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Thursday, February 27, 2014

So here is the backdrop I made for my book signings. As you can see my daughter is gorgeous (Just sayin) All I used was a poster of Sarah (Thanks Kathleen Shields!!!) and 2 trifolds, some printed lanterns and contact paper. So I never added the LEDs because by cutting the holein the cardboard behind the lanterns they light up just fine ofheir own accord. This is time consuming but very easy for anyone who needs a better promo idea and can't afford a lie-size cheesy cardboard selfie! lol Whatdya think? Stand about 2 feet above my wheel chair.
I want to see you there!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Thinks you never thunk you'd think

The thinks you never thunk you'd think....

Well good morning everyone. I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine and she said the silliest thing. She said and I am quoting here, “I'll have kids when I'm ready.” and I started to laugh because trust me... mine is 23 and I'm still not ready! You aren't EVER ready to learn all of the things kids can teach you. Am I talking spiritual, inspirational and lovely little cutesy things they say like, “If fairies light up can we make one a night light?” NO! I am talking real kids here!

You are never ready for all the crap that they teach you because this is info you don't ever think you'll need and then can't imagine why you do! These are things like how to explain why we don't put peanut butter on the toilet seat! Horrid things like how to get lollipops off of the dog. You start asking yourself ignorant questions. Crazy things you never thought you'd hear yourself think. Things like... Why in the hell don't they make a Barbie that flushes down properly? Sickening things like, “Why is it only the most expensive Ninja Turtle that destroys the garbage disposal? Are the others less Ninja? And if they are Ninja why does the plumber tell me he sees them every week?”

As a parent you are never prepared people! That's just what they tell you so that the race doesn't end! You will inevitably end up walking around mumbling the most ignorant questions that you really NEED the answer to. Queries such as, “Well I don't really know if my mouth would fit around a doorknob. Can I put it on a resume?” You might even google the place where cootie vaccinations are available. You will find yourselves just smacking yourself in the head trying to get kid's thought to take hold... in that place where you thought you had a brain but now... dark and cold.
People without children don't understand why we want a union! Take for example this scenario. I was sitting with my daughter when she was a toddler with all of my friends standing around. We were talking about how she always only asked me questions that I never had the answer to. The conversation went something like this:

Friend 1: Oh you mean she asks about religion?

Me: No. I can answer that. These are things I can't even answer.

Friend 2: You mean where babies come from right? Nobody knows what to say.

Me: No you just don't get it. I know where babies come from. These questions are harder!

Sarah has become very quiet and all eyes turn to her. She is thinking very hard about something. Finally I say, 'What?” She lifts her little head and looks at my friend and asks, “Does a spider have a tongue?” Every friend I had just took off and left me there. I don't remember giving her an answer.

So if you are a parent and you have days where you sit around with the over-whelming urge to poke yourself in the eye repeatedly in order to let the stupid out... be comforted. You are still incredibly intelligent. (It's just that now you have kids and so nobody remembers it any more.)

And if you are not a parent do an act of kindness today for someone who is. And by that I mean... buy us a text book on astrophysics so that our friends will come back and we can once more talk in full sentences that don't rhyme! PLEASE!

That's my side of it,

PS Does a spider have a tongue? 

no blog

I am busy reading the print proof tonight. The sooner I approve it the sooner it is printed. Pretty excited!

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Sad Face and Super Teen

Hey guys, sick as hell today but blogging anyways as best as I can because I now have at least 68 people who read this everyday and I'd like to be there to hang with you if you were actually kind enough to waste your time on little old me. I am honored truly and thanks.

There is one week left to get my e-book at the reduced rate so if you're looking go to and click on the link under buy now. It should take you to smashwords as Amazon takes a long while to get your book on and then you have to wait for them to do an update before your book shows. If you just want a sample first smashwords has a free 20% download so you can try the wares, so to speak.

Maybe because I am sick as a dog or maybe because of all the negativity I am seeing on FB posted daily …. whatever the reason I just don't care to be on the PC anymore. Other than doing my promos and building things I don't seem to do much any more. I am becoming increasingly distraught with my book in a way. I have run into much anger over it as people are telling me, “It's not a good fit. It has cuss words and we don't have teens that do that here.” ?????? really? Are they human? Were they made on assembly lines? Did they come from planet Self-Righteous on a meteor or something like Superman? Like picture the intro to this new reality show:

Faster than a tidal wave of denial,
Able to leap tall high horses in a single bound,
It's a biggot,
it's fanaticism at it's best,
It's Captain Condescending!

