Saturday, September 14, 2019

How I know I'm old.... witty

How I know I’m old:
• If it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t work any more
• I can injure myself sleeping
• I take a sweater with me in 106 degree weather (just in case)
• I can get wasted by moving too fast
• Staying up past 10 is reliving my wild youth
• Walking has sound effects (popping, clicking, groaning)
• If I walk by a mirror and catch a glimpse of myself, my only thought it “Oh how the mighty have fallen”
• If I drop an object on the floor and have to bend, I must debate whether or not it should just stay there
• If a medication has a side-effect the doctors give me medications for that side-effect and also medications for the side-effects of medications of that side-effect
• When shopping, the ointment aisle is now a “wild time out”
• Napping is like winning an all expense paid vacation

• Never mind… I forgot what this list was for

That's my side of it,

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

ee-yoh-dahn wah-shah-kay (new poem by Angel Dunworth)


The world turns

and turns again,

The forests burn,

In worlds of men.

The ocean dies,

Mountains speak,

Of broken bones

That mines deplete.

Grandfather hear our sacred prayer,

Help us clean the toxic air,

Wankan Tanka, Great Mystery,

Open our eyes that we might see,

That Father Sky and Mother Earth

Are sacred beings beyond worth.

Please help us walk in a good way,

ee-yoh-dahn wah-shah-kay

For within worlds

lie worlds unseen

Like teaming life

in trees of green,

Or the universe

beneath the sand

whose only hope,

Lies in our hands.

Grandfather hear us one and all

We cry as one as mountains fall

Wankan Tanka, Great Mystery,

Help us to change history

For Father Sky and Mother Earth

Are sacred beings beyond worth.

Please help us walk in a good way,

ee-yoh-dahn wah-shah-kay

*** All words in Sioux translate roughly into "Almighty" 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Gustav Speaks!!

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

As a writer i would have to say my mascot would be a pug. Very random, but there is just something about a pug, they are always viewed as funny looking or ugly by some, yet to the right person they are the cutest things in the world. Just as my writing may be viewed differently depending on the audience.

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Having my first book published I feel hasn’t really changed my process of writing at all. It has changed my outlook on the writing process. Once my book was published I began focusing more on the number of books I sold, not for the monetary gain of that sell, but from the thought of “Hey, that is somebody who is reading something I wrote.” That give you a feeling that is special in its own way. The joy of knowing I have begun to get my thoughts, feelings, and opinions out to the world while doing something I love to do.

Where’s your favorite place to write? Describe your process.

My favorite place to write is in the moment. I know that may sound cheesy, but I am not the type of writer who can say, “Alright, I am going to sit at the coffee shop for 2 hours and write.” That doesn’t work for me. I will most likely end up at the coffee shop for 2 hours having accomplished nothing but downing a pot of coffee and some pastries while staring at a blank piece of paper.
I instead write when an idea enters my head, whether that be at work or in the middle of a movie I am watching. My ideas come in random spurts and I never know where I will be or what I will be doing when that creative side is triggered. I rather enjoy that; it is a freedom to the writing. It is not being contained in specific situations or time slots. Let us just call it “Free Range Writing.”

If you could tell your younger writing self-anything, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self, do not write to impress others. Write for yourself, make art with your words that appeals to you. As a young writer, I would not let many people read a lot of what I wrote because I feared they would not understand it, or perhaps it would be misinterpreted. As I have grown older, I have come to realize that is just part of writing. Not everyone will be on the same page as I am, and not everyone will share my feelings and emotions. I can not let that put a hinder to my writing though, I must continue to write for myself and let others formulate their own feelings and interpretation. Now when I write something and people get a different meaning from it, I take pride in that. I now view that as a next level of writing, being able to create something with a dual meaning and purpose without the intent to do so.

What are you currently reading? Why?

I am currently reading “Everything We Had” by Al Santoli. It is an oral history of the Vietnam War told by thirty-three of the American soldiers that were there. I love reading books like this because it is not a story about the Vietnam War told through the point of view of something sitting on the outside looking in, these are true stories coming from men who lived them. It brings you into that world on a much more personal level, that at times you feel what that person was feeling, you have a much more clear understanding of what these soldiers went through without the added fluff from some guy sitting at home pretending to have been there.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

New poem by Angel Dunworth

War Crimes

Oh Great Eden’s sky

now threadbare frays,

with screeching cries,

where children pray.

Bow their heads,

Fall to their knees,

On concrete beds,

Dressed in disease.

Asking the earth,

What is my true sin?

Language? Birth?

My eyes? My skin?

Being immigrant

was not my choice,

Your indifference

has cost my voice.

The land of the free,

is stained with a cage,

Of prejudice, pestilence

Hatred and rage.

