Friday, January 31, 2014


Hi guys I am walking on air! Okay from a wheelchair I suppose I am rolling on air! Lol I am so elated at how well the publishing meeting went today!

I cooked (with Sarah's help) BBQ chicken, fruit salad, spinach salad, homemade stuffing (not a victory lol) hor dourves, berry pie and my specialty cake. I had tried to make it look elegant and my daughter did an excellent job setting up! How would I live without her?

I was so nervous... like anxiety attack nervous. What if? What if I got humiliated? What if I looked like an idiot? What if the editor ended up hating me? What if I forgot how to act like a pro? What if I was offensive or...? What if?

That What if will kill us... worrying about things that have never happened, means chasing invisible monsters. Why borrow trouble? I made myself a nervous wreck for nothing. You know what the worst part of the day was? NOTHING!

I had the most perfect time!!!!!!!! We got a lot done. My contract is signed... not for six months or a year as most places have standard... but (drum-roll please) 2 YEARS!!!!!!!! The main editor and very talented illustrator even said... wait for it.... “OMG! She's a publicist!” I think that's the highest compliment ever.

With all the praise reaped on me today my ego should be about the size of a small continent now! LOL They really were just the loveliest ladies and the kind words they said about my book really touched my heart too! I had a total blast today! I am so happy right now... it's a Zen moment!

That's my side of it,


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not really blogging today because I am cooking and cleaning for an important meeting tomorrow. But remember you can buy my book at a reduced price at I am very excited and elated about my meeting tomorrow! Wish me luck!

That's my side of it,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


My book "Snapshots From Home; Tales From Dysfunctional High School" Is only available on ebook at sale price for a limited time. So go to and buy it while it's cheap. If you are like me you want a hold in your hand paperback but that is several weeks off yet. PLEASE if you do read it leave a review. It is important to me to know what you think as I am writing a second book and I want it done to my reader's liking rather than my own. I would consider it a personal favor.

So today I am putting off the making of display stands and promos as I want the next book cover to be one of my paintings... so I've decided to paint. And believe me after all this work I really need a little relaxation. That is especially true as Cedar Fever got me again this year. We never had Mountain Cedar in Florida so I never developed an immunity to it.

On Friday the owner of the publishing house and the editor will be here for lunch. I am cooking them a chicken and possibly lasagna. I want to bake my specialty and possibly make Nanna's secret bon bon recipe (which is like round chocolate candies filled with either peanut butter or hazel nut butter.) Then again I will spend all night making them and in the morning my daughter and husband will have finished them all before the meeting! lol I am very excited as I hear my editor is a big fan! Always serves to swell my head a bit which is nice. However my head is already the size of a house! lol

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Owl's Blog

Owl's Blog
I got the most beautiful gifts today from my dear friend across the pond and it has had me weird and weepy ever since! The most beautiful jewelery for my ceremonials! They made them and I am so honored! I will wear the bracelets every day but I have reserved some pieces only for high ceremonies and pow wow!

Remember those random acts of kindness can really, inspire, elate and even save a life sometimes. I am so touched in my soul that she would think of me in such a loving way. I really needed that after the terrible news yesterday.

Thank God for kindness and beloved friends!

That's my side of it,

Monday, January 27, 2014

A death

excerpt from an email I had to send today
Remember that novel I wasn't certain I was going to write and the blog that started my research for snifffing, huffing bagging? Which in turn started me thinking about talking to churches  the first place? Remember the blog? It was research for R, her neighbor's daughter was bagging and the woman wanted to know what to look for? The girl's name was Rachel and she was 14 years old today when they took her off life-support. She never lived to reach high school because addiction is too cruel and won't leave our kids alone. After I got the call I spent the day in bed. I am dedicating the next book to her. I WILL write it.
Kindly pray tonight for her mother and surviving sister. It is written, Blessed are they that mourn for they will be comforted. Also a moment of silence please for those suffering addiction inside and outside of these rooms.

