Sunday, September 30, 2018

We've been invited back!!

We had a great time. Hoping to see everyone at the next one!

Sale ends next Sunday!

Friday, September 28, 2018


Yay! Tyler finished the series!! And he really liked them! Get yours at Lulu... then send your pic holding your fav Eb. We'll blog it! (Contact button on Cheshire Grin website) Anyways Tyler liked them so I'm on cloud 9!

Still on sale. Hurry and get yours. Or grab one at Sunday's signing!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Guest Blogger! Rival Gates! The best in fantasy

Character Interview: Necromancer

Today we are joined by a short fellow in fine white silken garments and stands as short as an elf. His skin is pale like snow and he has no eyes in the conventional sense. In their place are orange and red hued burning coals that force onlookers to cast their gaze in another direction.

Q. What is your name?

A. You could not pronounce my real name. For the time being you may call me by my slave name; Necromancer to Lord Mandrean.

Q. What exactly do you do for him?

A. I am required to follow whatever insane order that idiot spews forth. What I do on my time is my own affair.

Q. It sounds like you do not hold your master in high esteem.

A. He is a cowardly fool with grandiose dreams that have no basis in reality. Mandrean thinks he is brilliant when he is really a child playing the part of an emperor. He has great power at his disposal but it is no more than a fly buzzing around compared to my ability. Serving him is the most humiliating act of my life.

Q. If you hate him so much, why do you serve him?

A. I serve that ant because I must. There is nothing more I will say on the matter.

Q. You say you have great power. Is it greater than the Red Sapphire?

A. The gem is special and can be quite a force in the right hands. Even so, there is no surviving magic that can contend with me. My might is supreme.

Q. Who do you fear?

A. I fear no man. If I had to choose one who is a thorn in my side, however, it would be General Gramlick. He is Commander of the Western Province of the empire. For a Human he is very intelligent and clever. He tutored Mandrean since childhood and is the one commander who thinks clearly with vision for the future. Gramlick has thwarted my plans on many occasions. Fortunately, he has come down with a serious illness that will slowly rob him of his life. It is strange how things happen like that.

Q. What would your perfect day be like?

A. I would be free of my bondage. That means I would no longer serve that buffoon Mandrean and I could concentrate on my own plans. I lust for that moment and have waited for it so many years.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. I have a two-pronged plan in the works. The details will remain my own but if successful, I will have my freedom and my power will only grow.

Q. With all your power, can you be killed?

A. As far as anyone is aware, there is no way to end my existence permanently.

Q. Is Linvin Grithinshield a friend of an enemy?

A. He is neither. Grithinshield is little more than a means to an end. He means no more to me than a piece of parchment. I will acknowledge that he is a fine general who has unknowingly thwarted my plans in the past. Perhaps I will allow him to live so that he might serve me. Then again, I think that unlikely.

Q. Where can we learn more about you?

A. Read “The Sapphire Crucible”. I play a major part in the story. Without me, Lord Mandrean would not have a clue. Then again, he doesn’t have a clue now. He just takes my advice from time to time.

“Quest for the Red Sapphire”

“Sapphire Crucible”

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018

All of Eb 20% off! Plus freebies!!

Just in case you can't come to our signing, you can still grab a discount! All of Eb (tween comedies) are 20 % off for a limited time at the link above. Listen to Savannah:

And SURPRISE... printable Book marks! Just copy and paste into your draw program and print!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I survived Andrew, Hurricane check list

I survived Andrew, Hurricane check list

1. Don't tape windows. Hurricanes bust glass, so tapes easier to bust.

2 Anything outside can become flying debris. This includes shingles and potted plants etc.

3. Patio furniture must be submerged in a swimming pool or brought in. It will also fly.

4. If you are in a flood zone place sandbags under doors.

5 put all important docs in double ziplocks so the water doesn't destroy them.

6. Need an ice chest? Have you got a washing machine? Fill it with ice.

7. Be certain that your bath tubs are filled with water. A bucket is also a good idea as plumbing might not work for a while.

8 Candles, gas lamps, kerosine etc are a NO NO. Flash lights will not catch the house on fire.

9. There is never enough drinking water. Buy more. Pets need clean water too.

10 have not only a good stock of sterno and canned goods, but also a hand operated can opener.

11. Also using a grill indoors will kill you. Every day's a backyard BBQ

12. Boarding up windows can save your life.

13. If time permits trim down trees that may fall.

14. A generator won't last long. Have a plan B

15. Cell service is out and so are street lights. Time to study the emergency driving rules and find a land line to call relatives.

16. Find the most central room, or if your bathroom has no windows, this is the place to stay during the storm.

17. You need a buttload of batteries and an actual radio to get updates and help center info.

18. If possible it's safer to go as far inland as possible, even if you have to stay in a crappy hotel.

19. have a first aide kit and refills on every med. Remember roads may be blocked and 911 might not have access to where you live.

20. DON'T take a walk after to access the damage. Power-lines are down, live and hidden.


Savanna says.... EB

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Meet Gustav tonight!!!

Cedars, 706 Steel Street in Youngstown, Ohio. 9:00pm Vinyl Record night and book signing

MEET Gustav and get a signed copy of  Whispers of the Seraphim! The hottest new poetry out there!!

Book are available for sale onsite! Come out and have a blast!!