The ideal we fought for,

that democracy saves,

Is busy digging holes for

A tiny mass grave.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Guru Speaks!!!

1. Thank you for granting us this interview. Tell us the name of your latest book and where to get it.

The name of my latest book is “Eternity’s Song”.
It is very easy to buy it using the following link:

2. Your books do seem to enjoy a lot of success. So what’s different about this one? Have you added anything?

Yes, we added some prayers from various religious traditions and mandalas to “Eternity’s Song” book.
 Besides, there are, us usual, many modern therapeutic practices, amazing coloring pages by very talented artist Angel Dunworth and, of course, my better new poetry.
Poems are getting shorter and shorter, and clearer, I hope…

3. What is it that inspires your beautiful writing?

It could be really anything and in any time.
You suddenly start to realize some things…

4. If you could give novice writers one piece of advice, what would that be?

Believe in yourself!

5 What other books have you published? Also do you have plans for more?

“Eternity’s Song” is already my fifth poetry book. I think my other poetry books “Nourishment of Being”, “Soothing the Soul”, “Awakening Chill”, “Calm in the Storm” and my fairy tale book “Snail and Duckling” may be interesting too for a wide range of readers!
You can buy all my books here:
And, yes, I’ve already started to work on the new poetry book and I’ve recently prepared a bunch of poems for it. I don’t know when it will be issued but I hope me and Cheshire Grin Publishing will be able to publish it next year!

Thank you for being here today.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Rumor has it that the Guru's back!!

Stay tuned to find out when this amazing book of true self-care and spirituality is released!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Hey guys UPDATE

SO update: As some of you know I'm at the start of becoming a lyracist. SO my poetry is being put to music and recorded. Which is very exciting. So I can't run the publishing company for a little while, cuz I need to focus on this. NOT to worry we've placed some pretty brilliant people in charge til I get back. So hey go buy my poetry book, you'll have the first sets of lyrics!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Seaside Buffet

She watches the waves,
Blue-black in the night,
Maybe she craves
All the bleeding inside.

She could choose to be happy,
She could choose not to grieve,
She could choose to forgive
And to set herself free.

She could dine on vengeance,
Or starve in disgrace,
She could put the fool bluntly
Back into his place.

She could rise to occasion,
Or fall to her knees
Pray for vaccination
Against his disease.
She could roll with the punches,
Or rock him to sleep,
She could come to her senses,
And just take the leap.

She could hear the wind calling
In swatches of gray
And abide by her soul's song
Or just waste away.

But she stands by the sea-side,
Unaware that she owns,
The ultimate power
To leave him alone.

And the water grows deeper
As she wades through her life,
And fills her lungs aptly
With love's quick demise.

For just like the sunset,
Beauty recedes,
And allows us to heal,
Or begs us to bleed.

Sometimes forever
Is a second or two,
Sometimes now
Is as old as it's new.

Sometimes waves pray,
And sometimes we drown
In yesterdays, some days
and the here and the now.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Utah signing canceled

We're sorry to inform you that the Utah signing is canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019

RAPE my new prose


You don't understand

the wrath of rape,

the absolute consumption of guilt

of being less because, but

Not because you earned it

not because you asked for it

not because you deserved to be destroyed

but because

You don't comprehend the filth of rape

that contaminates the soul,

That makes cruddy every movement,

every living breathe, because

Not because you wore a mini-skirt

Not because you cussed aloud

Not because you strutted when you walked

not because you were begging to get knocked down

NOT because you had another drink

But because.

You haven't the ability to die the trillion deaths of rape,

To scrub, skin bloody from hands no longer there,

To be spiritually pulverized forever, because...

Not because you never complained about old men groping you on the subway,

Not because you danced with total abandon at the club,

Not because your stockings were expensive

Not because you loudly flirted with the bartender

Not because you act like a victim

But because.

You have no knowledge of the scars of rape,

Bleeding eternally, hidden by society

So as not to make others uncomfortable

or the fanatical Code Of Silence we choke on because,

Not because you went to a frat party

Not because you stayed out late

Not because your outer clothing hid a thong beneath

Not because you liked to show off

Not because you were too goody, goody

Not because you were too naughty, naughty,

Not because you think you're smarter

But because.

And only the world can eradicate predatory regulation

Only Earth as a whole can expose those silenced stitches

Only as one can we heal the survivors, because,

Not because boys will be boys

Not because she teased him

Not because a trial will ruin his scholarship

Not because he's an alpha

Not because he has a rich Daddy

Not because whistle-blowers are trouble-makers

But because.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Unpaid Internship

Looking mainly for editorial interns. Use the website contact button to apply. This is an unpaid internship at the end of which we sometimes hire, but also you will be allowed to submit your written works for publication if you so desire.