Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beyond Pissed... straight to rage!

Sadly books are dying, though sales are up. Every person coming into my store said the same thing:
1. I don't have time to read, it takes both of us 3 jobs to feed the kids AND drumroll please...
2. I'm looking for Ed books for my kid... she ain't learning in school.

I have never gotten political on here before so hold onto your hats Ladies and Germs... let me shed some light on the reasons I refuse to ever work in a classroom again! And after you have read I think it might be wise if we all got together and took every last politician … out for a lovely and restful retreat of 2 fully paid, fun-filled weeks of electroshock therapy.

1. We no longer teach history... it's offensive and racist. Let me tell you what happens when we no longer teach history... the second coming of Hitler!

2. cursive writing is no longer required as we own laptops. My daughter graduated 10th highest in the state of Florida... but can only sign her name.

3. We teach creative spelling... as long as a teacher can recognize it... it's correct. (When I was young we called that illiterate!)

4. Who needs to teach grammar and punctuation when we have these nifty auto-cucumbers to do it for us? (PS my auto-correct recognized that as a word. Hint, hint... it can't read!)

5. Don't get me started on new math and the absence of useful things like phonics... geography … world cultures … forms of govt … civics etc. Who needs to know more about our country than China? We don't because everything's made there anyway!

STOP the dumbing down! STOP the useless Federal test and let the teachers decide since you Mr. Govt. are actually not in a classroom... but most of all... STOP child-proofing education so everyone feels positive about themselves. There is a world and a work-place out there and I assure you that neither is child-proofed. Junior is certain to feel great about himself when he's a migrant-worker forced to work for pennies and live with Mommy at 50 because he can't fill out a job application.

Classrooms need to be competitive and highly difficult. WHY? Because look around you... the world is!

A proper education is the only armor you're ever going to be able to give them! That whole crying jag over failing a spelling test is exactly what forces the ego to tone-down so we can learn. Ergo, we have 2 choices … we can correct and teach them properly now OR
We can as tax-payers wait for the prison system to do it!

That's my side of it,

Saturday, September 27, 2014

news and what have you

Sorry guys the radio show will be aired Monday, there were tech problems at the station on Friday. But if you had been too busy to tune in, you get a chance to give me a listen.

In other news the storefront for the publishing house must be doing well. It officially opens around 12. A few stragglers wonder around early doing their shopping. Last week around 11 the vendors were hanging out by my door at noon and stated, "Don't get discouraged. Its a slow day." I had no idea what they meant, I had made 3 sales before we even opened and a valuable contact at a school for troubled teens!

Wish the web was doing that well. lol

As far as the job hunt a woman called as the data entry position was filled and asked if instead I would enjoy being an usher. I declined on the grounds of my wheelchair and explained my situation. She liked me so much she is saving all the temp desk jobs for me! God bless her! Ma'am your kindness is not unnoticed... and now all my readers know about it.

So I am swamped this week as a signing on Broadway is coming, also a trade-show in Nov and add to that I am creating a special promo sale for each holiday as well as starting a line of gross and terrible joke books, as well as running the business and the house and you've got... wow I am woman hear me snore! I'm tired just thinking about it.

PS I am also offering digital scapbooking services (your photos in a real printbook, storefront only). Already have 2 clients!

That's my side of it,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Blogs are going to become a lot harder to come by because I will be working 12 hour shifts at
drumroll please...
OUR NEW STORE on Eisenhauer! Come and join us ... we open Saturday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Good news and bad

Good News and Bad News

A death in the family, a terminal illness in the family, financial stress and a stubborn husband who possibly needs surgery. Possibly bankrupt company. SSI demanding return of benefits.


In AA we learn to accept the things we can not change and change the things we can. I am returning to the workforce. In addition providing the corporate office agrees my daughter starts a job next week. So I am applying to school systems for work in the cafeteria, serving food. I am not too proud to push a broom either. It's honest work.

In addition I asked myself what can I do to flip failures today, as I know any book takes a year to develop a following … yet in order to do that it must be seen. So I have decided to use my personal money (what I've scraped over the year) and I have rented a booth to become a bookstore on Eisenhower. If I work during the week for our food and on the weekends for the books … we'll make it. 

