Friday, August 19, 2016

Shattered Looking Glass

Q. Angel Dunworth, you wrote the Shattered Looking Glass Series under a pen name. Why is that?

A. I created the pen name Hatter for 2 reasons. The first being so that people don't have to put a lot of thought into buying the right age group/ genre. I sorted demographics in a way. Parents can buy a book knowing that the Angel Dunworth is for their teen, Ms. Angel for their younger children and Hatter for themselves.

The second reason is we associate the character Mad Hatter with darker things these days. Madness, insanity, addiction even. Any negative mindset that we leave unchecked has the absolute ability to turn you into a statistic. I don't think that applies only to teens or women. I believe that it is a simple part of the human condition that needs to be looked at realistically.

Q: Can you be a bit more specific?

A: I know that I myself can go into a room and take a survey of a thousand people about their opinion of me or my work. I'll leave that room in tears because even though 999 of those people thought I was awesome, there's always that one guy who hates everything. The opinion I tend to remember is the one that is the most toxic because we are sort of conditioned to forever believe the criticism before we acknowledge the praise. It's simply easier to believe the bad about oneself. I think as a society perhaps we should look at that.

Q: So at the core what are these books about?

A: Shattered Looking Glass Series is a “Cracked Wonderland” themed series of stand alone stories that cover a huge myriad of topics and mindsets. Each is a novel with a resolution (not always the one we cheer for) the only thing they have in common though, other than discussing relevant issues is the use of Lewis Carol symbols. Each has a different mix of issues and most a different genre. For instance one of the books is about addicts, another a who-dun-nit, another about abandonment, another about caring for an aging parent, One is about bullying- school shooting. The next about human trafficking, the one coming out next is about suicide.

These books are my idea of what would have become of our beloved childhood characters if they had entertained the toxic thoughts and fears we allow ourselves to believe about not only others, but the self.

Q: So where can we buy your books?

A: My teen book is on the website: and I strongly suggest looking at the site and clicking on the links even if you're buying the adult books.

My adult books and story books can be found at: That is where you'll find them all.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A lot of surgeries

In light of our impending medical Children's book fair is sadly finished until Oct (after pow wow- Nov.

In the interim we will be doing smaller shows for daycares and Assisted/elderly committees. If you'd like one in your area please contact us via the website contact button.

That's my side of it,