Saturday, May 31, 2014

book 3 cover

This will be the cover for book 3 of the Shattered Looking Glass series. Isn't my daughter gorgeous! Aren't I very old? lol I wore the baggiest stuff I could find and lots of other secrets to make my photo look very aged.  This one is for later... I have a different book to unveil.... stay tuned!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

excerpt Horror March Hare Blues

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Chapter 1

Did you ever stop to think that death is the foreplay to Heaven? Sometimes I think that way. We all go a little crazy sometimes don't we? I know what it is to be crazy. I know exactly how it feels to see the inside of the mad houses with all of those frightening shadows of other inmates lurking somewhere... crazier than I. And possibly more dangerous... is that possible? To be more dangerous than Shawna March? Doubtful... as dark as my thoughts are... but very doable. I guess fear is not an option, but then I'm mad. We're all mad here, dear friend.
I'm here this time because Mr. March has Baker Acted me again. I never call my husband by his first name, which is John. I call him by his surname. He demands it at home... respect and all. I never have minded that either, because it's less intimate. This time I'm actually glad he put me in here. At least then I don't have to deal with him for a while. Mr. March is scarier to me than any institution anywhere. And that my friend includes the one for the criminally insane that he stuck me in the last time.
I look at the white, plush bunny that he sent me to remind me of him. I pick it up and I play with the ears. I cram my hand down as hard as it will go on the innocent blue-eyed plushy. It stares up at me helpless... just like she would have, had she been here. I yank as hard as is humanly possible for me. I whisper, “He loves me,” and the ear tears off. I yank the other ear with everything that's left in me. I say, “He loves me not.”
Is death the foreplay to Heaven? If no one comes back then who could ever solve that riddle? Can I solve it for myself right now? I see the blood on the plushy from where the wires in the ears have cut my hands. It spatters on the innocent bunny face in streaks of dismay and poisonous brooding. I watch the blood trickling, making patterns of love and hate across those lovely, blue eyes of hers and I laugh out loud. We're all mad here, dear friends.

* * *

Dr. Polanski Ph.D , Psy.D audio taped session August 15

Polanski’s voice: Ms. March why do you think you're in here?

Shawna March: Because he wants it that way.

Polanski : Who does?

Shawna: Mr. March. He says I'm crazy. (giggles, inaudible mumbling) All the men are crazy.

Polanski: Do you view me as crazy?

Shawna: Are you a man? Duh... all men are crazy. You too probably. Maybe I'm really a man and that's why I'm nuts. Who knows?

Polanski: Tell me why you think you're crazy Ms. March. Who told you that?

Shawna: Well I'm in here. I must be. Everyone I ever knew said I was.

Polanski: Define everyone.

Shawna: When I saw her I knew. I knew Mom was right all along. I can't even screw up correctly. (laughter, moan, soft weeping)

Polanski: When you saw her? Who's her? Do you mean your mother?

Sounds of crashing, glass breaking

Polanski's voice loudly: Mrs. March! Control yourself! Security! SECURITY!

Shawna: Anybody ever tell you that you ask too many fucking questions?!

(Glass breaking, muffled voices, door opening,)

* * *

Well hello, there. I'm a white rabbit. Just a little plushy turned pink now with blood. Or at least that's what you believe of me. You think that in this story, I'm the victim, right? That is very funny to me, actually. Are you certain of it? As certain as you are of your own name?
Okay, well perhaps you are 100% correct in saying that. After all, I did just get my ears torn out of my head. As you the voyeur watched from behind the scenes, I was attacked. Heinously, unprovokedly attacked. That makes me the victim. Doesn't it? I guess you're right.
The thing about stories is that they are very much like life. Truth, not unlike beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Truth is very subjective. If you are given only one scene from life you will believe that any action and or reaction is the truth. But just like when the Great and Powerful Garbonzo pulls me out of a hat, it could just be that you're distracted. It could just be that you don't know the whole story and so you can't judge because you're looking elsewhere. Could be? All of life's little magic tricks work that way, right? Does life work that way? How about death? And would it surprise you to know that I in fact am not the hapless victim you've been led to believe?
I could be the villain. I could be a real life person, or even a dream. I could be a crazy alien that's taken over her mind, or a parasite that's wiggled itself into her ear as she slept and am in the act of chomping my cute little parasite way right through the core of her brain. I could be an illness, or an angel. Maybe I'm an angel taking her abuse and gently watching over her from afar. Say! That's a nice one. Let's go with that one shall we? Hmmm. I can see by your reaction now that you aren't quite as certain whether or not I am angel or villain, sinner or saint, real or make-believe. Ta-Da!

