Sunday, February 25, 2018

Interview with the Relaxation Guru!

Interview with the Relaxation Guru

Q) Thanks for granting us an interview. What is the title of your book and what is it about?

The title of my new book is “Awakening Chill”. This book is about relaxation.

Q) What is it in your books that help reduce stress? Are they for woman only?

They contain combination of modern therapeutic practices, coloring pages, exercises and, certainly, my poetry.

No, my books aren’t for women only. Simply, women are more receptive. But my books are, certainly, for men too.

Q) Tell us a little about what made you start writing? What’s your inspiration?

I started to write in the age of 5, when I learned to read and write. My first inspiration was my country, its nature. And this inspiration has survived even now.

Q) What does writing mean to you?

It is natural for me as breathing.

Q) If you were to give fledgling writers one piece of advice on writing, what would that be?

Follow your inspiration and nothing else exists.

Q) If you were to give one piece of “life advice” what would that be? What is your greatest lesson from the Universe?

Just be yourself.

This Universe and all its creatures have been created by love and light. Nothing else.