Truth.... I feel that if you breath you feel, if you feel you think and if you can do those things and are NOT God then you might not always think straight. How does a human being never have curiosity? Not explore? Never make a bad decision. No matter how isolated or “good” a person is it is impossible in my eyes for any breathing thing not to have a flaw... but that's just me.

Part of the human condition even psychologically is learning to walk, and by learning to walk I mean falling on your ass A LOT until you've mastered it. Again my opinion and 50 cents won't buy you a cup of coffee. My point is always seeing the other person through rose-colored is basically not seeing or acknowledging the other person... much less their needs. That, if done to me would kind of be an emotional rip-off. Well that's how I would feel any way.

Oh and before I go may I just say to FB people who keep posting how every single person around them is an inferior moron... could you the next time you are going to post something like that just remember that your self-imposed pedestal is actually only a one-seater? Thanks! Only love for ya!

That's my side of it,
Meet me at the Literacy Fest 2014

Cordially requests your honorable presence at
Literacy Fest 2014
United Methodist
8101 Midcrowne Drive
Windcrest, Texas 78239
March 29 Noon - 4

Literacy Fest 2014 .... author readings, signings, prizes, give aways, food and fun for kids of all ages, Every one's welcome and admission is FREE! 

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Don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle!!!

5 minutes before the miracle

This is actually the story of the best day of my life, the greatest miracle that God ever saw fit to give me... I write tonight for a friend in pain, about to lose his mother. The difference is I was losing a child...

When Sarah was tiny she had a brain mass the size of a man's thumb in the middle of the brain. If you placed one finger on the top of your head and one at your temple you would find that spot. My daughter had lost her hair in spots, suffered, grew up in hospital beds. She had managed to live to the ripe, old age of 9 but we were told it would be any day now. (I'll get back to this later.)

We used to have a dog named, “Sir Trusty Rusty the Great Red Hippopotamus” and one, fine day at 5 in the morning in 30 degree weather he wanted out. Now the thing you must understand is that Rusty was the greatest dog that had ever walked the face of the earth... except for the fact that at 5 in the morning on the coldest day in Florida's history he wanted to go out.

At any rate, at that time I lived in a complex of several buildings (12 to be exact) and the woman who was left to do everything there was a lovely Haitian lady named Alcina. Now Alcina was an older woman and our condo association treated her like a slave which always served to piss me off greatly. They refused her a raise, health insurance (even after 18 years) they even refused her bereavement pay when she took off to her mother's funeral.

Now the thing you have to understand to truly get the story is that I am like some weird activist wanna-be. The other thing you have to understand is that Alcina was strict Orthadox and in her belief women only wear skirts.

Anyway I take Rusty down the stairs and there stands Alcina in a huge puddle of cold water, legs exposed from her skirt in 30 degree weather just moppin' and singin'! This really aggravated me because they aren't going to give her sick pay or over-time... but what aggravated me more was Alcina herself. How many times had I mentioned the ACLA? Unions? BBB? And about a zillion others? And how many times would she give me a light smile and simply state, “Ms. Angel Life BAD in Haiti. I not make trouble.”

There was no explaining to this woman as Rusty said his wag-tail good mornings that as a US citizen she had rights. There was further no explaining to this woman that since like 5 of her 10 children were born here there was no way to deport her and as such she had the rights of any citizen! So the longer I walked Rusty and thought of the abuse she was just... taking... the angrier I got. Yet how do you help someone who doesn't want any help? You can't. Defeated I walked back wondering how I could help Alcina today.

Getting Sarah ready for school I decided I would just make an extra hot chocolate and take it to her. I did so and you would have thought I handed this woman the Holy Grail as happy as she was. I walked my child to school and returned home. I had just gotten through the door when Alcina knocked. I opened the door, Alcina handed me the cup and stayed for a cinnamon toast. As she left she said, “Jesus gonna bless you today!” I believe I said something to the affect of, “Yeah whatever lady,” and proceeded to slam the door.

That door did not close before the phone rang. I ran to pick it up as after only 3 rings the machine comes on. This is the conversation as I remember it:

Voice: Hello this is Miami Variety. Is Ms. Wineholt there?

Me: Good morning Dr. Morrison It's me.

Doctor: We just received your daughter's test results. The brain mass is gone. We ran it three times.

Me: But? Dr. Morrison how is that possible?

Doctor: We don't know We've never seen it before.

PS They eventually fired Alcina. She now runs a five star hotel on South Beach.