I think it'd be an awful lot of fun to keep it that way for now. After all if you're looking straight at me, you might miss all of the Great Garbonzo's other tricks. What a boring show that'd make for. Well, I have to get going for now. By my pocket watch I can see that it's time to boogie on down the rabbit hole. Follow at your own risk.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


So I donated about 10 copies of my book Snapshots From Home to a homeless shelter, but this one is a bit different. This shelter gets addicts off the streets here and helps them clean up their act. In addition they help them get their GEDs so that they can go to college, get better jobs and so on.

Did I do this because I'm an addict? Because it's a good cause? Because at least they can use and appreciate them? All true but that's not why. It's actually the same reason I've taught children to read ... and the same reason I do most things actually. Simply, because I was at hand.

In my little world this is why any and everything gets done. I think that if you can lend a hand and you are near do so. Is this true in every situation ... no. Like any other first you survey the scene. If you're a young girl alone and a "lost" guy stops in an unmarked van and needs directions.... run. But it never hurts to help as many people as you can in whatever ways that you can.

My best friend and her husband had trouble teaching their youngest to read. They both worked, neither really knew the tricks that phonics required also the child could really test your patience when she didn't want to learn something. Teaching reading just turned out to be something I knew how to do and I was available.

This little girl has never forgotten. Every year when she aces the state test she calls and thanks me. That makes it all worth it. It never hurts to help each other out. Plus you get to like yourself a bit more ... now that is a pay-off!

Next blog should contain an excerpt from the second in the series, "March Hare Blues" as I think you'll get a kick. It started as a woman's drama but turned into a horror, psycho-thriller. I hope you'll be pleased.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I spent a lot more time than I had today designing a flyer for my book signing on Broadway. It came out rather nice I think but I will never master graphic design. If you're any good at it my hats off to you. In my day what we did was copy and paste with actual glue and scissors. This we did in my commercial arts class for I'd say about half a semester and if you're thinking that's grueling you're right. about 4 years later personal computers came out.

At any rate I spent lots of time on my feet today. I walked for 3 .. count em 3 hours off and on in high heels. I over did it. Dinner at our local watering hole was interrupted as I began to feel my body begging for my wheelchair. Fast forward, once home I collapsed. It really doesn't matter to me what doctors predict. The prognosis is grim? Then before I go, I will walk again... if it's only a little while then it is. I will not go softly into that good night!

At any rate you can get my new novels at Xin Xii as ebooks and we are on Smashwords now but not listed yet. Everything will be everywhere in about a month! lol Remember the pen name is Hatter. I also have the cutest kids book on it's way so stay tuned. I'm preparing to start signing writers very soon.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Excerpt Diaries

My new book. I released both at the same so ya'll could get your read on. LOL 

Diaries of the Cheshire Girls

If you're looking for a happy, light-hearted story then get out while you can. If romantic comedy's your thing or say flowery, poetic garbage like that, just go back to that epic misconception of how the real world works and leave me alone. If you like trite inspirational and meaningless stuff like that don't read any further. If angry is your thing then you've come to the right place. The thing you need to know right now is that this story... my story... the story of Chelsea O'Hara starts in death.

If all you envision in your tiny, little life is entrance to the Gates of Heaven, then I'd suggest you run like hell. My life, my inner ME, my gentle disposition was spawned in a gutter and I will not be moved. So if you're one of those do-gooder's that's lookin' to save a soul then let me save you a little time. In my world Wonderland comes in the form of a drug-induced coma. I'll never reach the light.... but then I'm not looking to. Just a nicer gutter and a better fix. If that's not available... a crappier gutter and a mediocre fix'll do. Whatever it takes right?

Because just like all of you mamby-pamby wanna-bes out there, I'd do anything for my God. The difference is my God is real. You can touch my God... you can snort him, smoke him, swallow him, inhale him, inject him or drink him.... whatever you're into really. It takes all kinds right? In my church we never turn anyone away... but like any temple the problems start with the money-changers. Isn't it always the way?

And suddenly I see...

