Sunday, July 17, 2016

Released for Global distribution!!

This book includes the story Mama's Umbrella, but has many more stories and fairy-tales, originally written and illustrated by award-winner Angel Dunworth. It includes an "I can read it," and even has a few children's poems (also original)

Perfect gift for readers of all ages, this charming collection is certain to awaken the magic in every reader's heart!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Another death

Someone I love is dying. Leaving memories and ghosts like stray ashes. And you can say she's neurotic, even strange. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to those of us with PTSD what names you throw out there. We've obviously had bigger dragons to slay then listening to the petty and shallow flip-flopping of your opinion.

What happened to me in a previous relationship, another lifetime, nearly was clear-cut psychological abuse. Oh there was also emotional, spiritual and financial abuse, but this isn't about me. Maybe it is only about how another abused woman with PTSD was of service. I wouldn't be talking to you right now otherwise. Truth be told, I'd be dead.

See somewhere along the way God, He, It placed an angel of mercy in my path. This woman's daughter was that angel of mercy. With a foreclosure, no job , her husband had left her in a mess with 3 children to feed, yet this woman opened her home to us. Our safety meant more to her than a meal, electric bill or luxuries.

Though I had fled and rightfully so, I felt such insurmountable guilt. Yes he'd betrayed me in every way imaginable. But at the time the fact that I betrayed him back, it some how made me wrong, vengeful, even petty. And suddenly I was sitting with this older lady, every night.

Every night, Lily would tell me her horrendous stories, each had a fairy-tale ending. She'd escaped her abuser. She'd raised her children. She'd successfully become her own person. Independent, kind and financially sound, all of this she'd accomplished. And to her the great and merciful quality of her children's personalities was that one thing. The only accolade she'd ever required was the legacy of love that carries on in her children and her children's children.

Let it be said that she lived too fiercely, prayed too insistently and loved too mercifully. But never let it be said that she amounted to too little. Her grace lives on within the eyes and souls of her children and grand children. If you wish to meet her, simply look into their eyes.

Go with God, lady. You earned it more than most.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

book fair

We are in preparations now to finish the book fair tour. We will let you know details as they come in. Again we thank you for your prayers. Hubby is up and around!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Just my opinion

It's ridiculous. This time in our history is simply ridiculous. Political correctness brought us here. How lovely. It's like if your black, you're a criminal. If you're white you're an arian or a corrupt cop, there is no in between. If you're a Christian, you're probably a fanatical clinic bomber. If you're Muslim you're an everything bomber. If you're Pagan like me, you're sacrificing virgins in your back yard. It's hilarious and begs the question, where are these virgins? I don't think I've met one in my whole life.

Politically correct means this:

  • Don't tell white people they're white.
  • Don't tell blacks they're black.
  • Don't EVER assume that Mexican Americans are Hispanic.
  • Don't tell girls they are female.
  • Don't tell guys they are male.
  • Don't assume that any one, any where, at any time has a race, religion, color or sex.
  • Don't hire based on ability
  • Don't hire based on skin, religion or assumed gender.
  • Don't refuse to hire based on skin, religion, race or assumed gender.
  • Don't assume cops are bad
  • Don't assume cops are not bad
  • Don't assume someone is a criminal based on race, religion or assumed gender
  • Don't assume someone's not a criminal based on race, religion or assumed gender.
  • Don't you dare be offended!
  • Don't you dare not be offended!
  • If I am offended it somehow gives me less rights.
  • If I am offended it somehow gives me more rights.
  • If you offend me you must live my way.
  • If you offend me you are a unique snowflake
  • Never correct a child, it hurts their feelings.
  • Don't let your kids run rampant
  • Don't pray in public its offensive
  • Don't be a godless prick.
  • If you are gay its offensive.
  • If you are homophobic its also offensive
  • If you are not gay or homophobic you must be lying
  • Lying is offensive

Do you see what I'm getting at?

Here's the kicker, and every single religion and theology says this VERY clearly.... Quit killing each other you bunch of assholes,
Great Mystery

I got mine!

Have you got yours?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Street Light Halo: I hate July 4th

Street Light Halo: I hate July 4th: Not trying to rag on a great National holiday... neither am I trying to be ungrateful to a great Nation. The truth is I hate July 4th. As a ...