Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Que for next year's hits

Hi guys! Next years first hits will be:

Secret Castle By Rose Tawney... ah.... dragon's afoot! This is certain to be a classic!

Family Team... by Lilart..... have an aggravating baby brother? You'll love this!

The Magic Staff... By Serge Kozlovsky ... sometimes brothers need a push to get along!

Adult and YA

(Poetry) Under The Streetlight by Angel Dunworth

Painting the Roses Red.... by Hatter.... suicide leaves more questions than answers

Black Golgathia... by Angel Dunworth and Susan Bishop.... YA fantasy.... hope you like monsters, dragons and pirates!

Also we have more coloring books coming by Charlie Fountain and probably about a ton of activity books for kids too!

Promises to be a great year for literature!

That's my side of it,