Friday, June 28, 2019

Seaside Buffet

She watches the waves,
Blue-black in the night,
Maybe she craves
All the bleeding inside.

She could choose to be happy,
She could choose not to grieve,
She could choose to forgive
And to set herself free.

She could dine on vengeance,
Or starve in disgrace,
She could put the fool bluntly
Back into his place.

She could rise to occasion,
Or fall to her knees
Pray for vaccination
Against his disease.
She could roll with the punches,
Or rock him to sleep,
She could come to her senses,
And just take the leap.

She could hear the wind calling
In swatches of gray
And abide by her soul's song
Or just waste away.

But she stands by the sea-side,
Unaware that she owns,
The ultimate power
To leave him alone.

And the water grows deeper
As she wades through her life,
And fills her lungs aptly
With love's quick demise.

For just like the sunset,
Beauty recedes,
And allows us to heal,
Or begs us to bleed.

Sometimes forever
Is a second or two,
Sometimes now
Is as old as it's new.

Sometimes waves pray,
And sometimes we drown
In yesterdays, some days
and the here and the now.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Utah signing canceled

We're sorry to inform you that the Utah signing is canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience!