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Table I built

for signings with little or no space. My building blocks are just double corragated cardboard boxes. The top was made to look like a leggo at first but it looked more like the table had warts so we changed it. that small building - block in the back is a cupholder!!! 

Literacy Foundations!

We are in the act of setting up with literacy foundations. If we are successful you will be able to donate the books of your choice to the foundation of your choice right from the website!

Photo: We are in the act of setting up with literacy foundations. If we are successful you will be able to donate the books of your choice to the foundation of your choice right from the website!

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Repost ... serious

Huffing, sniffing, dusting and bagging

A friend of mine called today and told me of a concern her neighbor had with her daughter... apparently the girl is huffing. She can't seem to get help and I informed my friend sadly that there is no non-medical detox. Just like with heroine addicts that require methadone in order to stop or they will die, huffing detoxes need to be watched by a qualified treatment center or medical doctor, or so I am told.

Now for those of us (like me) who are rather uneducated on the topic I will list a couple of definitions:

Huffing – when a chemically soaked rag is held to the face or stuffed in the mouth and substance is inhaled (usually gasoline)

sniffing – inhalant drug that can be done directly from containers, clothing, plastic bags or rags saturated with the substance or even from the product directly

bagging- putting spray paint in a bag and putting it over one's head

dusting - inhaling “computer duster” to get high. (Contrary to popular belief this is NOT air in a can)

Inhaling substances for a high has a lot of danger to it. Did you know it can cause cancer and leukemia? Have you ever heard of “Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome”? That is when the heart beat becomes erratic and rapid causing the user to go into cardiac arrest. That can happen the very first time you use an inhalant drug.

Just like alcoholism inhalant addiction is just that... an addiction. And just like with alcoholism an addict will go to any length to get their fix. Some will even spray the inhalant onto their clothes or soak clothing in the substance to be sniffed so they can carry their drug of choice for use later. Unlike alcohol this sufferers high will only last a few minutes, forcing the addict to keep huffing, sniffing or whatever to prolong their high.

As a parent myself I have to say here I would be stumped and without a clue if I had not done research on this topic for a friend. Today's drug paraphernalia is not the simple bong of yester-year. Today's parents have to look for soda cans, rags, clothing, plastic bags, paper bags... and the list goes on. It's quite frightening and over-whelming just reading the info and so I can certainly sympathize for that parent and of course the addict.

My advice to this woman would be... get her to an ER quickly and have her Baker-acted if you have to. This stuff is too scary to screw around with. Even as an addict myself I wouldn't want a high that kills you the first time. The attraction to that is way above my head. But then more then likely it is the exact same mind-set that we alkies have. Our friends died in car wrecks but it could NEVER happen to me... right? Know what? It does. Statistically 15% of suffocation deaths in the US are linked to inhalants... what makes that statistic even more tragic is that most inhalant abuse deaths are attributed to other causes and therefore remain unreported and hidden. Scary stuff!

That's my side of it,


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Ways to Pre-Promote your Book Event

Ways to Pre-Promote your Book Event
1. give-aways … we all see the little box of balloons, pens. Stickers and book marks on almost every author's table. These lure kids to our table and while Junior picks a treat that three seconds of Mom trying to get him in control is three seconds of potential sale to mom. A well know fact, BUT at a larger event this is done differently, which brings us to

2. The side kick. At a larger event in addition to our small give-aways we can make bags or boxes (not transparent please) containing our party favors and maybe a few local vendors coupons (easily printed from web-sites) and have a side kick to be our “crier” in so much as... Excuse me sir, here's a freebie compliments of blah blah publishing, we're letting people know there is an event befitting literacy right over there with an author signing!

3. Newsletters are news... any town church has its newsletter in order for you to write a few paragraphs but don't stop there. If it's a kid's book every county has a newsletter, every PTA has a newsletter, and every staffroom has a bulletin board. Local arbor day foundation? Well they need a short article from you as well so on the bottom, “catch Famous Writer” at Place, time. Every place you can think of has a newsletter.

4. Libraries... why are you attaching those fliers that cost mass amounts of ink to car windshields? Are you trying to say, “Throw it away yourself?” If not most libraries have a slot in their entrance where writers can post their fliers.