Anyone needing info about viewing and funeral services, please contact R or B directly. Thanks guys. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Things you never Knew About your Medicine Man

Things you never knew about your Medicine Man

It's a year gone by since Old Man Bear passed. It wasn't until a week later that I learned of it as I was away on family business. I remember my heart breaking into a zillion tiny pieces... he would take the journey now. He appointed me long ago to do the ceremony, leave food out for him every so often to build strength for him as he traveled. It is an old way from the Time-That-Was-Before to leave food for the dead and it was his wish that I do this after his death. He called me his Keeper of the Soul. So for a year I have tried to keep my promise and to keep him alive in our hearts and memories. But tonight I will do the other half of the ceremony that sends him to a realm... a paradise of his choosing.

Before he is set finally to the gates of that world I want to show you some of what this incredible man did in his life. He was a shaman yes but he also accomplished much more. He was a lobbyist for a law to bring Pluie's Highway to light. It passed but still collects dust waiting to be implemented. He was a gourmet chef, a professional photographer, wedding officiant, death companion, published author, (Under The Mesa Blanca Bridge) and he even ran for office in Texas and nearly won. He founded a charity that provided computers to homes for the poor and so many other things... always learning and always an advocate for education. He had more knowledge and spiritual wisdom than anyone I'd ever met. He once helped an abused woman escape a terrible situation... and believe me I am grateful.

But do these things, these heavy-handed words serve to properly describe who Rev. Bear Jones was? Never. There have never been words created eloquent enough to give proper honor to him and what he meant to me. He never let this wheel-chair destroy me. He taught me the difference between handi-capped and handi-capable. I have come this far because somewhere a Bear believed in me... taught me to believe in myself. He helped me earn my degree, was more than a priest, more than a mentor, more than a friend. But to hear him he was just a simple bear.

I will list below a few links about things he did but while you peruse these stop and think about what truly defines greatness. Is it how much he accomplished? Or is it how many he touched?

That's my side of it,

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Researching the underbelly!

Okay hi guys! I have decided to take the things I am learning through the research of drug use and new drinking trends to schools and churches. I want to hold closed meetings for parents. So today I set out to recheck everything and ended up finding out way more about drugs and drinking than God ever intended anyone to know. Things that made me sick to my very soul... and remember I was an addict for almost half of my life. Let me just put it to you this way.... people do some things that are so vile that you really don't even want to know about them. I feel like I need to brush and floss my brain.

At any rate I have found a lot of possibly large leads for my book, “Snapshots From Home,” which can be purchased from my website if you don't feel like waiting. It all looks very promising already and I haven't been an e-book for a full 72 hours. Hooray!

Tomorrow night's blog is going to be a VERY personal one about the Medicine Man... so tune in! Back to work!

That's my side of it,

Friday, January 24, 2014


My e-book is available! The paperback is available in a few weeks. But for now there's a sale!!!!! 

Hi Angel,

Your e-book, Snapshots from Home” has been published on Smashwords and is currently under the Review process. While it is being reviewed you can still proceed with online marketing and sales. I have created a coupon code to share with prospective customers on your fan email lists, your blog or website, your online social networks, or in your press releases and other promotions. Your website has also been updated with the new cover and direct link to Smashwords for customer purchases and downloads.

The Coupon Code is: BP46S

The direct link to your book is here:
And the direct link to your author profile page is here:

Let me know if you need anything else so far. Have a great weekend!

Erin Go Bragh Publishing

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Erin Go Braugh Publishing

Hi guys... boy the work piles up and the more work I have the happier I am! Been a rough day where I got nothing done. My step-son had surgery this morning and is doing well... and then the wind blew my fence down so now we have to get that fixed as my dog thinks that other dogs are furry squeak toys.

I have been so busy, building displays, making promos that I truly apologize that my blog has suffered. I am thinking now that after my book comes out I might want to have “closed pow-wows” that will inform parents and youth pastures of the escalation in drug use by teens and the “new paraphernalia” that has been developed. Things have really gotten out of control in this country in that aspect especially.

So as far as the book, they've finished the editing and are working on formatting. The book cover is going to take some time though. So... updates as they come. The publishing house that has picked me up is new and the name is Erin Go Braugh Publishing... I love that! A happy name for a happy me!