That's my side of it,
Go here to see the building blocks that I made out of boxes for the toddler's library (board books included at the Literacy Fest 2014! I am so excited!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

the What If

My gorgeous daughter and I were having another heart to heart as we tend to do that almost every day. She was very down as soon she will enter college and the fear has wrapped itself around her. Here's what was said as closely as a 1 in the morning conversation can be remembered.

Sarah: I'll have to work, go to school, clean the house and every year it'll get worse. I will never have fun again. It's all toil forever.

Me: People figure out how to do it little by little. So what makes you think that you have to figure it out all at once?

Sarah: All my friends are and they have kids even.

I never get preachy on here. I am not trying to now either. I just want to lead you to the place we got in the conversation and what I thought. Even as a Pagan I still believe in the Bible and use it for reference often. So here goes:

M: Would you say that stealing was a sin Sarah?

S: Yes.

M: Okay why?

S: Cuz you took my stuff and you didn't work for it so it's a piss off.

M: Okay well would you say that murder is a sin?

S: Yes!

M: Why?

S: Because you hurt people and everyone is hurt... like forever.

M: Okay well I could argue effectively that the same goes for stealing if we take into account economy and slave labor. But I am taking it that you feel that murder is a bigger deal than say... stealing or I dunno lying. Right? So what makes one bigger than the other? They both do harm.

S: True mom but no one dies.

M: Not necessarily true yet if someone says, “In high school I stole” you will probably get over it. Where as if someone says, “At 12 I was a child predator even if you don't have kids you are grabbing your knife. Why is that when they are both wrong?

S: Because one is worse than the other.

M: True! And so that justifies stealing right? Because other people are doing worse?
S: NO. I kinda see what you mean?

M: Why does the Bible say Thou shalt not covet Sarah?

S: Okay mom you lost me. Because.... then you steal other people's shit?
M: Maybe.... but what if it's because when you compare yourself to other people you don't get the correct results. There will always be someone better out there and someone worse... yet in God's eyes we are equal. That's because He can see what we can't. How do you know that guy who has it all, has his head on his shoulders, handles everything gracefully and can accomplish it all doesn't wake up at night screaming with horrible fear, anger or whatever from the hole in his soul? You don't. So if you shouldn't compare your possessions should you really compare accomplishments? When most of our accomplishments in the space of a day aren't even written down on paper? You don't covet because you will never do the math right. That is why nobody ever says, “Please Sarah today I would like you to go and count everyone else's blessings and you'll feel better.

The truth of the matter is not only that the grass is always greener but also that if I'm minding everyone else's yard then all my plants are dying. If I look at what other people can do I will never find the gifts that I myself have. I will never be able to enjoy one single moment of my life.... because what I see as something that will cure all might be the bane of another person's life. If I want to be happy in my life I have to deal with my life, not my friend's, not my mentor's not my mom's or my teacher's or even Donald Trump's. Happiness is found... true happiness is found by working on myself, keeping my focus on what I can do and not worrying what the “Kool kids” can do. Trust me guys... even the kool kids still have something they wish they'd done differently!

That's my side of it,

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just say NO!

Just say, “NO!”

A very nice lady who works at a recovery center sent me an article today for my website. Let me tell you I can't of course post everything sent to me and I'm really not supposed to look at them because of the AA Traditions and so on... but just like a little kid, I don't always do what I'm supposed to.... and just like a little kid doing what I'm not supposed to is naughty so I tend to do it more! Lol

I loved the part in the article about as we said in the classroom, “Just say no.” We sadly have to deter them from terrible things at a younger age. The thing I took issue with is using Mom as an excuse, IE “My mom would kill me.” My own opinion which is probably admittedly worth a lot less than a cup of coffee is that we don't have to teach most kids how to say, “NO!” to their friends. They are pretty astute at doing that already. Case in point a conversation from one of my pre-K classes long ago:

Kid 1: Let's eat the clay!
Kid 2: No.
Kid 1: How come?
Kid 2: Cuz you're stupid.

(And of course they argue and are best friends again three minutes later. Kids know how to talk to their friends and how to stand up to them as well. Here's how the “Mom excuse” scenario plays out in a classroom.

Kid 1: Let's throw spitballs.
Kid 2: NO! My mom would kill me!
Kid 1: You always do what your mom says! You're a big baby! Hey X is afraid of his Mommy!

This scenario leaves the child open to bullying, derision and trying to explain something that he or she might not have the tools for yet. And I have to say I've seen it backfire with chicken-like clucking more than once.... yes joyfully, even in my living-room on play-dates.

What I did with Sarah was very different and this actually might not work with your own child as every kid is different... the exchange went something like this:

S: We learned to just say No. You can't smoke anymore! It's a drug. ( I still smoke.)