5. better to give than to receive... Charities you normally give to, organizations you belong to and even the occasional social media sites are helpful. Remember word of mouth about your generosity does pay off. Is it so wrong to ask them for a mention at their next event?
6. Chamber of Commerce … even if you don't belong to this they throw meet and greets every month. Pay for the dinner and get your card, book mark and event into every conversation. You never know who might show up or offer help.

Those are the most effective ones...

That's my side of it,

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Silly 2

Last day of the sale! Buy at

 Interview with Illustrator Emma Idiot

Reporter: Hello! I'd like to wish a happy day to all our viewers out there from station WDUH and welcome our exclusive guest illustrator of the new book, “Real Live Dead things,” artistic prodigy, Emma Idiot. Good Morning, Emma. Tell us, what sets you apart from other illustrators?

Emma: Well, it's because I use a different material when I draw than other artists.

Reporter: Oh, lovely. It doesn't look like pastel. Can you tell us your secret?

Emma: Sure. I draw with live chickens. Pretty hard to dip them in the ink though, so I have my inkwells custom made by Fruitbowls R Us. I like their stuff, but I'm tired of their false advertising. So, I might change that brand.

Reporter: Oh? False advertising is a pretty serious charge.

Emma: Yeah, well, so is writing serving bowl on the package! That stupid bowl can't play tennis at all, man! I know! I tested it!

Reporter: Uh? What?

Emma: Yeah, that and their gravy boat doesn't float at all. But I still think the Country Club owes me an apology for implying I broke their bowl and throwing me out. What kinda weirdos name their serving bowls anyways?

Repoter: They named the bowl?

Emma: Well, yeah. Named it Crystal. I mean it looked like a male bowl to me. How'd they know, anyway? Were they, like, asking it out in their free time, like taking it to dinner or what?

Reporter: Have you ever been sized for a helmet Emma?

Emma: Well, yeah, but the crap of it is they don't make them in blueberry. I'm allergic to strawberries, you know.

Reporter: Well, thanks for … uh … sharing. Guess my career is basically over now.

Emma: Wow! You should become a sculptor. I got some hamsters that are unemployed, too! You guys could team up. I can let you have all except the transvestite one.

Reporter: Excuse me? You own a transvestite hamster?

Emma: Yeah, he's been having some issues. So I climbed up in the attic and got him his Grandfather's wedding dress. It comforts him. He's a cross breed, y'know.

Reporter: That's very interesting, but...

Emma: No, it's true! A very rare cross breed! His mother was a cactus.

Reporter: That's um... disturbing.

Emma; Not really. His father was a really old can of spam! He gets his intelligence from that side of his family.

Reporter: Ok, well, that reminds me that I really must go refill my prescription for Valium. So, that's it for today.

Emma: I traced his family tree. His great grandpappy was a trans am.

Reporter: How exactly did you trace his family tree? HE'S A #$%^& HAMSTER!

Emma: I know, right? It was really hard to do, but once I found a place that sold 50 foot tracing paper and chalk, I was ready to go!

Reporter: Call 9-1-1. I'm having an aneurism. CUT! CUT!

Emma: Look, my aunt was a nurse. An aneurism and a cut are two entirely different injuries.

Reporter: Call my agent! I quit! I'm going back to safe, happy stories like covering mental institutions.

Emma: Mental Institutions don't treat aneurysms. Who needs a helmet now?

PS Today I went shopping without my chair or cane! (in heels!)


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Sorry I went missing

Our AC has died... please play taps. Water everywhere! Thems the brakes!

Also I've been offered a regular co-host spot! AHHHHH!

So today to make up for going awol... something silly. An excerpt from Real Live Dead Things... the utmost in much stupid! lol

Interview with the Author Ghast Lee Spirits and Illustrator Emma Idiot

Reporter: Hi, I'm Cheese E. Hair reporting tonight for the WRUN. Tonight, we are broadcasting a live report from the little known local cemetery / Karaoke bar … Zom. B Cafe. I am truly honored to be the only reporter to land an interview with the famous, yet reclusive, author Ghast Lee Spirits and his commemorated illustrator, Emma Idiot. Good Evening. My first question is for you, Ghast. Your press release says that you're famous, yet I've never heard of you. Can you explain why?