Any ways what I wanted to say today is that while I've been researching I suppose from listening to worried parents, I have learned more about the drug trade then I ever wanted to know. I found this out by accident when the owner was reading over my final edit and called to ask me about a typo... that wasn't a typo. The things people are doing today to get high astounded her to the point that she hung up and was not able to call back for a day or so I think. I freaked her out. (Sorry)

I wanted to post an excerpt from the email she sent me in regards to it... because the compliment she gave me was of such high merit that I actually called all my friends! LOL

What I think doesn't matter. I don't have kids, I don't hang out with teens, I live in my own world. The children I touch are much younger, way before they get to this point. I am educating about making friends, not bullying, getting over fears. Spelling. It is up to someone a heck of a lot stronger and braver than I am to teach what you want to teach them. I am impressed by you and your ambitions. Don't worry about my emotional limitations in regards to your stories.
WHOA! I'm smart and interesting and stuff! Giggling! She made my whole day!
That's my side of it,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My book is coming out soon! I am so excited! But let me say that arranging a book launch is ….. OMG so hard to do.

I have built shelves and displays I am ready to launch but then I think to myself, where do I place my book? I was thinking schools but I am now considering detox centers, psyche clinics... anywhere that there's a troubled teen. I see them everywhere... It seems so impossible to reach them. Teens can be so elusive! That's their charm.

My book 'Snapshots From Home; Tales from Dysfunctional High School is a tool to help kids know that other people also feel this way. It is my hope that the book will help heal some of the feelings of isolation and also give parents and teachers a tool they might need to open discussions, because let's face it sometimes it is hard to start a conversation on a touchy topic. Most people don't walk up to you and start a conversation with, “Hey let's discuss our family's views on homosexuality.” If you start a conversation like that it is usually met with confused and awkward silence. The other person in the room might then think, “Whoa dude! Is he saying I'm gay? Holy crap! Is he telling me he's gay? What do I do?”

I see many troubles in this world. Many start with speaking. As Exupery wrote, “Words are the source of all misunderstandings.” I find this truth often. It seems we have all become so politically correct and so afraid to offend anyone that we have forgotten how to talk to one another. Ergo people feel ignored and alone. Ergo in trying so hard not to be offensive we have in fact become more offensive. Nobody wants to feel ignored or neglected. Good intentions as they say.

My daughter is the light in my eyes and the very beat of my heart. If I had to buy and read a book with her in order to help her decide her path, I would do that in a heart beat. Is my book going to save the world? No. Is my book going to resolve every issue? Don't be silly. My book is just another way to get us to look before we leap. I hope that it helps. We need to learn to talk to each other again. The blessings we will receive in return will be countless.

That's my side of it,

Monday, January 20, 2014



Hooray the editor loved, LOVED my stuff and so I have very little to rewrite! The very end does need a rewrite though and I am not certain how to do that without veering off topic or taking someone out of character. So it might take a bit before it goes to press. Also blogs will be shorter while I am doing my rewrites. I don't multi-task well! Lol

I never knew how long this process takes. Firstly the e-book is placed ( takes over a month) so that anyone can buy it anywhere. Then about a month or two later the actual book you can hold in your hands is released. This way people know beforehand that the book is around and it creates a bit of buzz before you get to book stores, consignments and that sort of thing.

Silly me. I always thought once the editor and book cover (being redesigned) was finished the next week you had a book. Oh well it is still an adventure no matter how impatient I am to see my name up in lights... or in this case up in font! LOL

I didn't write this to get famous or rich or even to say, “Look what I did.” I just want kids to think twice before making a possibly life-changing decision. If the consequences are going to possibly ruin everything forever, I figure rethinking once or twice really can't hurt a whole lot.

That's my side of it,


Friday, January 17, 2014


On the 26th or 27th I will be posting an important and very personal blog about the Medicine Man... PLEASE tune in!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book and Statistics

Book and Statistics

My book had to have the cover redesigned so it will be slightly longer... but not too much I don't think. I am just waiting on the publisher's go ahead to announce the name of the house. I have been helping to show promos and using my experience in commercial art classes to show my editors simple promotional items and ads some of which I will be using.

I think every kid and parent and teacher will find something useful in my book, “Snapshots From Home.” Y'know we as parents like to believe that these troubles start in high-school, but that really is a misnomer Where you aware that the number one age group for teen suicide is twelve? Did you know that the kids that usually start abusing pharmaceutical drugs are statistically age 10?

The statistics are frightening but if you really think about it it makes perfect sense. A ten-year-old mind set is more likely to decide, “Well if the doctor prescribed them to my mother they must be harmless because a doctor would never hurt her.” It will more than likely not even occur to them that mixing these substances could kill you. Sometimes it our children's very innocence that threatens to injure them. My book is very good for these kinds of things. You can easily open a discussion with your child and inform them of dangers without appearing accusatory.

