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Friday, February 1, 2019

The Guru Speaks!

Hello. Thanks for being here. What are your books about? And where are they available?

All my available books are about love, understanding, life - in general, all they are about very simple things that are in my opinion are most important in our world.

All of my books are available on

Tell us a bit about you. What's a good day for The Relaxation Guru”?

The good day for me is when I can be creative and I can enjoy my day, my loved ones, my family, creative work, communication, good food and drink, wonderful music, traveling, etc. So, the good day is for me when I can celebrate life in any of its forms and manifestations. Again, these things are really simple. Just to be in a state of love, in a state of harmony, in a state of balance.

What inspires you to write?

It could be really all anything. Ways of creativity are inscrutable.

Do people respond well to your books?

To my joy, I have so many excellent responses about my books. Some of the people that responded have a profound understanding of my creative work and intentions.

Perhaps, a warm response of J.K.Rowling about my writings stands at a special place for me, because her works are the sample of the highest level for me and, also, the inexhaustible source of inspiration.

What makes your books different than other books?

Each person is unique and priceless in this world. I think my unique approach and vision of some things in this world, my creative work and style are of interest for other people too.

What advice would you give to struggling writers?

What advice can I give to struggling writers of at present that is (for me) such a writer too? I know that when I did not give up, I went my own way and continued, no matter what, I had a success. This is what I can advise other struggling writers.

Can you tell us about Cheshire Grin?

Cheshire Grin is a wonderful independent publishing house that has an individual approach for each of its writers. Besides, Angel Dunworth is a very talented artist and a great person. My books weren't interesting and attractive without her amazing work. I am proud to work together with her on my books.

If you could choose only one blessing in life, what would that be?

I have many such blessings in my life, how can I choose only one? It is really impossible for me because I have endless blessings. Maybe, the most important thing to say here is that we all are connected in this world.

Thanks for being here.

You are welcome!