Ghast Lee: Oh, sorry. Uh, yeah... that'd be a misprint.

Reporter: Oh, I see. What was it meant to say?

Ghast Lee: Infamous, and Emma here isn't commemorated. That's a typo as well.

Reporter: So it should read?

Ghast Lee: Combustible. No one can hold a candle to her.

Reporter: Ah! That's very punny!

Ghast Lee: No, it's true. She used to work in a gas station. Until they found out she was drinking on the job.

Reporter: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Alcohol ruins a lot of lives.

Ghast Lee: Oh ,she wasn't liquored up. She was drinking straight from the pumps.

Emma Idiot: It's true. Low Octane is very important for my ghoulish figure. But it doesn't work well with a fiery personality. (explodes)

Reporter: Um, that's the most terrible thing I've ever seen.

Ghast Lee: That's just cuz you've never heard her get tanked and sing her karaoke version of YMCA.

Reporter: Yes, that does sound awful. So, what gave you the idea to become a writer / bar owner?

Ghast Lee: I used to be a ghost writer in college, but I wanted to evolve into full-blown author … which reminds me, have you seen the price of C4 lately? Ugh. Anyways, I started the bar as an afterthought. After I thought about how much I like freshly pickled brain, it just seemed the natural course of action.

Reporter: Yes well... um. That's very different. Well, why don't you tell our viewers a bit about your bar. I see you serve an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Ghast Lee: Well, yes. We serve corn on the cob, corn chips, popcorn, corn bread, and of course corn-syrup-based juice packs.

Reporter: WOW! You must really like corn. (laughs)

Ghast Lee: Well, they say corn fed is better for you. I'm very health conscious. Well, with my health, yours... ah... it's a toss-up.

Reporter: (laughs nervously) Oh my, look at the time.

Ghast Lee: Yeah, just about midnight. Happy hour. Well, for me. For you … uh … it's a toss up. Anyways, about my book...

Reporter: Yes, let's get back to that. What inspires you as an author? What really gets into your heart and soul?

Ghast Lee: Unfortunately, it's usually a stake...

Reporter: OH! Well, I seem to be having camera troubles. Time to go.

Ghast Lee: NO! I get three more questions! I'm an open grave... um … book. I'm an open book... ask away.

Reporter: Okay! Um, favorite song?

Ghast Lee: Love Bites

Reporter: Of course… um … pet peeve?

Ghast Lee: Well, most people call my pet peeve a hell hound, but I just call him Spot. He can dig up skeletons faster than anyone around. And that includes political candidates!

Reporter: Um. Well, isn't that unsettling!? Favorite color?

Ghast Lee: I bet you think I'm going to say blood red or black, but my favorite color is green. It reminds me of mom.

Reporter; Aww, how sweet! Your mother had green eyes?

Ghast Lee: Well no... but after the accident in her organic hemlock garden, she developed a lovely tinge.

Reporter: Oh... well … um... that's very sentimental. We really have to go now. CUT!

Ghast Lee: Why do they always run away like that? I was going to invite them to dinner. 

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Interview With Sharon Newell

Written by Sharon Newell 
Photography by Gabrielle Mezzatesta

When another soul touches your heart in such a profound way,
the utter certainty of being  loved by that particular soul meant only for you brings contentment, peace and bliss.

Question 1.
Why did you feel the need to write essentially, a book of love poems?

Answer 1.
I remember the day I wrote my first poem.  I woke early one morning with the need to write this phrase that popped into my head just before I had been fully awake.  The poem almost wrote itself and it brought me peace remembering this love and hoping for that love to continue and grow.

Question 2.
And what was that first-ever poem?

Answer 2.
Funnily enough, the poem titled “Eternal” so it had been only fitting to name the book after it.  The poem flowed through me as I spoke of divine love and how through this love, there could be no boundaries, no distance.

Question 3.
What is the core message in your poems?

Answer 3.
Well, besides the obvious message of how soul-mate love feels, I suppose it’s for readers to take from it what they need.  Some people are lucky enough to either know this love or even to experience it at least once in their lives.  I feel it’s also for people who are still yet to meet that other soul who will fill their heart in such a profound way.

It’s a book about celebrating love, remembering love and it’s a book of hope.