I will try to get these into schools, treatment centers perhaps even the churches as after reading a contemporary story it is sometimes easier to get kids to open up. Once you establish what their thought process is it is much easier to say, “This is what our belief says, how do you feel about that?”

I think the time has come in this world to start not just talking at our kids, but to start LISTENING to our kids. Hard to do sometimes, but a necessity now more than ever.

That's my side of it,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Garden update

The freezing rains are killing my plants so new plants will have to wait. Here is the Zen garden finished until Spring. Also an announcement about who the mystery publisher is soon and at the end of the month a VERY important post about the Medicine Man. Stay tuned guys.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Meds or Drugs

Okay so today I am rocking out to, “Lips like Morphine” and waiting for my doctor to call and hopefully give me another option for my nueropathy and pain other than opiates... but since it's spreading so fast there may not be another option. My neuropathy has spread to the skin around my eyes and as consequence it feels always as if there are needles in my eyes and that freaks me out.

So instead of fussing any more. I called my sponsor and he informed me that if Rxed by a doctor and taken by label instructions it is NOT considered a relapse. I will get someone in my family to dispense whatever I am given as a safe-guard but it is good to know that even an addict does not have to suffer a terrible and maddening disease simply because they are an addict. You see that is the difference between meds and drugs, and that difference is vast.

Were you also aware that as a med they are able to remove the part of the drug that causes the feelings of “high” and “Low?' after a little research I found out that medical marijuana is not at all like partying... as a matter of fact it is a pill. That is very important to me because if I had to think of, “Wow now I have been sober long enough to handle it,” OR “Wow! Remember when me and my friends were having so much fun,” I would relapse before I’d even gotten the Rx filled.

They say the further you are from your last drink the closer you are to your next drink. I totally get that. As soon as I start believing that there will come a day when I can, “drink like a gentleman,” is the day I lose it all. That day will never come. I will always have an allergic reaction and a mental obsession with drinking and drugging once I start using. We are never cured. There is no cure. Science may one day accomplish this, but it has not done so yet. But rest assured if there was a pill that cured drug use, I as an alcoholic would take four of them.

So all of this is a bit heavy for me to deal with but perhaps that is just the pain and the unknown talking. I know my doctor and I know he is not going to intentionally administer something that would make me relapse. (in AA there are varying opinions of how meds should be handled, I am only giving you mine. I would never assume to speak for an entire program.)

That's my side of it,


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

AA and the Black Suit

AA and the black suit

A serious post because the reality of my disease strikes. Not the SM that forces me into a wheelchair and threatens to snap my spine and leave me brain dead, that disease is not the truly serious one that I speak of now. The much worse disease in my life is... addiction.

I know what you are thinking... “Oh just put down the bottle and you're fine. Very easy!” well if you just thought that you are ignorant of what my disease... the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction is. A little partying never hurt anyone right? Think again.

The first thing a good sponsor will tell you is buy a black suit, in here you are going to need it a lot. That is true we go to a LOT of funerals in AA. In the rare event that we are lucky the person died of natural causes while in sobriety... but sadly that is very rare.

Before I left Florida I attended two different rooms, my home group and the club. In those two rooms ( in each state we have hundreds of rooms) in just those two rooms combined over 40 people died... only 3 of which died in sobriety. The rest went back out. We all want to get sober. Some of us just run out of time. But make no mistake active alcoholism or addiction is a terminal disease. This disease will kill you in the blink of an eye and it doesn't discriminate. If we wish to show love and give meaning to those tragedies of those who died drinking and drugging then the only thing left to do is LEARN FROM THEM. Even they have a lesson to teach you.

We had a girl about 17 in our home group, she was married with two tiny children. She and her husband came into the rooms. They had separated because as a couple they couldn't stop using. She had almost a year sober. She had found a couch in AA and a grant to go to school. She was waitressing and doing odd jobs to support her kids that she had lost custody of. She came to one meeting every day, three if it was her day off. We were all so proud of her. Somebody even signed over their old clunker so she could get to school in the next county. The week before she was supposed to have her kids signed back it was her birthday. Well she decided to celebrate.
One drink was all it took to restart the addiction. They found her body the next day. She had been gang raped, gagged, bound and her body thrown in a dumpster and set on fire. Her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. She was just a little girl. I believe her kids would want you to respect her. If you do... learn from her.

