Saturday, August 31, 2013

 Alpha Wolf Publishers is the most excellent publishing house I have ever seen close-at-hand. And I have befriended and worked with a veritable tidal wave of writers and editors! These people are VERY professional and in addition, the kindest, most giving people I have met. They answer questions. They help each other promote and such. It's a nice family to be in!

So today I would like to teach you a few rules I picked up along the way as I have known so many writers and editors. (They say every one has a book in them. Let's just think of how you might put your own.)

Remember that these RULES are simply suggestions or pointers, if you will.

1. Joe and Edna Beercan.... you know these people. Picture them sitting in their tiny trailer with their 5.3 kids and their 2.5 dogs. They didn't graduate. They had to quit school in order to help their families. These are people buying your book. In a school system a LOT of teachers review the reading material quickly like this....word count. If. more than 5 words per chapter are above the reading level it will quickly get your book dismissed. I am not saying to be condescending when you are writing. I am saying that the more people who understand what you are writing the more likely it is to sell to a wider audience, so keep it simple. If you don't naturally speak using those words, chances are neither does your reader.

2. It is NOT a publisher's or editor's job to fix your bad grammar! They have hundreds of submissions a day, every day. If you don't even have your spelling right, your novel is going in the trash can. So get a thesaurus, dictionary and grammer book and comb every word. Try not to rely on your spell-checker. Remember that it can't really read! LOL

3. Adverbs! I read an article once written by an editor and she was very adamant about the use of adverbs. Don't use them often. They are monotonous and rhetorical. Why say, “whispered quietly” when there isn't any other way to whisper?

4. Hooks! If you can't get me hooked right away I am putting the book down. So it is best to start with your action scene. However do not resolve the issue right away. Let that scene be resolved at the end of the next chapter. Simply, get them interested and switch scenes. This can be the last scene on the first page and not resolved until the last page or most times it is done with flashbacks to another time. The point of the book is basically to keep them reading.

5. Never assume. When you assume you make an ass out of you and me. Look at the word... In other words, don't Google a fact from a website and put it down as truth. Fact check! Fact check! Fact check! When you're done with that would you mind very much fact checking please?

6. If you've only written your story down once... it isn't done. Before you submit you had better make certain it's polished. So rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.

7. Make certain your lose ends are tied up. That character that you left stranded in the beginning of the book is still there! I, as a reader want to know what happened to him. Don't leave a lead character abandoned after he was finished getting the main character out of trouble. Cameos are fine. I still require a resolution or at least an explanation!

8. Show don't tell. Don't tell me he's a villain, show him swindling an orphan or kicking a puppy.

9. I as a reader want to relate to your character. If he has no human frailties, aspirations, a sense of justice... I'm putting the book down. Remember that you as a writer are writing for an audience, not yourself.

There are a multitude of these. Writing is about self-expression and while that is true, if I don't understand what you are saying then you are pretty much talking to yourself. Aren't you? Lol

That's my side of it!

Angel xxxooo

Friday, August 30, 2013

I am going to Hobby Lobby today to get more canvases and as a result will be in pain when I come home, so I thought I'd post early.

My sister it seems is having a bad day again. This woman demands the respect of us all as just the thought (when I was able-bodied) of how much responsibility and the number of things she has to get done in a day left me exhausted. When I was able-bodied I walked 9 miles a day and even then could not have accomplished in the space of a day what she does. Worse she makes it look like a cake walk!

So any way that brought me to a few topics that I might like to bring up for the day. Life is only 10% what happens to you. It is 90% how you utilize that information! The able-bodied are just as inspirational as the handicapped or handi-capable. Every one has within them the power to inspire others. Most (Like my sister for instance) have no idea just how much they do inspire. Neither do they know how closely we watch them.

I tell you a little story from my faith. I'll tell you 2 if you are very good! Lol.

As told to me by Old Man Laughing Bear, as told to him by his Aunt.
An old Grandfather was speaking quietly to his grandson. He said Inside me a great battle rages. It is a battle between 2 wolves. One wolf is evil. He is anger, resentment, hatred, maliciousness, pettiness and every bad thing. The other wolf, he is good. He is love, joy, empathy, compassion and every good thing. This battle is fierce and rages inside of me and every other person every minute of every day."
The grandson is quiet for a long while. He worriedly asks his Grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"
The grandfather smiles and replies simply, "The one I feed"
So it is told. So it is.

Ever heard the term, “Garbage in Garbage out” This rings true in all facets of life.... at least to me. My brother used to say, “If you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right!” Truer words were never spoken. If we focus on every negative thing that happens we all get stuck in our own heads and consequently end up with a temporarily toxic mind set that we spread to every one around us. When I get stuck in my head my sponsor Happy, tells me, “Move a muscle change a thought!” This is good advice because I've been in my head.... BELIEVE ME when I say.... NO normal living thing wants to exist in there!

People will tell you a zillion times a day why you just can't do that because... Yet I see my sister do it all the time! I see her accomplish no matter what the obstacle. So that brings me to a second story. (Because you were very good!)

As told to me by Old Man Laughing Bear, as told to him by Chief Charles Whitedog, as told to him by his ancestors.
2 coyotes were chasing chickens in a field by a farm. The coyotes ran out, bit chickens on the bottoms and ran to the opposite side of the farm to hide in the brush. As they went the farmer who owned the land yelled out in surprise, “There goes a coyote. And there goes another one!”