Question 4.
Is there more work coming?

Answer 4.
Haha, yes of course! You can’t stop a writer!!!!  Once a person starts to write and it doesn’t torment to do so, and also brings them a type of satisfaction – you can’t help but write!
I have more poems already and will keep with a similar theme but may branch out to all types of love… A mothers’ love, a sisters’ love for instance.

In this world today, I truly believe that if we all use our energy of loving, the vibration energy of the world must change.  I know it may be na├»ve to believe that, but surely its better than the alternative.

Question 5.
So where can we purchase your book?
Answer 5.
My beautiful publisher Angel at Cheshire Grin Publishing has posted on her website details for where to buy…

However, to be helpful, you can buy from… the URL is below:

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Okay so just for this week only my nutty book of pure silliness, Real Live Dead Things is on Sale... but this is my print proof. I wanted everyone to be able to get it early. After that it will be pulled for awhile IF it needs to be tweaked. Either way it won't be on sale after Sunday, so get the promo sale. 

Another thing is I am changing my blog pic to this one as I have taught myself to walk. New Mindset, new photo. So here it is drumroll please...
Now tomorrow I will have an interview on here with Sharon Newell about her new book, so don't miss that. If you haven't heard it today's show was on the last link. So... listen and ... know me.

That's my side of it,


Did you hear it? In 2 days I'll be on again! talking about drunkorexia and financial abuse!
BE THERE! Please! giggling

that's my side of it,

Monday, August 18, 2014

Show Today!!!

I will be co-hosting this show twice! Tuesday 19th and the 21st. 2 pm E
Lots of topics covered by my books.

The first show will be my war story of my journey to sobriety. I hope to make people aware of "our stinkin drinkin thinkin' and that all of it starts with one allergic reaction. Please tune in and spread the word won't you? A break like this is enormous!

In the second show we plan to cover a condition known as Drunkorexia, that is becoming a literal pandemic! I can't believe how quickly the death rate went up in less than a year.

I will also be explaining the warning signs and definition of Financial Abuse. It is very important that all women hear this! PLEASE spread the word and let's empower some women today!

That's my side of it,

PS... big announcement before the week is out! Stay tuned! 


Hi. Just reminding everyone the Sharon Newell & Gabriele Mezzatesta book is released Tuesday!
Here's a taste!

I see your flaws,
The obvious and not so obvious
I smile knowingly at the mirror image of them
The haunting reminder of what I don’t like in myself
But also what I love

Available at Lulu! Order yours ASAP!

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Out Tuesday!

Sharon Newell's poetry will be out in print Tuesday! Pick it up, it is a tonic to the soul! The poems are empowering and the photos a bit of heaven. 

Also being released this month:
Perfect gift for teens.
Believe it or not Christmas time will be here before you know it! 
Also this week... more about our Aussie poet and her awe-inspiring book! 
That's my side of it,

Friday, August 15, 2014

I will be co-hosting this show twice! Tuesday 19th and the 21st. 2 pm E
Lots of topics covered by my books.

The first show will be my war story of my journey to sobriety. I hope to make people aware of "our stinkin drinkin thinkin' and that all of it starts with one allergic reaction. Please tune in and spread the word won't you? A break like this is enormous!

In the second show we plan to cover a condition known as Drunkorexia, that is becoming a literal pandemic! I can't believe how quickly the death rate went up in less than a year.

I will also be explaining the warning signs and definition of Financial Abuse. It is very important that all women hear this! PLEASE spread the word and let's empower some women today!

That's my side of it,

PS... big announcement before the week is out! Stay tuned! 

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Look at this link! I have a radio-co-host spot here on 2 shows! I will be talking about women's issues, my book and sharing a lot of important info... but at the moment I am very sick from the abx, so I will blog more on this tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

a Great Teacher is Gone

Robin Williams … Rest in the blessed … you will be missed.

It has eluded me all of these years how much of my life had been wrapped eternally up with Robin Williams. When I was young of course there was Mork and Mindy, though I had seen him also on Carol Burnett. Mork and Mindy pretty much dictated that no matter how crappy your week your were going to get a laugh to lighten the burden that is being a kid.