Everyone in this world has something to teach you. It is hard to feel all alone. The only way around that is to learn their lessons... all of their lessons... even the ugly lessons. So my prayer is this:

1. Learn from them and
2. that you never have to take out your black suit or have someone take theirs out for you.

That's my side of it,

Friday, January 10, 2014

Silly Valentines

Hey guys... I'm so excited about my upcoming book release that I am in a terribly silly mood. So....

What if...

1. Bugs are just an experiment created by the government to study how many living things women will spray with hair spray?

2. we put a window in the refrigerator? Would the light stay on forever?

3. the chicken or the egg didn't come first? What if the Colonel did?

4. a mad scientist finally broke the code for DNA and when he looked through the microscope it said, “Once upon a time?”

5. “The Second Coming” was originally called, “Jesus the Sequel,” but it just looked silly on His resume?

Fun Things To Do For Valentine's Day:

1. Get a phone book and write the first 50 strangers letters of apology for being such a jerk. Inform them that you miss them and want to come back.

2. Send bouquets to your neighbor's dog for a week. When your neighbor inquires explain that Fido takes you on long walks.

3. Buy your spouse a lovely card that says those three little words, “You're still wrong!”

4. Stomp into work on Valentine's Day and when people inquire state that you are “No longer talking to yourself because you won't respond to your Face Book friend's requests!”

5. When people ask to see a picture of your spouse, get out a photo of your hand.

That's my side of it,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Talking backwards, Thinking Straight

Talking Backwards, Thinking Straight

Did you ever stop to think how very many old adages and sayings that exist in the English language that are actually said backwards? Well not backwards but to put not too fine a point on it, would be better served if they were said the other way around?

Firstly, let's talk about, “Seeing is believing.” While it is true the opposite would be truer. Let me explain, Let's imagine that your dream is to... sell cookies. Your recipe is a family secret but you feel you could make a living off of just that. If this is your mindset for an extended period and you want it badly enough you might go to a culinary school, find investors and at some point establish an actual working business. In this scenario it is the belief in your recipe that caused you to manifest a business in your physical world. So in this instance it would be better said as,“ Believing is seeing.”

Sometimes we say, “Ignorance is bliss.” You've all heard that right? But as I have examined my life a few too many times I have realized that it was not actually the “good times” that gave me the tools for survival. It was the “bad times” that left me equipped with the tools and lessons that were required to figure out the next problem I needed to work out in my life. Not that laughter is bad, we require comic relief to stay sane, but it is the times where we struggle that teach us how to make the next struggle easier. So in this instance a more correct thing to say would be, “Bliss is ignorance,” because good times teach me silliness but not a lot about survival.

This blog was a total blast to write. I love how much fun it was to consider the words and their meanings, so I may well post another like this later.

I have a blog planned this month about the Medicine Man also... so stay tuned because that one is highly important to me!

That's my side of it,

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stuff I did!

Hey dudes! S'up? Lol

I am in a very good mood. Though no one gets back to me about fixing my canceled benefits or surgery or meds I am sky-high anyway! I love organizing things. I love my literacy fest ads and calling vendors, making promos... it keeps me out of my twisted head. Last night I put designs of characters for an excellent book series Hamilton Troll books (think Dr. Seuss meets Bill Nye) I printed the character's faces and cut them out of sticker paper to transfer the designs to individually wrapped candy. They came out so adorable! That's a nice freebie at a book signing or classroom lecture. I love the books too... there really aren't a lot of engrossing science books for kids so if you want to pick up some of those that link is:

This is not the first thing I have ever organized! Not to blow my own horn but to tell you the story and the medicinal purposes of helping others, I tell you a little story. Way back when Haiti was wiped out by a hurricane there was here at the same time an ice storm that knocked out an entire Indian Reservation. The storm was so bad that it snapped telephone poles and buried entire houses... but even though people couldn't even be dug out everyone was only concerned with Haiti. It was the only thing on the news then. So I stayed up with little to no rest for weeks cold calling churches, newspapers, grocery stores, other reservations... everyone I could think of. I was turned away so many times... even by churches and charitable organizations. What I did accomplish (my friends and I actually) was to get an article in a small newspaper, 2 trucks of supplies sent and a donation drive, door to door that cost hundreds to mail. We weren't able to get money donations but at least we were able to get people a little help. I even had a couple of reservations turn me away, but I couldn't give up. Some of these people were vets, a lot of them elders and people with small children. I couldn't look away.

