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RAPE my new prose


You don't understand

the wrath of rape,

the absolute consumption of guilt

of being less because, but

Not because you earned it

not because you asked for it

not because you deserved to be destroyed

but because

You don't comprehend the filth of rape

that contaminates the soul,

That makes cruddy every movement,

every living breathe, because

Not because you wore a mini-skirt

Not because you cussed aloud

Not because you strutted when you walked

not because you were begging to get knocked down

NOT because you had another drink

But because.

You haven't the ability to die the trillion deaths of rape,

To scrub, skin bloody from hands no longer there,

To be spiritually pulverized forever, because...

Not because you never complained about old men groping you on the subway,

Not because you danced with total abandon at the club,

Not because your stockings were expensive

Not because you loudly flirted with the bartender

Not because you act like a victim

But because.

You have no knowledge of the scars of rape,

Bleeding eternally, hidden by society

So as not to make others uncomfortable

or the fanatical Code Of Silence we choke on because,

Not because you went to a frat party

Not because you stayed out late

Not because your outer clothing hid a thong beneath

Not because you liked to show off

Not because you were too goody, goody

Not because you were too naughty, naughty,

Not because you think you're smarter

But because.

And only the world can eradicate predatory regulation

Only Earth as a whole can expose those silenced stitches

Only as one can we heal the survivors, because,

Not because boys will be boys

Not because she teased him

Not because a trial will ruin his scholarship

Not because he's an alpha

Not because he has a rich Daddy

Not because whistle-blowers are trouble-makers

But because.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Unpaid Internship

Looking mainly for editorial interns. Use the website contact button to apply. This is an unpaid internship at the end of which we sometimes hire, but also you will be allowed to submit your written works for publication if you so desire. 

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The Guru Speaks!

Hello. Thanks for being here. What are your books about? And where are they available?

All my available books are about love, understanding, life - in general, all they are about very simple things that are in my opinion are most important in our world.

All of my books are available on http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/sergekozlovsky.

Tell us a bit about you. What's a good day for The Relaxation Guru”?

The good day for me is when I can be creative and I can enjoy my day, my loved ones, my family, creative work, communication, good food and drink, wonderful music, traveling, etc. So, the good day is for me when I can celebrate life in any of its forms and manifestations. Again, these things are really simple. Just to be in a state of love, in a state of harmony, in a state of balance.

What inspires you to write?

It could be really all anything. Ways of creativity are inscrutable.

Do people respond well to your books?

To my joy, I have so many excellent responses about my books. Some of the people that responded have a profound understanding of my creative work and intentions.

Perhaps, a warm response of J.K.Rowling about my writings stands at a special place for me, because her works are the sample of the highest level for me and, also, the inexhaustible source of inspiration.

What makes your books different than other books?

Each person is unique and priceless in this world. I think my unique approach and vision of some things in this world, my creative work and style are of interest for other people too.

What advice would you give to struggling writers?

What advice can I give to struggling writers of at present that is (for me) such a writer too? I know that when I did not give up, I went my own way and continued, no matter what, I had a success. This is what I can advise other struggling writers.

Can you tell us about Cheshire Grin?

Cheshire Grin is a wonderful independent publishing house that has an individual approach for each of its writers. Besides, Angel Dunworth is a very talented artist and a great person. My books weren't interesting and attractive without her amazing work. I am proud to work together with her on my books.

If you could choose only one blessing in life, what would that be?

I have many such blessings in my life, how can I choose only one? It is really impossible for me because I have endless blessings. Maybe, the most important thing to say here is that we all are connected in this world.

Thanks for being here.

You are welcome!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Blog tour interview Monica Jordan- Life Under A Rock (memoirs)

1. Thank you for being here today! What is your book about?

The story is about a child growing up with special needs, trapped in a failing foster-care system. She is sexually, physically and emotionally abused before she was adopted. She feels spiritually abandoned by her adopted family. With all the odds against her she grows up to be a strong young woman, who completed college and an internship. She finds the career of her dreams and along that path, she also finds herself. This story is both inspirational and terrifying. It will certainly lift you up towards the end.

In the story she is portrayed as a strong woman who is writing her story as if all her life she was stuck under a rock, where she was broken, confused and terrified of the sexual abuse, and being abandoned. She felt like a black sheep in her adopted family. During her struggles of childhood and teens. All of her trust, social skills, confidence and much more lay pulverized.

I wrote my story because I had a story to tell and didn’t want be that girl stuck behind the door filled with horrible secrets and cover ups. My book has really helped me to become who I am today! That “someone from the past” is gone. I will no longer go back to that sickening void. I believe that writing my books has helped me to reach out to other people who have been sexually abused at a young age and help them to stand up for themselves. To help them reach out and come forward. I believe that we have rights, even as survivors of our childhood sexual abuse.

2. What inspires you to write?

Well I didn’t know that I had a story to tell at first. But then I realized that my childhood experiences gave me a sign to write, and that I had a story to tell. As a teen I started a journal and started writing. As I wrote, remembering my past and what I’ve been through my childhood. I started to remember what had happened to me. When I was older I started writing again and finished my story and got it published. I was astounded at the amount of courage it took to come forward. Just like everyone else who wrote their story and shared it, I no longer wanted to keep silent or hide behind that door.

3. What have you done that may inspire other people?

I told everyone on social media that I published my very first book in 2018 and did and author interview about my book. When I told everyone that I was a novelist, and they read my story their hearts glowed! Most were proud of me of how my book helped me to evolve thus far. I've also been vlogging on youtube as well because their are others out there who made a video story about their childhood sexual abuse and that inspired me. l made couple of videos on YouTube as well about my life. Pretty soon I want to do a book signing for those that want to get a copy of my books and get a signature as well.

4. If you were to give other writers one piece of advice, what would that be?

Help others out there to spread the word. Read others stories that tell of those that are experiencing similar struggles.

5. Where can we find this book of yours?

You can find my book online

 Life Under a Rock

by Monica Newman

Friday, January 4, 2019

Congrats! A poem for Susan and Frank's wedding!

Susan's Wedding Song

(For your wedding presents)

Like roses raining from the sky,

You fill my soul, I know not why,

When love is born, regrets soon die.

And heal the longing deep inside.

One coin, two sides,

Life in the making.

Just you and I

all others forsaking,

To your arms I fly

with awe over-taking.

My soul I'll bind

to ease your breaking

Perhaps you'll find

that undertaking

soon describes

a future blazing.

You are my breathe, my very heart,

My awakening beneath the stars

Blows at the moon all of my scars

And leads my soul to where you are.

Shall I attribute,

to angel's fair,

the resolute

of breaking there,

that drew me to

complete despair

and traded truth

to the tainted air

For absolute

Response to prayer?


I found you there.

No gold, nor treasure can so abide

And reach beyond the blackened tide

To keep me from your blessed side

With every breathe, I'll call you mine.

One coin, two sides,

Life in the making.

Just you and I

all others forsaking,

To your arms I fly

with awe over-taking.

My soul I'll bind

to ease your breaking

Perhaps you'll find

that undertaking

soon describes

a future blazing.