Me: Sarah what drugs did you learn? Name them.

Sarah: Smoking, alcohol, marijuana.

Me: Do you even know what those things are?

Sarah: Cigarettes are smoking!

Me: Ok, true. The other things? Do you know what they are? Do you know what drugs are?

Sarah: No but the teacher said they will kill you.

Me: So? You're just going to say No to stuff when you don't know what that stuff is? How do you say No to something if you don't know what it is?

Sarah: I dunno. I'm just saying what the teacher said.

I told her I was proud of her for listening and then I found pics (not graphic) in books to show her what to say no to. I never once had to tell her how to talk to her friends or stand-up to peer-pressure. Instead I had to show her what and have her pediatrician tell her why. Kids are pretty good at standing-up for themselves if we just give them all the tools. Take for example a conversation from my daughter's childhood:

Kid: Well if you don't play Barbies with me then I just won't play with you and you'll have to play by yourself.

Sarah: So? I play by myself lots of times!

So what I'm saying is if you just give your kids the tools they need to argue effectively they can set their own boundaries. They already know how to do that. They understand their friends better than we do and they know what works. I never worried once that giving my child info was going to hurt her: I did however worry that the lack of it might.

No matter how you talk to your kids however, don't put it off. Open your mouth because even when they aren't listening, they're hearing!

That's my side of it,


Monday, February 17, 2014

Literacy Fest and Tents!

Hi guys... again I'd like to remind you that the print book will be out soon and so the e-book of Snapshots From Home; Tales From Dysfunctional High School will only be featured on my website at a reduced price until March.... get it for less while you can!

So aside from regular promotion of my own book. I am developing board games and other promos for the other books featured at the publishing house. And one book that really grabbed my attention is a chapter book for Christians called “Dandy Lion.” But how does one make a board game that makes Bible study fun and sticks with Christian teachings without mentioning sin? Well yes I figured that out.... the first with enough collected Bible verses on Lions (I didn't use those all of course. I think there are about 34 total.) can then move towards the win space but must wait there for all the others to finish and also get to Heaven... that way there really aren't any losers! There are even life lesson spaces and so on. I think I did okay, but as I've mentioned my blog and web are pretty much broken (Think it might be my PC altogether) and so I'll post that on FB in a few days so anyone interested can have a look. That is my personal page as the community page kicked me off entirely!

So today is the day of finishing up things to be raffled off at the Literacy Fest I am arranging. Also I got a tent for the littler kids to crawl through. It's a pop tent... well I didn't know what that was. I don't know a pop tent from a false in-tent. So it arrives in this tiny little zipper bag and I'm thinking “Well crap! They ripped me off or something,” so I told my daughter to just unzip it and see. So she does and this gigantic thing just pops out... scared my poor dog Saddie way into the other room where she hid for 3 straight hours! Now there is this gigantic tent thing in pretty colors in my dining-room (took out a bunch of art supplies) a whining dog and it refuses to refold and go back into its tiny pocket. So I will have to rent a full van to move it there and that makes this, “the winter of my discount tent!” (Come on guys... very punny! Kinda wish I had written that joke! Lol) But yes there will be a small tent.

There will also be story time with Ms. Kathleen so don't miss that! I am in addition adding a toddler reading corner with board books and things like that. Still having a bit of trouble getting all the details sorted but I'm getting there slowly! Watch my blog for any changes or additions. Seems the local grocery store is thinking of lending a hand... way to go HEB! (Did you know they had a Literacy Program?)

I'm also expecting a few celebs... but you know those famous people are always busy. It'd be an awesome surprise though. That address again is:

Saturday, March 29, 2014 - Noon to 4pm
Windcrest United Methodist Church
8101 Midcrowne Drive
Windcrest, Texas 78239

That's my side of it,

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Escaping Domestic Abuse Repost

Escaping an Abusive Marriage (How to)

First a resource:

To all of you abused spouses out there, don't lose hope. It can be done. I know I've done it. But leaving an abusive marriage is usually not an over-night thing. Be prepared for this to take weeks or even months.
The first rule of escaping an abusive marriage is the same as the first rule of business. Failing to plan AND planning to fail are basically synonyms.

I understand what it is to resent it when people say, “Well why don't you just leave?” That is really easy to say. Is that person going to put a meal on your table? Is that person going to take your kids to the pediatrician without him knowing? Is that person going to clothe you? Shelter you? Care for your infirmaties? No. So basically it just feels like a huge cop-out.