What did I get in return? 2 weeks before that I was in bed wondering if the only way out of the relationship was violence. I had lost the will to live... not suicidal but just terribly depressed. What did it do for me? Got me out of bed, got me to start bathing and eating again and kept me from thinking about how useless I felt. If the value of that were monetary I think it would easily outweigh a couple of trucks of supplies. Don't you?

Not to preach but this IS why Jesus said, “Do unto others, Love thy neighbor..” This is why every creative religion and creative theology states that you should give more honor to others than you do thought for yourself. It is because the benefits and emotional, psychological pay back is like a billion times more than the energy you just spent. It can change a mindset. It can move a heart. It can change a life.

There is an old song that says, “Charity is the coat you wear twice a year.” My advice is put that coat on every day.... THEN you will be the richest man in the world.

That's my side of it,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lit Fest 2

OMG! You guys I am so psyched about this literacy fest that I am planning with my new publisher. It's a new house so I am triple excited to be working there. I am by nature a gifter... I love people's faces when they get a present! So if you mix those 2 things... you get... trouble! Lol

Because I am totally excited and possibly even manic right now I have made like a zillion promos. Magnets, memo pads, banners, even those clips you use to bind documents.

Its funny all I ever wanted was to be fine artist when I was young. I took every art class because eveyone said I had talent.. and since I was disabled but winning contests that brought money into the school my last 2 years they started creating art classes just for me to graduate. One of those classes was comercial art. At the time ads were cut and paste by hand and I hated that so never did the work. However EVERY lecture, film, seminar lab I attended with great joy. It was one of the most intruiging classes I ever took. Why? Because there's this weird thing I noticed about people. They know what they want to buy... then they see an ad or comercial and go to the store and buy everything they didn't want. I always wondered how that worked because I do it too! Lol

Do you know what great secret I learned in comercial art? It isn't the art work, displays or ads that sells... it's the basis of an idea … and MOSTLY it's the wording! Amazing huh? It's true. If I am going today to buy an air conditioner okay? But I see a coupon or ad that says, “20% 0ff with WORKING referal” I will go with that company. However if that company gets no business from that referal I don't get my discount. While I know this I still buy from that coupon.

People love a discount or a freebee. WHY? Because when someone hands us something free or gives us a discount we are under the impression that we got one over on them! So in short advertising and discounts are nothing more than reverse psychology.

Since I had a house full of teens for years.. I am a PRO! LOL

That's my side of it,

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Great news guyx!!!!!


Ok so I can't yet tell you when my book release will be or my launch, HOWEVER,.. I can tell you it is very soon and I can tell you exciting stuff I am doing today!

Well I am planning a hold onto your hat... Literacy Fest! I hope it all works out. I am arranging vendors in the area to help with give away bags. I am trying to find food vendors... if not I can have like a bake sale... perhaps a school might want to do that, if I can't find like hot dogs. I am getting authors together for signings! I am making magnets! Book marks. I have T-shirts for give-aways! I am so excited!

In more exciting news if you want that dragon book, “Quest for the Red Sapphire” by Rival Gates, it goes on sale tomorrow at Amazon for 99 cents! Awesome buy!!!! I read it. It ROCKS!

Okay so the garden other then the plants will be finished soon. I'll post pics later this week... it has to warm up before I can work outside. It is supposed to be like 29 degrees tomorrow. That's a harsh switch for a summer of 104.

Keep watching! Book release date soon!!!!!!

That's my side of it,


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Most Interesting Author Part 2

A new twisted commercial plays in your brain... for The Most Interesting Author In the World!

Camera pans in on Angel Dunworth teaching moose sky-diving and jousting skills.

Voice over: When she goes bungee jumping in Mexico her code name is “Pinyata!”

Camera circles and pans on Angel Dunworth handing out Love beads to the organic tomatoes in the politically - correct remake of, “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!”

Voice over: When she alphabetizes, she does it in numerical order.