When the coyotes were both to the brush panting and happy, the first coyote said, “My brother, I am so excited to have another like myself to hunt with!” To which the other coyote replied, “What do you mean? I am in no way a coyote.” The first was taken aback. He argued, “Of course you are! We have the same singed snout. The same fine ears! The same great fangs! Certainly you are a coyote!”

“No!” answers the second, “That is not what the farmer said!”
“Let us run back again and see what he says now, my brother,” the first proposes. In agreement they both run back, nipping chickens along the way. The farmer yells out, “There goes a coyote. And there goes another one!”

“Do you understand now that you are in fact a coyote? The first asks to which the second replies... NO! He said that you were a coyote and that I was an another one.,

The problem with the children today is that they let the farmers tell them who they are! Something to talk about. So it is told. So it is.

I am in no way trying to convert any one. I am saying … do you see the truth of that statement? If you let all of the nay-sayers in the world tell you what you are capable of, then you also allow others to dictate who you are. Never let others define you. You are who you were made to be. You are capable of seeking out the tools to accomplish whatever goals you might have!

My Nanna always said, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.!” Don't be afraid to try, and most absolutely never, NEVER be afraid to fail. Every time we fail we learn a new lesson about how to succeed.

Just to let every one know my book is coming out in February barring any delays. ALSO if you look on FB at Alpha Wolf Publishing, there is a survey there as to what genres (fantasy, romance, children's) books that you might like to read the most of. And I believe there is a contest going on as well. Give-aways ROCK don't they? I just adore free stuff! In that light I will put one story up for free to all readers, when my lovely editor sends me the final proofs!

Everyone go out there and have a blessed day and BE whatever you want! You have the power.

That's my side of it! Angel xxxooo

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Life under the street light

Hello all! My name is Angel Dunworth and this is my blog. If you are easily offended don't read further as I tend to have an addiction to cussing! LOL . I've never done one of these before so basically you're going to watch me learn, screw-up and learn and screw-up again!

A little about me.... I have written 2 books, soon to be published. The first to be published will be entitled “Snapshots From Home” and that is the story collection I wrote for teens stuck in dysfunctional situations. It will cover topics like sexting, substance abuse, cutting, date-rape and other things of that nature. I wrote it for the teens... but I wrote it also for parents, teachers etc in order to help breech discussions.

The other is a story book for little kids entitled “The Dog Without a Shadow” I wrote that for my kindergarten class long ago. It's a very silly story that teaches a little about the true meaning of love. That one will probably be out much later, but try to remember to pick it up. It's witty!

OK so in addition to all of that I am an artist. I was trying to restart my business but can not easily find the means to do that here. (Also my disability is really becoming uncontrollable.. Did I fail to mention that? I am in fact handi-capped.)

I have a little known disease called SM. I'll post a link later. I am in a wheelchair because I have what is called a srinx in my spine. Most people that have this have it from an accident) Think Christopher Reeves) but mine is a birth defect. I want to use this blog not just for promoting books and art work. I am praying very hard that this will reach others with handicaps and give them hope that we can still accomplish things! Great things! Never doubt youself, for it is only fear... FEAR... False Evidence Appearing Real that ever truly disables any one.

My very best friend in the world, a certain Ms. Ruby Rodriguez taught me long ago a great truth. (SHHHH! Secret.) Here is the truth she taught me... If you can you should. Because one day when you can't all those times that you didn't will eat you alive! And to me this truth rings clear in all things, even death. What I mean to say is... in our last breath we do not regret the things we said and did, but instead we will regret all the things we didn't say and didn't do.” On that note tell your loved ones how much they mean to you TODAY! Tomorrow is NOT something that God is contractually obligated to create.

I must confess to all of you that Yes, I do get preachy. I apologize, that is my nature. I am a pagan Shaman probably because of my endless lectures. Never could help myself on that note! I am who I am and it was a long hard path to get here. I am so grateful and beyond blessed to have been given this destination! When I say long, hard path what I mean is that I am a recovering alcoholic and addict.. I will have 23 years sober on November 16 of this year! Hooray!

It is funny, when my Medicine Man was training me I would write a paper or say something (As Bear always had too much homework) and he would tell me how brilliant of a spiritual guide I was. The problem with that is that I was preaching AA and the principals that we learn there. So I guess it is Bill W who is brilliant and not me. That's okay with me. I still liked the praise and pats on the head.

So any way... that's me. Hopefully I can keep this interesting for every one.

In addition I will see if I can figure out how to post my art work on here, most of which is for sale.
I used to do black and white pointalism sketches, until between this disability and arthritis (I've had that since 3rd grade) it became virtually impossible to pick up a pen. Indeed this old body has had quite enough and has barely left me the ability to type decently. But that is OK... tell you a little story...

When this disability was becoming too much I began to sit the pity pot to the extent that I called my Medicine Man daily with tales of my own personal woe. I can't. I can't. Whine! Whine. Sniffle. This became habitual... so one day Bear said to me the most spiritual words. He said, “Y'know you need to learn to paint Angel because you are becoming a royal pain in the ass!” Ah, the man had a way with words! God rest him.

So I went to the store, picked up a brush and some acrylics and have been painting for a little over a year. It is more soothing then I could ever express. In this way I CAN contribute. As a painter I am self-taught and I hope my paintings will be pleasing to you!
That's my side of it.... Angel xxxooo

PS, IF I can't get my paintings on here just facebook me by my name or Face Book me by Street Light Halo and you can view things there.