Friday, November 25, 2016


Diaries of the Cheshire Girls.... the book that started it all. Addiction to death is a blinding ride through a dark Wonderland... Do you dare ride along? 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wonderful review of our site

My daughter Peyton (13), volunteers in her guidance office. She's been ask to do some research about peer pressure and to put together a resourceful pamphlet for any student in need of it. While we were researching, we came upon your page . It was super helpful, thank you so much for that!


In time for Christmas!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Another great review!!

The new work by Serge Kozlovsky is a wonderful collection of ideas and tools for self analysis..... Something I have always believed in rather than the dogmas of religion and organized spirituality..... This book is a great way to organize your thoughts and reflect upon what you may discover about yourself within these pages.... I would say "Look in the mirror, boy”!!! The world we live in has changed so fast in the post WWII era, leaving many of us confused, depressed and withdrawn, unable to move forward on the path we choose. This writing provides a resource of mantras, positive thoughts, and exercises designed with a personal touch, since each of us has different ideas, goals and emotional content. I like this because it is important to write down your thoughts and read them back to yourself to "keep in touch" whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis...... Also included is a nice coloring book for those who love art but cannot draw!!! (Like Moi)...... I have worked in the New Age field for over 35 years and find this to be a simple, fresh approach to empowering the inner soul and I applaud Serge on his new release!!!!! Robert Slap 11.01.2016