... “Eat me.” that cake can basically eat me... if you get my meaning.

In this world if you want those demons, dragons, pirates or whatever to back off... you basically keep your head down and obey. There's really only one way to fit in anymore.... only one way to blend into a crowd long enough so that whatever monster that's happening by won't notice you. That's my secret to success, obey those laws... talk like everyone else, dress like everyone else and stay thin like everyone else. If you seem to have a mind of your own or think outside of the box in any way you'll stick out. Who wants that really? Who wants to be left open to ridicule? Judgment? Abuse? This is one princess who's staying hidden! Believe it!

So any way even a fairy wanna be needs friends right? There's strength in numbers and I've got no army if the dragons come back. My family moved around a lot and so that lonely space I guess got bigger and bigger. That void where Alisha used to be became a vast wasteland by the time I got to college. I needed to fill that canyon with something else because anorexia wasn't cutting it.

Yes, that's right I have an eating disorder. My idiot mother used to send me away to what she called, “Nutrition clinics” and what the rest of us, who are based in reality call institutions. I always knew how to play their game because I always knew what the shrinks wanted to hear. It used to piss me off though because those places feed you insanely and then you have to drop the weight all over again.

It was just the beginning of my sophomore year I guess when I finally met Chelsea. She was one of those girls who just pleases the whole crowd... a perfect hostess for the slightly bent you might say. She inspired me... even showed me ways of dropping the weight. I still wonder what happened to her. What happened to my best friend?

Some nurse type is yelling, “Code Blue” and I hear my mother screaming, “Chelsea don't you leave!” I wonder where my real family is. Not my relatives, but my family. Like say Alice. I remember Alice... it's a long time ago. Or was it earlier today?

Why did you buy those tampons?' I ask her annoyed. I am pissed because all that's left in my pipe is a small bud of weed and it isn't nearly enough to keep me going through the day. I'm down on my luck now because I stole from Rudy and he won't let me come in and snort coke with him anymore. Alice is my only hope for a weekend of Numb. I know she'll lend me some money if I just teach her this trick.

Alice just looks at me her pretty, blue eyes scrunched up in confusion and asks, “What's wrong with em? You said I needed tampons. Those are the most expensive kind.”

Dude,” I snap, “I never have money so I would never use those. I would use the cheap ones. If you dip those in Vodka they'll just explode.”

Well don't they all explode? I mean they are tampons. Any way to get enough Vodka in to get drunk, I'd have to use enough to disintegrate it. I don't think this is gonna work,” she moans.

It'll work. I said it'd work didn't I? Have I ever led you wrong?” I snap. She doubts my power and I hate that. She calls herself a lost fairy princess and she calls me the High Priestess of Numb. I like that name... don't remember how stoned we were when she gave it to me... but it shows my power and I love that.

I'm sorry. I just can't understand how this works,” she whines at me. I feel crappy for making her get back in line. It is for her own good. If you wanna drop the weight fast, concessions have to be made. Sadly I ask, “How long's it been since you've eaten?”

Couple days,” she replies. I snort my dissatisfaction at her utter stupidity and reply, “Then it ain't gonna take much to get you drunk is it? You're half way there already. Don't forget to write the calories down in your food diary.”

Thanks for reminding me,” she smiles. I know she'll hook me up. I'm half way to Wonderland already!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Easy Reader

Emit the Hedgehog, was a series I created for my grandson upon request. I've made it a series, a trilogy actually in order to

1. lower prices as color illustrations push prices up by $10

2. In the hopes that he'll read Tolkien and other trilogies eventually.

It is going to be released soon. But only the first book will be available. I think wondering what will come next will make the series more exciting for kids. In that vein, I will wait a month or two to release the second, and eventually the third.

These are kid friendly, but it was inspired by "love boundaries" that adults forget to respect. So while written for children, it will give adults a kick, I hope. Humorous, witty and sincere is what I was going for. so I hope I've achieved that. Here are a few pages for your consideration. (They are not in order, I decided based on illustration)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Review of Emit, coming soon!

The story is so sweet,
a perfect bed time story for kiddies! I love the dragon's eye, that's
gotta be my favourite drawing in your book. The others fit in very well
with the story. Brilliant!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Anniversary!!!

Cheshire Grin is 2 years old today! So for a celebratory gift, our new children's book Mama's Umbrella is on sale this week! It's an excellent gift for anyone who's mourning.

A few pages, just to show the format of the hard cover. Came out nice,yes?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another excellent review

Apocalypse Eventually by Emma Idiot
This hilarious account of the eventual end of the world is for the open minded for sure. It is tough being a supreme being in a human world. Too many questions to answer then those darn limits. Time is not on Viny’s side. Funny it’s about the Apocalypse right? Laugh out loud comedy, twisted spin on what could happen when we face the last days. Are you ready for some light hearted reading? This page turning will be the relief you need. Not for those who take themselves too seriously.
Katherine Waddell, CEO This Needs To Be Said Media, Inc.

Also available at Mini mini con