Saturday, September 26, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Little dudes zoo final

Little dudes zoo final


I've been so sick. The meds are worse than being ill. I feel like my mind is made of molasses. So please forgive if vids are a bit late. Hubby also is quite ill but ABX resistant. So yes books will be released and vids posted... they may however be a few days late.

I don't want to post just anything. I want it to be correct and of quality, which is hard when you're spaced out!

Also I was trying to get things exported from this desktop which is dying into a laptop that has windows 10... only one serious issue... Windows 10 doesn't support my movie-maker. So we are going to see if we can back or downgrade to Windows  7.

Really sorry for any inconvenience!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stay tuned

Working on something massive for you for awhile now. I think you'll like it! I adore surprises don't you?

That's my side of it,

Friday, September 18, 2015

EXCELLENT Review!!!!!

Real Live Dead Things will remind you why you’re glad to be alive. If laughter is the best medicine, take a heaping dose with this short novel. Join the newly-dead Mortimer as he attempts to navigate his way to the Pearly Gates by doing on final good deed to make up for a life lived less than piously. Join Mortimer and his spirit guide Eva, as they turn the town upside down, transforming the tightwad gas station owner who sells expired milk into a milk-worshipping maniac. Laugh out loud when the fake Evangelical preacher, Billy Rae, comes to exorcise the demons at the gas station for a profit. What will Mortimer have to do to move on to the heavenly realm? Find out in Real Live Dead Things. Like a cross between an undead horror movie and It’s a Wonderful Life, this novel is sure to uplift your spirit. And remember, don’t take life to seriously; you’ll never make it out alive.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New one of mine

Ghosts in the Wind

I remember the whispers

When my heart turned to stone

I remember that haunting

in the ring of the phone.

I remember my heart

and the moment that froze

and hung in the air

like unfinished prose

And silently frosted

me in aftermath

dictated the shadows

altered my path.

Destruction hidden

in every tone.

The day that they told me

you'd never come home.

And the breeze of winter

made ghosts of the drapes

And hiding within

a memory escaped.

Of holding you close

and waving good-bye,

And convincing myself

you never could die.

And there in that moment

where is all turned ashy gray

I felt you whisper

that you couldn't stay.

I felt your forgiveness

the brush of your cheek

and knew in an instant

the phantom was me.

Because you asked!

ATTN: Little Dudes segments will not be placed into Here be Dragons until the middle of Sept. And YES I do keep my work done that far in advance! lol