I know. I KNOW how over-whelming leaving is. I know the fear that he has taken so much of you away that you are afraid that he has erased just enough of you that you will never be able to leave. Yes I understand completely. So the second rule is this... if you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right. Attitude plays a huge role.

I don't care much for Whoopie Goldberg yet she is like an idol. It is not from her career that she derived that position in my life. It was from an interview I saw, she said (about her career) “I never worried what I had to do. I only asked myself what I could get done today.” That is hugely important. Don't get over-whelmed. It doesn't take a miracle. It takes baby steps and careful planning.

The first thing you will need is the cheapest disposable phone you can find. Put in this phone only one number. That phone number should be one and only one contact. It needs to be someone you trust and preferably someone he doesn't know. Keep it turned off and the best hiding place is your bag of kotex as he is very unlikely to look there. This phone is going to be your best resource soon.

WARNING: Do not rely on shelters or govt. programs to support you. Many take time to get that you don't have. Some require a legal divorce finalization before you can receive them. Also these leave a paper trail that is easy to trace. You are going to need a safe hiding place for a while. A little known fact is also shelters for domestic violence usually need police and hospital reports before they will take you, which most women won't have because seeking help will set him off again. BUT women's shelters are still a very viable tool! They have all kinds of resources they can make available to you anyway. Some can put you on a waiting list for an asset. Where I was they had had a farm... you did not need police reports for but there was a 3 month wait. When he is at work use your track phone to call shelters to find these resources. Do not use your regular cell as this leaves a trail even if it is pay as you go with no contract.

So if there are not govt. programs you can rely on financially how do you sustain a living? Do you have kids? Some people that are hiring nannies will allow your kids to live with you and rather then pay you will give you room and board. At least that's a roof. Also as a nanny your taxes are paid by you which means no paper trail until the end of the year. This gives you a year to get back on your feet, learn a trade or whatever.

Also if you have a name on a joint savings account, on the day that you leave (and not before) visit the bank. Have not just your debit card, carry also your ID and wedding certificate. Instead of walking straight up to the teller, sign your name and sit down as if you are looking to refinance. This is very important... WAIT for a female representative. You have lived years in a relationship that proved how over-powering men can be. Now it is time for you to understand the strength of women. Other women will become your biggest asset. (Some of them are abused too remember.) Tell her discreetly of your situation. She will let you know how much you can withdrawal and probably not call your husband until the next business day. However this money is not a cushion. It will run out quickly so it is time to try to learn to live again.

It is important not to rely on friends that drink a lot. Why? Loose lips sink ships! Alcohol loosens the mouth and allows too many confessions for you to be safe with. Also do not rely on an extra-marital affair to “rescue you.” No one is going to rescue you. It is time to do the hard thing as you may get to his house.... and he may decide you didn't look as pretty now as you did when there was no danger of commitment.

Well you are probably asking yourself, how do we pack without him noticing? Gradually. What we did was to thin out the wardrobe of things we didn't wear often. These clothes went into a garbage bag. We said something like, “She wants an allowance. So I told her taking out the garbage would be her responsibility.” He bought this without question. So the garbage bag with the white tie went in the dumpster. The garbage bag with the yellow tie went to the neighbor who agreed to keep our things until a friend with an unutilized garage could drive over and pick them up. By her storing things in her garage I did not pay for storage... and again, no paper trail that he could trace.

Now you receive every day important documents that you can not do without such as school notifications, bills ongoing child support checks from previous marriage etc. How do you get these by post without him receiving notification of where you just went? EASY.... explain to the post office official you need a change of address and explain your situation... there's a form. Best to go outside your neighborhood post to do this. Your neighbors let your secret out unknowingly with simple gossip. IE “Did you see Mary filling out change of address? Are they moving?” The best advocate you will ever receive is the following rule, “Do not whisper in private what you don't want shouted from rooftops.” Right now secrecy is your best friend. The more people who know, the more likely he will find out.

When do we make this flight to freedom? That depends on him actually, more then you would think. My ex spent a private vacation every year at the races. We spent those 2 weeks getting boxes too large to smuggle out in clear view.... telling neighbors it was donations for one of our charities. We knew when he came home it would be his employer's longest day of the year. We choose that day to flee, keeping calm and keeping the cellphone on to answer his calls. Once we got to where we were going, that phone went in the trash and my tracphone came out of its hiding place.

Remember the less people you tell the likelier your secret remains a secret. I had my most trusted contact in my tracphone call worried friends and family 2 days after my departure and inform them that “Yes I was all right. But no I would not be calling and nobody knew where I was.. Any messages came through my sponsor and were relayed that way.”

