Sunday, April 28, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019

RAPE my new prose


You don't understand

the wrath of rape,

the absolute consumption of guilt

of being less because, but

Not because you earned it

not because you asked for it

not because you deserved to be destroyed

but because

You don't comprehend the filth of rape

that contaminates the soul,

That makes cruddy every movement,

every living breathe, because

Not because you wore a mini-skirt

Not because you cussed aloud

Not because you strutted when you walked

not because you were begging to get knocked down

NOT because you had another drink

But because.

You haven't the ability to die the trillion deaths of rape,

To scrub, skin bloody from hands no longer there,

To be spiritually pulverized forever, because...

Not because you never complained about old men groping you on the subway,

Not because you danced with total abandon at the club,

Not because your stockings were expensive

Not because you loudly flirted with the bartender

Not because you act like a victim

But because.

You have no knowledge of the scars of rape,

Bleeding eternally, hidden by society

So as not to make others uncomfortable

or the fanatical Code Of Silence we choke on because,

Not because you went to a frat party

Not because you stayed out late

Not because your outer clothing hid a thong beneath

Not because you liked to show off

Not because you were too goody, goody

Not because you were too naughty, naughty,

Not because you think you're smarter

But because.

And only the world can eradicate predatory regulation

Only Earth as a whole can expose those silenced stitches

Only as one can we heal the survivors, because,

Not because boys will be boys

Not because she teased him

Not because a trial will ruin his scholarship

Not because he's an alpha

Not because he has a rich Daddy

Not because whistle-blowers are trouble-makers

But because.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Unpaid Internship

Looking mainly for editorial interns. Use the website contact button to apply. This is an unpaid internship at the end of which we sometimes hire, but also you will be allowed to submit your written works for publication if you so desire.