One more most awesome piece of news... I have booked the store signing! Broadway. Halloween … be there! Come and trick or treat on your lunch break! Spooky books for sale totally fab treat bags for free!

Tonight I empowered people as well. I told on SSI and the welfare system. Next time you want to fuss about the entitlement crowd understand that most people would really rather work, because basically there is no way to avoid seeing the dirty looks people give you, hearing the under-handed remarks when you have to pay for your child's food with food stamps. Just for once stop and think... what if?

What if their child is terminally ill … or they are?
What if they worked every day of their life … then lost it all in a hurricane?
What if the reason they can't pay their food is because they had to quit working when Nanna got ill?
What if they had to quit school and get a job and missed college … to keep their parents from losing their home from medical bills?
What if my friend … what if it were you?
Don't judge. Lend a hand. Use your free time to create the resource or by volunteering instead of watching Jerry Springer. NEVER look down on anyone unless you are helping them up.

That's my side of it,

Monday, September 15, 2014

Halloween gifts!

Need a good scare?

Or a silly, spooky laugh?

Everything is on Lulu and every price is slashed so you can buy before the holiday rush ... preferable to being trampled in the malls in November!

That's my side of it,

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Going for Broke

My little company is going to be bankrupt in less than 3 months. There was the trouble of my benefits being canceled and so our entire life savings went to my meds and doctors. I was feeling pretty crappy about it (all while knowing full well that most companies take about 5 years to show any real turn-over) yet I felt as if I had failed on an enormous level. If our Nov. Fair shows no proceeds we will be forced to close entirely.

So feeling this tremendous weight as if I've really never accomplished anything I scrolled FB looking for some silly meme to comfort me. a young man who grew up in my livingroom had posted the FB page of the Highschool that he and Sarah attended. This led to the question of, "I wonder if my highschool ever made one?"

I found it and began to scroll and found myself feeling so much better. The kids who did nothing but drink are still doing so (sadly), the lude heads are still popping pills... and that one guy who was going to live with his mommy until his band took off ... he's still looking for a gig and still living with Mommy. I put it to you that if in 30 years there is still nobody that wants to hear you play ... get a friggin job dude! I am acting the ass, don't worry I am well aware!

Truth is I felt better that they had failed, not because they became failures in a way but because failing is a synonymous part of the human condition.It reminded me that we all fall down along the way. Nobody is successful forever. Failure teaches us to succeed the next time, forces the goal to become ingrained and makes us raise the bar so to speak. We literally have the same chance on both sides of the coin. The higher you climb the further you will fall. We have the exact same  likelihood of winning as we do of losing. The same % if you will.

I may not have accomplished every goal but I  achieved a great deal in my life. Perhaps that was mostly just plain staying sober (no easy feat with 2 family members terminally ill and the horrendous physical pain that is my life normally) but that in itself is to me, miraculous.

I know how to do nothing more than soldier on. So I will run this company and go for broke just the same. Who knows what tomorrow holds? Or what path my Higher Power will put me on next? Life is an apprenticeship. I intend to learn until I've graduated.

That's my side of it,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Released today at only $11.90 as an introductory offer. Get it before the Christmas rush starts!

Friday, September 12, 2014


Books 1-5

Here's books 1-5. Kind of losing strength again. I suppose I knew I wouldn't stay out of the wheelchair forever. Nice to have a bit of walking again though. 
Anyway hope you enjoy these and I hope you will start buying and reading them. Book 5 will be released Oct. 1

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So tomorrow my show airs between 2-4 EST! Please tune in and have a listen, start a conversation and start healing a mind set. If nothing else find out the new statistics that everyone should know. Also if you tune-in let me know your opinion on my FB page. Any feed back is helpful! Do I talk too fast? Can you hear me alright/ Do I do a thorough job bringing topics to light? Is this helpful as a parent? A student? What do you need to hear more of? Less of?

I'll be there hoping to have made a difference. On the charity front my little house is writing an anthology called, "Angels Among Us" and that is going to be a Chicken Soup type thing about "the nicest thing anyone ever did for you that moved you spiritually," It will be non-fiction and all proceeds will go to a half-way house in our area that helps teens get off the street, sober-up, get their GEDs and job placement. I am not paying royalties for this book. If you have a story to submit contact us through one of the websites.