A lovely thing my friend did for me was to organize other abused women in the community for me to talk to. One woman had a good job but times were hard. She pretended a pay-cut to keep a job at a failing company and at least keep some money coming in. Her husband did hit her that night but the story was believable so he let it go. She was able to store up enough money in a separate account that then she was able to flee with her kids.
If you are penniless and need to leave the state immediately some bus lines and train stations are sympathetic enough to lend you one-way tickets with the understanding that when you get to the refuge on the other side someone you know will pay the ticket, whether you have a credit card or not. In AA I hear there is always a couch available. Also some companies will hire an abused woman seeking refuge and food because it looks pretty good on that employer.

If he has locked up your social security card from you and your birth certificate you can always apply for another. Write snail mail (info that he can hack from your email is now a no no) to the hospital where you were born leaving them your new address.

If you have important documents that you need to get out and can not smuggle, hide them in plain sight. Buy a new wastepaper basket, crumple them up, buy some potato chips, empty the bag and throw them on top with a few emptied and thoroughly dried water-bottles. Most men won't bother to go through the trash cans.

In the coming weeks food is still important although straying from a hiding place might not be an option. As you shop in the coming moths before your departure buy dry goods, can goods, dry milk etc. Here and there a few small items that won't be noticed. If you are unable to smuggle these out or hide them in an abandoned suitcase, then the solution is simple... church is having a food drive. Place them in a box to be moved by the mailbox tomorrow. Most men won't even ask.

There are many grants and very short school times out there for degrees if you need one. Good Will industries have what is called, “Good Careers Academy.” They might be a resource you may want to look into. If this is not an option for you, try calling your local 3 digit help line... usually 211.

If you need to leave this very second my advice is don't dawdle. Call the police, ask for protection and get out now. Otherwise you are teaching him it's okay to treat you that way. And believe me your children ARE learning that too.

One more rule my Medicine Man taught me that will go a very long way... leap and the net will be there. Faith goes a long way and will last much longer and stronger then any other asset you've got. Give yourself a chance. You DO deserve it.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Silly Valentines!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Silly Valentines

What if

1. the correct answer to x = is the person you call when you're drunk?

2. All the jellyfish in the sea were grape flavored and were sold in jars?

3. life on earth is just an infomercial for Heaven?

4 putting my 2 cents in is what's actually causing inflation?

5. the book “Frankenstein” was actually the real life memoirs of the platypus?

6. a muse is actually the proper term for “sleep deprivation?”

7. “a penny for your thoughts” was actually the historic basis for tax laws?

8. Angel's Food Cake and Devil's Food Cake got into a serious relationship? Wouldn't that be terrible? We all know Devil's Food Cake is really just a “Ho-ho!”

More soon... I am building the most epic background for my event I can think of. Also thinking of enlisting my mother's sewing talents and creating a corner for small kids with maybe board books and stuff like that. (A baby library kind of thing!)

That's my side of it,

PS possibly HUGE news soon... hope you guys like celebs! Xxxooo 


nonstop today! promise to blog tomorrow!!!!!! xxxooo

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My publisher and I are arranging a contest for young actors for audio books.... so keep checking back!!!
Also my book won't be on sale at the reduced rate after March so get your e-book at a lower price while you can. If you bought it and didn't read it through yet.... READ FASTER! LOL Please review... leave comments. If you didn't like it even. Feedback helps with the next book you know!

Paperback is due out very soon.... we are on the printer's proof already! Also did you know on smashwords you can download part of the book to see if it's what you're looking for in literature. Find the book here... and eventually the contest....

Also if you're going to be in Texas on March 29th don't forget our Literary Fest. I'll be signing books and there will be another writer of children's books having story time and signing books. I arranged that a story circle will be set up. We are raffling off all kinds of prizes including some of my paintings and a commercial model dressed as a character from my book will be handing out bags loaded with freebies! Lots of fun for all ages. I have also acquired a small crawl through tent for our smaller literature fans... BUT if it looks like it is not made properly I'll have to leave that out!

The address to out Literacy Fest 2014 is

Literacy Fest 2014
United Methodist
8101 Midcrowne Drive
Windcrest, Texas 78239
March 29 Noon - 4
Literacy Fest 2014 .... author readings, signings, prizes, give aways, food and fun for kids of all ages, Every one's welcome and admission is FREE!

It is possible that a local celeb might be there too! Spread the word!

Now I've been working hard on promo's but this thing is messed up and I can't post photos... so tonight I will post some of my works on facebook for people to see why I;ve been busy! lol Not the same I know but if you want a look just contact me through the website's contact button and I will personally email you the photos!