It did not occur to me until yesterday that even though I'd never met him how very much I depended on him, how very much he taught. He was there for me and just as my child grew up on Aladdin (which she watched so much I STILL have most of it memorized) but my grandkids will grow up with Happy Feet and more than likely repeats of his Sesame Street appearances that will never stop giving audiences that feel good quality that he was able to spread to all so easily.

The thing is not that the first poster in my room was not Ozzy but Robin Williams. While that is true I never saw him as a “star.” To me he earned that place on my wall from a movie, “Moscow on the Hudson.” To me he was a teacher.

You see as kids we were living through the Cold War and we were taught always that all Russians were commies, devils and basically soulless enemies that were waiting to blow up America only because they needed just a few more nukes. Then out came this movie … about a Russian and I wondered how he could play such a villain.

To my surprise when I walked out of that theater, I had an all new world-view. It was basically about this Russian defector. Only problem with my thought process was … the character was human. Not a devil, not shocking or astounding or infamous. He was... just a human being. He loved his family. He valued freedom. He had wants, needs, urges. He was real. It entirely changed my outlook on people, even though that thought was a hard pill to swallow.

Throughout the years, Robin Williams taught us many things. He taught us how to love beyond life in What Dreams May Come. He taught us not only how to cry but how to cry for one another. Not only how to laugh, but how to laugh at ourselves.

As Shakespeare wrote, What dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil must give us pause. There is so much less laughter in this world now. I think it is only right that we smell a flower today, count our blessings and tell those loved ones how very much they mean. Who knows how very much they might need to hear it? For while those dreams that come may remain a mystery, the blessings and teachers that we have on this earthly realm are not … and as such must be savored.

Rest well my teacher,

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Clip

There were too many to pick from. So much laughter is gone. This one isn't funny though, but it always touched my heart.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Book 4

All the Queen's Horses is released today! Well this evening!
At Luu or

Saturday, August 9, 2014

OMG! Sorry I'm so late

But I have awesome news. I have a radio station co-host gig! To talk about my books. I need a bit of coaching first because I have stage fright terrible. BUT when I am ready... wow guys. This is huge to me. I am so excited.

Our little company's been noticed.

Might not be too much longer before the Sharon Newell book is out as well. I got my print proof, so she should get her's within the week I would think.

I've been very sick as of late. i don't think my ABx is working. I might have to go into the hospital just the same. Pray! I HATE hospitals. I can't sleep in strange places.

That's my side of it,

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Hurry! sale ends tomorrow! Amazing and award-winning poetry. buy it for yourself! Buy it for you wife. if you hate my writing that's okay, you can buy for that idiot who lets his dog mess up your lawn! But either way buy it before this sale ends!
Available at Lulu.

Book fair today!!!!

and incredible news tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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Interview Poet

Q- Hey there Sharon welcome to the blog. Angel tells us you’re quite the powerful writer. What is the name of your book?

Eternal”… It’s about Soul-mate love in essence. The feeling of total unconditional love when you met the one meant for you

Q From the title I’m guessing it’s romance at it’s finest. What inspires you to write?

I think any passionate writing comes from experience of loving and sometimes losing. Putting words together has always given me clarity, as if my soul is having a conversation with my mind.

Q Cheshire Grin reports a bit of a following. Where else can we catch you?

I have a FB page “The Aphrodite Syndrome”… It’s a page I created for women to believe in their divinity and the goddess inside them. I also have a blog… “The Eternal Aphrodite”

Q Tell us a little about the real Sharon, just around the house or out and about. Inquiring minds want to know.

I think I’m just the ‘normal’ (hate that word) person – working, running a house and have great times with my beautiful daughters.
On my days off, I love to put on some music, burn the incense and cook a magnificent meal and of course, sit outside in the beautiful Australian sun with a glass of wine and write!

Q So tell us about the photographer. Have you been friends long?

Gabriele Mezzatesta is truly one of the finest photographers I’ve seen. As with my writing, it’s easy to see he puts his soul into every shot. I have known him for eternity but in this life, about 7- 8 years. He’s one of my best friends in the world.

Q How’s Cheshire Grin treating you? Also any plans on a blog?