I am also reformatting Whatzit's Wish so that will be out before Christmas. We are trying to think up good gift ideas for kids of that age to create gift packages. Any thoughts are welcome.

I might also have a surprise for you in a couple of weeks. Right now we are really busy getting a winter tour together. Also understand a few things in the house need fixed or replaced so we will be slower for awhile as we are working around that. Another Hatter book is due out at the end of the month as well. "Cry of the Mockturtle" will be released Oct 1. It's about bullying and all those little stereotypes we entertain every day as we assure others that we are not racist. This one is certain to get you thinking and possibly crying ... ergo... you will need comfort food, so be certain to pick up some ice-cream!

That's my side of it,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

been busy

But my show airs Friday. Also I have 2 new signings! since my daughter has those dates she will post them to the site a bit later. I can tell you for certain I will be on Broadway on Halloween signing my horror, March Hare Blues and my teen comedy "real live dead things" among others. So come on out and have an early trick or treat with us!

That's my side of it,

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Toying with a new idea for charity is dangerous for my $. Still, it's an awesome idea and perhaps our heros would benefit from it. I have a soft spot for Military types I'll admit. We're a military family actually. Hmmmm. I can't decide... stay tuned. Oh and on the not of military check out this  awesome book written in honor of my uncle that didn't return from Vietnam.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Huge News!

Starts Monday! No blogs this weekend I have a store sale to attend to a book waiting for me to finish writing it and a dentist on Monday. I'm also behind on my show topics. I'm for some reason drawing blank so if you have a suggestion post it to my FB. Thanks!
That's my side of it,

Okay so this will be out by Monday. Also 
is on sale for Halloween... just around the corner, so if you're tired of Freddie marathons perhaps get a bit festive this year. It's a grave matter but chicks dig it!

My blog pic keeps changing no matter what I do so look for this one.
or this one 
as chrome refuses to post the one I had before. Check out and join our Cheshire Grin Publishing FB page because while this blog is impossible to comment on FB is fairly simple. HUGE news to be revealed vry soon, so stay tuned!
That's my side of it,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Okay Doctors again

The doctor has informed me that I am catching so many infections basically because there is no way to get my allergies under control. I'm already carrying the epi-penn everywhere. She advised me to try a spoon of local honey every day to build up my tolerance to local pollens. When I informed her that I am allergic to honey since I was a baby ... she began to sputter. I feel bad for her and especially for me... Maybe sometimes there is no answer.

I did my first pre-recording tonight. It was pretty kool. I liked the tape. I hope she did as well.

At any rate we have an ESOL book coming out next week. A few surprises here and there as well so stay tuned!

That's my side of it,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Updates... or Troubles, Whatever works!

I very much want to do this radio show. It would be another excellent venue to bring awareness and carry my causes to light. I keep thinking though that that choice may have been exceedingly premature. I am ill as you all know but even if I weren't... a publishing company even with the help of editor and a junior publishing specialist still takes me 24/7.

If you've never published there is SO much to do once a book is written. Things like edits and formatting isn't even half. This is a working business like any other with accountant and ad dept and even though it is mostly outsourced... when things become so large that just me and Sarah can't handle the day's workload... I start freaking out. If I go down in flames I do. But I don't want to take everyone with me and so I try to keep staff as small as possible. Not to mention very few people bother to read anymore.

I have accepted and will go through with it but the anxiety is killing me over it. Because basically ... what is this thing "spare time" that you speak of. lol

At any rate our store opens in our area Sunday. If you're in San Antonio ... look us up!

That's my side of it,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So this holiday weekend I got an awesome idea for a store display for sci-fi or comic books, graphic novels, that sort of thing. But I thought Sarah would like that as a gift for her figures and cosplay type stuff. So this weekend we built a tardis!

It has shelves for figures, Dragonlance novels, ect. Those pockets on the side are for magic cards, comic books, ect. On the back is a large paper for her clippings, math and science jokes and new hero mags! So here are a bunch of pics from my weekend and hers. 
mid shelf

top shelf light works

interior roof
control panel shelf for books, video games, movies
as close as I could get the side to the series. Not perfect so I hope Tom Baker doesn't beat me with a sonic screwdriver lol

She looks happy so I guess it's kool! Kids are worth it! 
That's my side of it,