You guys ROCK!!!

That's my side of it,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Press Release

OMG! You guys look my first press release! Look at all the nice things she said about my book!

EDITORS: For interview requests, contact:
Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Tel: 830-515-8187
1885 FM 2673 #3
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Author Angel “Halo” Dunworth gives insight to troubled teens
Stories showcasing challenges teens face; proves to get the conversation started with parents.

San Antonio, Texas – Opening eyes of parents and teens through an assortment of ‘micro-mini’ stories written in the perspective of teens, Snapshots from Home, Stories from Dysfunctional High School is a book you can not afford to miss. Dunworth has in a word, empowered the readers to take the initiative in their own lives, to make better choices by learning how easily each situation can start and trailing off just in time to get the conversation started.

“It is so easy to make an innocent choice that turns devastating,” Dunworth begins, “by being informed as to many of the issues teens face in their daily lives, they can be aware of situations before they arise and avoid them.” Dunworth is the author of this captivating collection of stories that with little detail exemplify every teens life in a generic, been-there way that even parents can understand and learn from. Parents who don’t understand what their child is going through can get a glimpse into their lives without pushing and can leave the door open for future discussions.

Learn more about Snapshots from Home at and a website dedicated towards helping teens and parents, promoting education and providing helpful information and links to organizations designed to help every aspect of topic covered in the book. Available in Print edition and EBook formats.


Monday, February 10, 2014


Look what I'm arranging! Please help! xxxooo

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United Methodist
8101 Midcrowne Drive
Windcrest, Texas 78239
March 29 Noon - 4

Literacy Fest  2014  .... author readings, signings, prizes, give aways, food and fun for kids of all ages, Every one's welcome and admission is FREE!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sex on Valentine's

Sex on Valentine's

Hi guys!

Valentine's day is upon us..... so of course I'd like to talk to you guys about everyone's favorite subject.... sex. (Look, I know everyone's favorite subject is actually candy.... but I don't know anything about that!)

A lot of you young ladies and gentlemen are considering having sex for the first time and you want it to be special.... what's more special than Valentine's day right?

But choosing a holiday is really not much of a plan. If you're having sex with the right person, at the right age and for the right reasons then basically every day is already Christmas, if you see what I mean.

Let me just ask you this.... if it weren't Valentine's day would you still be considering it? If the answer was a resounding, “No.” You might want to reconsider your current position on the matter (pun fully intended!)

Let me ask you this guys, how much do you enjoy sleep? If you end up pregnant you will never have time for sleep. I was 23 when I had Sarah and I still wasn't ready to be a parent. I figured she would just cry continuously for the first month or so like all babies will. BUT I WAS WRONG WASN'T I? My daughter had colic and unknown to me for years... a brain-mass. She didn't recover until she was 9 years old. Could you deal with that? Loving a baby with all of your soul and then learning that not only does it not ever get easier to become a parent, but also that the kid is mortal? A lot of you will say “Well that won't be a problem for me. I'm using birth control.” Think again. If birth control worked 100% of the time half the people on this earth wouldn't be here.

Ladies if you get pregnant he also can leave.... don't think he can't. Men can leave even when they're married if they so choose. Guys please don't think that leaves you off of the hook. All it takes is one form filed and a paternity test to ensure that every penny you make until the child turns 18 is taken. Hell don't think the government won't take all of your tax returns either.... nothing gives a DA more pleasure than closing a child-support case and if that means jail time in order to get you to pay.... well thems the brakes.

So now perhaps you are thinking, “Then I just won't even use a rubber because they don't work any way.” That my friend would be a really ignorant stance if you don't mind me saying. Are you aware that today one in four teens has an STD or STI. Did you know that young people ages 15 – 24 account for 50% of the new sexually transmitted infections. That is counting all age groups even though teens make up only 25% of the sexually active community. What that means is that teens are more likely to catch an STI (sexually transmitted infection) than any other group. It would be safer to stick your genitalia in a bear trap!

Again sex doesn't make you “in love” You are or aren't. Sex doesn't make you “all grown up.” You are or you aren't. The only thing sex makes you... is sexually active. Any decision you make about sex today could become a permanent consequence. Isn't the rest of your life valuable enough to you to give it one more think through? Just sayin'

That's my side of it,

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spent last night in the hospital... will blog again when I'm up to it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

love note

Hi guys. I have been way too busy to blog. Really sorry I missed you.

So soon it is Valentines and tomorrow is our anniversary (of sorts) so.... my thoughts turn to love. And so in light of this I would like to share a letter here I have written to my husband.

