Saturday, August 29, 2015

One of mine

Wolf and Raven

I watch you wonder off, leader of the pack

follow the moon, just turn your back.

Sing that love song, that never can be,

pretend you don't care what it means to me.

The frozen ground, holds fast your heart,

But then again I knew that from the start.

You might be rugged, you may be fierce,

the worst kill you left was the soul that you pierced.

Like feathers on wind my tears flutter down,

falling into the stoic, frigid, white ground,

but don't waste your time to heal my wounds,

You belong to the pack as I belong to you.

You'll do it again, girl, you'll peck out the eyes,

Of the only true vision that I ever prized.

Let it go, I’m a leader, let it fall to the wind.

My placid howl won't let that happen again.

You want to fly in a circle, I walk a straight line,

You talk of betrayal, but you never were mine.

So you say I am cruel, and you quick turn away,

Walk onward brave Wolf, 'tis not me you betray,

It's your nature to prowl and your love of the chase,

that pushed my black heart to the brink of disgrace.

Look deeper warrior, see into your soul,

at edge of your psyche you have no control,

It is blasphemy plain to run from the fear,

My darkness led to the light that lived here.

See me for what I am and us for what we are,

I beseech you, by moon and beg you by stars,

the truly brave do that which is hard.

Courage is not built from what you discard.

You tell your lies girl, that deceit that you bring

but the trash of the pauper is gem to the king.

You can bend me and break me again and again,

What you see as enemy I call a friend.

There's no pride in your tears nor love in your wake,

my path is as sacred as the decisions you make.

So together we rise and together we fall,

When we were one lifetime, we shared it all,

but that battleground's cold where it all slipped away.

We can drown in the past or live for the day.

And I in the winter will sit and will dream,

as you journey onward to hunt for the Spring,

As the pack leads you away you'll never realize,

that the death of our vow was just victory's lies.