All of these people are swarming around me. I don't know them. I'm not certain what's going on but I can't feel my legs which tickles in a way. My arm hurts real bad. They are trying to put an oxygen mask on me but I am fighting them tooth and nail. They wanna take away my high. They wanna take away my low. They wanna take away my numb... my perfect numb so screw them. I feel this unbearable buzz in the back of my skull and I start to flail and writhe... some kind of seizure maybe. Please give me more. Please give me heaven.... the heaven of numb.

Flat line.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

My new baby!!!

Our books will be available at Amazon soon too, but this seemed the easiest on most people's pockets! Take a tour!

PS. I am walking off and on for an hour a day now!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014


death in the family last night. Back soon. She was amazing. God rest her!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Little Debut

So as you know I am planning a series of dark dramas geared mostly for women. I want very much to see people dealing with their issues and getting pro-active! I'm hoping this set of books will help. I have 3 written and I thought a mini-preview would be fun. Remember though, I write off of the top of my head and allow the story-line to evolve by itself.  That sometimes means what you get at the end is not what you planned at the beginning!

So I have ended up with a cracked version of Wonderland. The three written are:

Diary of the Cheshire Girls ... Women's drama and it discusses an addict's mindset. It is narrated by a woman in a drug induced coma and hopefully I got a good authentic feel to the disorientation there. Excerpt will be posted soon!

March Hare Blues ... this one evolved into horror but originally was going to show feelings of abuse that many women suffer silently. It became something so dark that I literally shudder to think about it.'

Strength of the Jabberwock ... this was written basically about body shaming and the history of the family of the main character, her mother's to be exact. so historic fiction but also Americana. Far out man!

I will reveal a bit about each with excerpts and so on as we go along but for now I hope I peaked your interest!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Home again

Hey guys. The other blog didn't work out so I'm back but not yet linked to google. This will have to do because even though no one can solve the problem, nobody can get on the Sett Blog.

Missed you guys, at least I can see who's reading on blogspot. I like that.

So... whatcha been up to?

Let me ask guys... who likes Women's Drama? Show of hands? Hey you... USA stop talking or it's the corner for you!

Okay anyone like weepy memorabilia / Americana? Show of hands? Europe! Down in front!

How's about Horror? Show of hands? Oh I see Japan is giving me their full attention.

Well boys and girls... I have all of the above and more coming out in a new series. I am no longer at Crimson Cloak. They are awesome but it's time for me to leave the nest. Uh-oh everyone looks confused by that statement! It'll have to stay that way, for tonight at least. How else can I keep you guys tuning in?

(I know the obvious answer to that is to write, but I don't write actually. It's more like taking dictation from the voices in my head! Lol)

At any rate, my blogs are becoming fewer but there is a very big … a HUGE … surprise coming soon so stay tuned to “AS THE STOMACH CHURNS!!!!)

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Be here tomorrow

I will return to my google blog tomorrow as Sett seems to throw people off the site. I'm also going to start a word press.

Friday, May 16, 2014

new blog will have to do

If you can't get in don't be alarmed a lot of people can't. Sadly there's no way around it. Most times I'm locked out by FB and most of the things I need. Any way this will have to do. As long as Bing installs and reinstalls and even Google can't get rid of it ... what can I do? Try to join me. The new blog is going to be linked to my website I think if possible so if nothing else go to to read.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

About 10 seconds from giving up on blogging. No 2 systems are compatible anymore! GRRRR

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Ok so I can't get in here but my new blog gets blocked by anti-virus??? Now what?

Monday, May 12, 2014

OH! Walking?

Hey guys, new blog in case you didn't see the google post. I was just having far too much trouble with the search conduits that refuse to be removed and stay removed. Well, onward and upward.

Okay so in the meantime I've been painting for the Fairy Book Competition (A LOT) Rules are found at I am as you can see awaiting eagerly the release of my next book! So I am trying to get use to the pen name hatter and make it proud!!!!! lol I'm also taking to hobbling around the garden a bit here and there. Not much but it's some exercise!

Guess what my incredible husband did? Bought me about a thousand pairs of heels and some gorgeous dresses!!! (DON'T FUSS!) What is now considered muscular-skeletal damage studies is actually how the orthopedic docs got me strong enough to dump leg braces, casts, therapies and about a zillion other tortures back in the day! Since docs now don't know what to do with me, I'm going to try it again. It worked the first time for over 20 years. I figure my spines gonna snap either way. I might as well enjoy what I can while I can! So in short, I WILL WALK AGAIN! Deal wit it! Lol

I won't blog as much as I once did now as health rarely permits and SM gets so bad that I actually suffer tremors a lot now. But I will keep up as best I can.