Hey Cowboy,

You to me are the very face of love, and I know you think that's just a compliment or me trying to be sweet, but TRUTH I am not yet convinced that I have ever truly loved before.

Why do I feel this way so strongly? Not just because you are brilliant... which you are... but also... well look at you! You treat me like a goddess. You support me, you make me feel so awesome about myself. You act like I am some great and mysterious treasure. I love that. If it weren't for you encouraging me to I'd have never submitted this book! I'd have left it to collect dust as it had for years. Look where I am now. Own part of that because it is yours too.

Remember when we had nothing? No home, no jobs, no money. We thought we'd never get out of that mess. God has blessed us richly... He blessed me with you. I thank Him every day for that. I love you cowboy. You are my life.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014



I am not trying to get preachy on here at all. It is not is in my place to convert anyone. There was however something I said in a church interview (free lecture I am offering to churches about alcoholism and drug addiction.) and something hit me while I was talking, so here goes:

Christianity: Judge not lest you be judged and your own measure used unto you.

Paganism: Never judge a man until you have walked one mile in his moccasins.

Do you think they're trying to tell us something?

If we punish someone for being truthful with us that kid will never make that mistake again. Being a parent is a slippery slope isn't it? Screaming at our kids for being gay really doesn't make them become less gay. It just means that next time they want to discuss something they will know better than to come to us. In short, once you have stood in judgment of someone's actions be it drugs, sexual orientation or anything else really, that person will not only resent you... more than likely you will have ended up shattering their faith in you. In their eyes you could very well be stripped of your reputation. When others confide in us their trust in us is like glass. Once it is shattered there really isn't a whole lot you can do to restore it. So today try to talk to each other instead of AT each other... and when you listen TRY hearing. It really does help.

That's my side of it,

PS. My e-book available on my website will not be the reduced price forever. Once the print book is released I doubt very much the promo will be extended, so buy while it's dirt cheap! lol

Monday, February 3, 2014

Silly stuff

Fun Things To Do To Mean People:

  1. When a friend says something offensive to you yell, “You know what happens when you upset me.” Then break into interpretive dance.
  2. When your boss points out your short-comings... don't just run away and hide in your cubicle! First yell, “Tag you're it!”
  3. When the cashier in the grocery store informs you that your coupons have expired insist that your time machine is broken.
  4. When your nosy aunts surround you at a wedding and insist that, “You're next,” wait for the next funeral you see them at then throw rice and yell happily, “You're next!”
  5. If the guy stuck behind you in traffic leaves his car to bang on your window pretend you are receiving a cell phone call as you roll down your window. Then say to the cell phone, “I've already hidden the body! Just give me an alibi.” Watch how quickly he reenters his vehicle.
  6. When someone insists that their spiritual beliefs are superior to your own simply state that, “I really can't make it to your next event. I have to sacrifice at least two more virgins this week or I can't leave my home.”
  7. When your friends begin bugging you about something yell piteously, “You guys stop! You're upsetting the toaster!”
  8. When someone calls you to get a campaign contribution convince them that you are with the, “Coffee Party,” Then make a speech while talking as fast as you are able.
  9. When someone answers the cell phone during the movie at your favorite theater, wait until they hang-up and then critique his acting during his call.
  10. When a bill collector calls ask for a loan so that you can buy Park Place. Explain that once you've passed, “Go” you're expecting a sweet $200.

That's my side of it,


Sunday, February 2, 2014

SM rant

Really torn

I am thrilled with my new publisher, my editor, my book release (in soft-cover very soon).... I am thrilled with everything. I have the perfect daughter, husband, home, family. God is very kind to me. I have sold 6 books and haven't been out a week. Rival Gates just gave my book and awesome review on his blog and even on Smashwords. You can even read an interview with me on Smashwords. I have the interview with the first church on Tuesday.... I should be on top of the world.

But see I can't fully enjoy much. My disease is not moving slowly now. Aside from the toll it takes on my spine and legs, it causes terrible neuropathy that has happily spread all the way into my eyes. It feels a lot of times like someone is repeatedly sticking needles into my eyes. No matter how many times the eye doc tells me it is just a nerve pressed under the syrinx and that I won't go blind, I still freak out when that symptom hits.

I have needed surgery for 2 years but no one will touch it. If they make one mistake I'm a vegetable. It gets so aggravating. However I believe that God has a reason for everything. Perhaps someone reading this blog will say, “Dude! I have that too. She understands,” and not feel so alone. That is my hope.

If God only gives me what I can handle.... dude I'm a bad ass! Lol

That's my side of it,


Saturday, February 1, 2014