Camera pans around again to show Angel Dunworth teaching lemmings to write suicide notes using proper grammar and quality stationary.

Voice over: She's not just a square; she's an actual cube!

Camera pans in on close up of Angel Dunworth using a washer in a commercial laundry mat to soak beans.

Voice over: Her Cable channels are hooked up to the Clapper! She IS The Most Interesting Author in The World!

Camera pans in on Angel Dunworth folding tortillas on a laundry mat table.

Author: I don't always take personal time; but when I do I place lunch-meat in my shoes and pretend to be a salad. Stay crazy my friends!

That's my side of it,

PS Exciting news very soon... stay tuned! 

Friday, January 3, 2014


Interview with Angel Dunworth

What do you write?
Just about everything... I adore words, puns, anything to do with language. The book I have coming out is a short story collection written for troubled teens and parents addressing issues of things they deal with today. My website is filled with links to organizations that offer help and also articles, statistics... whatever I thought might be useful.

How do you write?
I was reading an interview by another writer and in it he stated that he writes from an outline like we used to have to make in high school. People write from an outline or plan? I can't even imagine how hard that must be. The only way I've ever been able to write is for the first paragraph and first scene... words will just start popping into my head and I have to write them down. I just take it and run...with no plan anything can happen and it feels so free I get addicted until I’m done.

Isn't that harder to do?

No. not for me. It does have it's drawbacks. One time I was reading to the kids in my living room and one says, "What happened to such and such?" Oh hell I left that character stranded in the middle of the book! lol Forgot all about her. lol

Another time after my cancer surgery they put me on opiates. I had this awesome idea for the sequel for my masterpiece. Remember though I was on percaset for pain. So 2 weeks later when the Rx was over I reread... about 30 pages and it said over and over "and then it was." lol

I hadn't written the great thing I thought and neither could I remember what I was going to write! Lol

What inspires you to write?

The first inspiration I ever remember is my Pappaw when I was little reading to me and using different character voices. That used to thrill me to no end. I loved his Winnie the Pooh voices!

Now I write what's real mostly. I get inspired simply by wanting to help and putting myself in, “Wow! What are they going through and how does it effect them?”

When I really need to FEEL inspiration, I use prayer or I simply look at my loved ones and at how blessed I am. Once I do that I want every one to become as blessed as I am and so I write. I write about mindsets and obstacles. To me those things are fantasy, the reality is this, “Do not become your situation; Over come your situation.”

Not a bad mantra, any others you use a lot?

Life is not about waiting out the storm; life is about dancing in the rain!

Even at its worst: Life is good!


That's about it!

Sounds good. So where do I buy this book of yours?

Snapshots from Home will be available where you buy ebooks most likely Amazon. Release date to be disclosed soon.

The soft cover is not close to ready yet but I will blog about it when it is!

Let's have that blog info

My blog can be read from the website OR

However if you write to me at streetlighthalo0711@gmail I can email them straight to you if you like. It's no trouble, it's just harder to keep track of the numbers is all.

Thanks for your time!

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zen 2

Might have exciting news about my book in the next month!
Okay so here are the pics of the Zen Garden so far. I don't care for the little place on the wooden stairs... might change that. Also pictured is the sand box, various planters (we will buy some actual plants after the yard guy comes and identifies what is killing the perriwinkles.) You should be able to see where the arbor will be... probably wisteria is going there. Also remember that the lanterns haven't arrived so more pics as we accomplish it. Okay? Oh each of those pagodas burns incense as well.

Ideas welcome!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!

I have been working for a while, since we moved in on a Zen Garden with my daughter. Since I moved to Texas my green thumb has fallen off! Lol But I hope to post what we have done so far within the next week or two. Just a few pics. Today we put up the lattice to create the arbor and also a sand box... still need the mini rake. We have our Buddhas and stepping stones where we want them... I painted some of those. We put in some small pagodas... 2 of which are for incense offerings. We are waiting on a few plants and our lanterns now. Today we also attempted to start a pecan tree as I am told they grow well in Texas. We'll see what comes.

I have faith, much faith. When I have nothing else I have that mustard seed still in my soul. I wonder sometimes... you can plant 50 seeds sometimes, but only one grows. What is different in that one seed then all of the others? What magic lies there and bears fruit someday?

I've got faith... I hope I've got some magic too!

That's my side of it,