Cheshire has been wonderful to me. As this is my first book, I am quite a novice to the industry and Angel has helped alleviate many concerns. She’s beautiful!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last minute prep

For the book fair and sorry if you guys feel ignored.
Tomorrow however I have an interview for you with our Aussie poet Sharon Newell about her new book. I also have possibly stumbled on 2 more very talented writers! SO as always stay tuned.... many more surprises in store for us all.... and at this moment especially Sharon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In a few days

we are going to have an interview here with the talented Aussie poet Sharon Newell! You will love her I promise!

Monday, August 4, 2014

unedited Horror

A  March Hare Blues excerpt... remember book 2 is the only horror.... no slasher gore but terrifying and suspenseful, Part of the story is told by a psychosis... a white rabbit. Enjoy...

Hello again. I was just looking up a few terms in the lovely “story book” that Mrs. March was kind enough to visualize. If you hadn't noticed it's a sort of dictionary defining the word “Me.” I'll bet there are a lot of other meanings hiding within that proverbial umbrella of the title, “Me.”

Meanings like, temporary insanity, though I'm certain you've noticed by now that her definition of that term far differs in the meaning that you, yourself might use.

I suppose in the real world that term might be a good place for a murderer to hide. It certainly seems that it becomes a sanctuary for the infamous Mrs. March.... infamous? Also an apt term for a murderer, or murderess as the case may well be. What with the hypnotism bringing about the sight of copious amounts of blood.

So yes, as I was saying, truth is subjective, colored you might say by the person who beholds it. Just as history tends to favor the views of the one recording it, so do our personal vocabularies become slanted by the person defining the terminology. Is this yet another of the Great Garbonzo's illusions? Or does it apply to all of us? Not quite as certain as you were when you came to the magic show.? Ta-da.

Temporary insanity? Hmmm. Interesting term don't you think? If insanity is temporary can we apply the same to other terms? Like say.... mmmm.... temporary sanity? Is sanity like truth also subjective? Can the stability of the mind really be that fleeting? I suppose in a way that makes madness as subjective as truth. Doesn't it? Possibly more convenient though, wouldn't you say?

Shhhhh! Listen. Can you hear that? Is that monotonous sound the swinging of a pendulum or a metronome? See also pocket watch. Is that horrendous sense of spiraling simply a spill down the rabbit hole.... or the descent of the angel of Death? See also Mrs. March. And is what you're feeling right now your own version of the truth... or just another of the Great Garbonzo's illusions? See also madness.

Well step right up ladies and germs. May I draw your attention to the barbed-wire strung high above your heads where the stupendous and mystifying Mrs. March attempts the death-defying feat of teetering perilously between reality and psychosis. See also alibi. ***

Dr. Polanski Ph.D , Psy.D audio taped session Sept. 7
(sound of Metronome)

Dr. Polanski: Mrs. March are you comfortable now?

Shawna: Yes. Very sleepy.

Dr. Polanski: Good. Remember you are just observing. You are quite safe. Can you see the bookshelf from where you are standing?

Shawna: Yes. I can see it.

Dr. Polanski: Good. Today Mrs. March we're going to read a story. It is only a story. It can't damage you in any way. Do you understand?

Shawna: Only a story... (mumbling)

Dr. Polanski: That's right. Please walk to the bookshelf... Are you there yet?

Shawna: Yes. I'm here.

Dr. Polanski: Good. Tell me what you see.

Shawna: needs dusted. Lots of books

Polanski: Very good. Now Mrs. March would you be kind enough to reach up and take down the book entitled, “Me?” Remember that it is only a storybook.

Shawna: I have it.

Polanski: Would you open it please?

Shawna: Okay.

Polanski: What does it say on the first page Mrs. March?

Shawna: Me... by A. Rabbit

Polanski: Excellent! Now Mrs. March I want you to simply turn the page and read the storybook.

Shawna: (soft weeping) I can't.

Polanski: Remember they are only words on the page of a storybook. They can neither hurt nor threaten you. You are comfortable and relaxed. Do you understand?

Shawna: I can't read it. (sobbing) I can't even hold it.

Polanski: It's only a story book. Why do you imply that you can't hold it?