That's my side of it,

New address:

ta da!

This is my new blog. It's the easiest to work. I will still try to post here sometimes! But this will be the one linked to FB and my website most likely! Thanks! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

new blog

IF I can link everything together.
Sorry. Been sick, but in addition I'm having trouble getting in here. Bing keeps piggybacking and screwing with my PC. I've tried everything to get rid of it. But it keeps coming back. Any help is appreciated

Friday, May 9, 2014


Thursday, May 8, 2014

lol Vampires

We all have seen movie after movie on Zombie Apocalypse and are well equipped for one as a society, but what IF?
Fun things to do during the Vampire Apocalypse
  1. Drop buckets of collagen on the approaching vampires. Make undead shrinky-dinks.
  2. Equip your nerf gun with toothpicks and create artsy vampire colanders!
  3. Cover unsuspecting local werewolves with glitter so they sparkle. See if it screws with the vampires' dance cards!
  4. Walk the crypts of these undead as they sleep, posting mantras like, “Meat is Murder!”
  5. Raid the local blood bank and replace all the plasma with ketchup! Pull up a lawn chair and watch the fun.
  6. Declare a “Panty raid” on the closets of the newly undead. Replace stodgy black suits with clergy robes and priest collars.
  7. Crack a coffin and a window-shade … then have a weenie roast!
  8. While at work, pat people you don't like on the back, leaving behind post-it notes that say, “medium-rare.”
  9. Right before dark knock on the door of the crypt while holding a Vegan Cookbook. When they answer say, “Have you heard the joyous report of the lettuce today? I am quoting from the book of Salads, Recipe 3, ingredient 14.”
  10. Walk up to a vampire and ask if he can make change for a $10. When he agrees insist you won't take blood money.

That's my side of it,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Help! SM bites!

Hey guys. It's me. I was trying to paint a book cover for the second book. It's okay but I'm going to redo it. Just not what I wanted. On that front though I'm next in editing for the Q. I'm very excited about it.

As far as the book for teens, I have 2 signings scheduled, but I am becoming increasingly ill. I don't really know what to do. I don't want to cancel after the Half Price has been so very kind to invite me. My health is just not improving. Nothing seems to help in the least.

I am sick and in pain every day. I go to a doctor and every symptom is SM. I go to a specialist and, “Not everything that happens to you is SM.” What am I supposed to do? I'm not a doctor so how am I supposed to fix it? Or even ask about it in an intelligent fashion?

Okay well I know it's insane but I actually looked it up on the web. Look... Don't hate me because I'm logical... okay? Lol
Okay so my skin falling off is supposedly post-menopausal. I asked a nurse across the pond and she said that's true. Okay but I'm still in menopause.

I am tired of spending my existence in the restroom for half a day and in bed for the rest. I'm tired of not being able to leave my house because clothing tears my skin. I'm tired of eating 10 pills for breakfast, 10 for dinner, 4 for lunch. I'm tired of not being able to turn my head. I'm tired of trying to debate whether smoking myself to death is a worse fate than becoming a veggie but being alive. In short, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Now before you get on me about sitting the pity pot, I was asked to write this blog today to raise awareness. I hope it does and soon. My wheels on my chair are bent-up and I can't afford another!

That's my side of it,

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rest and Recovery and book 4?

Hey guys. I'm really ill at the moment and recovery isn't expected very soon. However I missed you guys!

Okay so today my awesome husband took us to Pizanno's on the River Walk and the food was outta this world! Just incredible! We watched the barges and had a wonderful time. If you go there I highly recommend the fruit and spinach salad with goat cheese and vanilla dressing. OMG! You have not lived until you've tried this!

Any way so sorry I'm absent a lot. They are taking away my cigs and my estrogen at the same time to try to fix my skin and also because DID YOU KNOW that if you have had a previous cancer estrogen like quadruples your chance at getting another? Oh well. The quit smoking pills ain't that bad. They ain't working though! LOL

I just am finishing up writing my 3rd book by Hatter for the series. Have to do the rewrites after. However, I think I will stop and paint for a while since I am supposedly retired. (ME? RETIRED? LOL!)

That's my side of it,

Saturday, May 3, 2014


if I'm feeling better I can blog in a day or two. I'll try. I miss you guys. xxoo