Shawna: (hysterically) because it's made of human skin!***

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Book 4 sneak peek

back cover
Front cover

Don't worry if you haven't read the other 3. Each is a different story with different women in different situations... each will empower... each will tear your heart out and each will help to explore a mindset... and with every hope I own, eventually rebuild a soul. 
That's my side of it,

Poetry for the Enlightened,

for the discriminating, intellectual types! One book is for vets and the other for lovers. What we have put together here is nothing less than stunning. Two different authors, two different styles and two incredibly engrossing books.

The coffee table book of romantic poems written by Australian poet, Sharon Newell is empowering! With visual delicacies abounding from internationally annotated photographer, Gabriele Mezzatesta this book is certain to spark conversations on what we hold deeper than most dare reach. And if a few people find their soul mate during said conversation... we're good with that too!

The other, Angel ... and Other Myths, is mine. It was written to honor the vets and some poems and artwork are award-winning. Some of these are archived to be in the Vietnam Museum when it is built. I have included also other topics and facets of life so that it might be deemed a social commentary on life as I see it.

Angel and Other Myths is available in print at Lulu now. The print book Eternal is going to be available soon as well. So here they are.... look for them and pick up a copy asap!

That's my side of it,

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Book 4 excerpt

Book 4
 All the Queen's Horses  

Casey’s had a bit much to drink, but I couldn’t get the keys from her. Married thirty years and though she’s been gone most of them, there’s still no taking something away from her once she’s made up her mind! Kind of like that woman in Animal Farm.

We stagger along outside the bar to where my old Blazer’s parked. She’s three sheets to the wind... typical Casey.

Never the less, Queenie will be happy that her Mom’s home for her wedding at least. That after all of these years, we’ve sorted it out, put it back together. I don’t know how happy I am about it all. Casey’ll make nicey-wifey for a couple months, but then freedom and the grass is greener theory will drive her back out to the road. It’ll break my daughter’s heart again.

I try once more to get my keys back, and Casey protests, “I ain’t so fucked up, I ain’t so... oh wow ... Man I got another role. Gimmee. Gimmee the keys, Joel. I … gotta … I ain’t so fucked up I can’t... gimmee the keys...”

I try wrestling them away, but her false nails - metal tipped for coke use - dig into my arm. She thrives on hurting me ... on blood thirst. She’s like that vampire in that book Peyton Place, y’know.

I try one more time for the keys, but when her nails stop tearing my arm, her words shred my soul, “You ain’t takin’ my fuckin’ keys like you took my fuckin’ kids!”

People are walking towards us from the bar. Prying shadows prepare to take me down as a suspected wife-abuser or run of the mill mugger. We climb into the truck as quickly as she is able, considering I drank one shot of tequila to be courteous and she kindly polished off the rest of the bottle. Waste not want not … like the Ten Commandments say. Gotta love written religion!

We are speeding, and I know she’s drunk beyond belief because rather than her signature 100 mph she’s trying to be really careful and only going 85. It worries me when she slaps a hand over one of her eyes. She’s seeing double.

Took my youth, my ass... my ass was thin. Screwed my career. You know... you know it was my kid... it was … you know I drive better when I’m …. Think I’m gonna puke … oh … My ass was so...” she rambles.

Casey, pull over. I wanna drive. I think you need a break,” I begin, and she begins screeching like a banshee in that poem about Odysseus … the um … What’s the name? Icarus! Yeah, like that.

I am chattering nervously as she weaves in and out of lanes and just misses the guardrail again. I’m as terrified as Zeus was when the whale swallowed him in the Bible. Helluva case of indigestion that. Casey’s got one, too.

I’ma puke... took my kids … stole my ass...”

Watch out!” I grab the wheel and pull her back into the lane just missing the burger-joint that is inconveniently placed way too close to the sidewalk that she is attempting to drive on. She digs those coke nails into my arm screaming at the top of her lungs at cars as they pass, “Drivin’ here fucking thief. DRIVIN!”

There’s a cop. Let me drive, Case! Watch it! WATCH!” I yank her arm across as we veer off of the highway ramp. The kids on the city bus will

thank me someday, not today … but you take what you can get.

She digs deeper, drawing more blood, and chokes out, “Sick!” I suppose it was her vomiting on my shoes that distracted me from the big rig we were driving straight into. ***  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Out of town

and Doc Monday. If I'm gone a while I'm in the hospital for tests! xxxooo