Thursday, July 31, 2014


Well yes, I can't take credit. The next released poetry book will be by the talented writer Sharon Newell! It is in addition a photo journal and the photos were shot by none other than the internationally noted photographer Gabriele Mezzatesta. As visually exciting as his images are, her words sultry and sweet are guaranteed to evoke emotions of the passions and frailties and yes the understated power that women display when overcoming obstacles.
Just a taste:

I’m exactly like a finely aged tree
The rings on its cut branch shows the layers of its life
It has no regrets about the way the rings formed,
The time it took to end that layer and begin a new one
It regrets not the reason behind the scars it forms when part of it is cut
It forces itself to grow taller, to grow stronger
To never regrets because it knows, if it regrets at all, it will wither to nothing
And that can never be an option

Amazing huh? She can write! So tune in often because there are many more surprises to come!
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ola, Hoa and G'day

So we've signed exclusively an Aussie poet and a renowned photographer is doing her debut book. She's quite talented and we are so excited! But you see that's just between us so shhh oR spread the word, which ever you're into!

We are very possibly booked for THE book fair but upon a second look at the contract I'm not to announce where or for whom. Very strange that. Hope I don't end up peddling books at Area 54!

In addition we have signed an incredibly talented copy-editor, who it turns out is writing a provocative book. Imagine the luck.

We are further looking at 2 other book fair ideas ... but no word on those so more on that when they confirm.

Doc says I'll be fine but has put me on double meds for the next 2 weeks so if everything on here goes wonkier than usual ... that's why. Perhaps I'll put on cha-cha heels and dance the Merengue while juggling dead fish... you never know about me. (Oh wait! I do that crap without meds. Darn. Well let's blame the meds just the same!)

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And if you have and you are not getting our news feed, then FB has blocked us again in which case .... go to the side there and hit pages feed every day. You'll be surprised how many things that you've subscribed to that you're just not getting.

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Doc today, couldn't avoid it. Possibly rather large book fair coming. Stay tuned

Monday, July 28, 2014

Promos, ads, VOs and all that Jazz!

The stuff here is just to show how very much we put into a book. This does not include the time it takes to edit and make the actual book. There is much more but too many to post!
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hi. Contracts! Foundations! Other Queries!

So this week is all about negotiating contracts with the hand-selected few who got a contract. I also was happy to discover that the copy-editor I picked is quite the writer.

So while I await responses I am working on book 5.  Book 4 also needs to be fattened up, but when I feel a novel coming on, I can't help but write. This one will be long though, I can feel it.

We are also working on a thrift book fair for books with small glitches. And one other thing, I'm out to try to start a literacy foundation through my little house, so we'll see how that goes. I'm thinking ESOL or Adult because everybody starts them for children. We were going to try with Books for Soldiers, but sadly the kinds of books and the titles are dictated. I'll let you know if I figure that one out!

I know at some point I'd like to start a book for heroes program, so that our vets can get books people donate through us. Don't really know how many people would think that's something worth doing, as it's not a house or anything... just books.

If any one's keeping count, that's six quality books we have out so far ... and we aren't anywhere near finished!

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Friday, July 25, 2014


At a discount right now... but not for long! My poetic memoir... enjoy!
That's my side of it,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Release

Coming out soon my award-winning poetry and artwork all compiled on e-book.
Here is one for you:

Roses in Arlington
The roses in Arlington,
No whispers gave speak,
To caress of the tears,
Adorning her cheeks.

The gardenias said nothing,
Of whom death had stung,
Nor a kiss to remind her,
Of when he was young.

No lilies sang dirges,
To soothe a heart now torn,
In memory of the christening gown,
Stitched the day he was born.

She waited in twilight’s coming song,
For Mother’s Day wishes left unheard,
But of the child he was,
Or the man he’d become,

The roses in Arlington spoke not a word.

While not everything in the book won something, these are my personal favorites. It'll be out on e-book before you know it. Print's going to take a while!
That's my side of it,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We are now officially ope. All print books have had the images fixed and are for sale at Lulu. E-books are done as well Except maybe the kid's books may need to be redone on e-book as the images might not have been updated so I'll look into that.

Anyho, proud to announce that I have finally learned to format print books. Also guess what?

Contracts are in! Hoping to sign 5 incredibly talented people this week!

I am also releasing my poetry but I have decided to totally reformat that so I can add more artwork. Plus I think I might like it to be larger simply because... well art work!

So lots of stuff coming together and lots more on the way!

That's my side of it,

Monday, July 21, 2014

March Hare mini bite

March Hare Blues mini-bite
#financial abuse #horror #whodunnit #murder #white rabbit #psychosis #nervous breakdown #mental institution #suspense

March Hare Blues by Hatter is a brand new kind of horror. The story is narrated by a mental patient and a mysterious white rabbit.

Mrs. March, a forgotten housewife and shut-in, has spent her whole life with the sneaking suspicion that she is a serial-killer. Missing memories, mental, blocks and the appearance of a strange talking white rabbit force her self-imposed evidence to mount before her.

When the people around her begin dying under suspicious circumstance, will she solve the riddle of who she really is? Is the evidence surrounding the deaths insurmountable? Or is it all just an illusion that she's pulled out of her hat?”

Q. This is by far the darkest thing you've ever written. Want to explain?
A Sometimes we entertain a mindset that is destructive for too long. There's an old saying, “If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.” The same goes for mindsets. “If you think you are or you think you're not, you're probably right.” So keep envisioning yourself as victim or loser and guess what? That's all you'll achieve. Not all these books end the way you want them to. Sometimes we gamble and lose big.
In addition I've written something so dark here that it's becoming entirely out of control!

Q. How's that?
A. This book plays with your mind in order to show you that being easily swayed is dangerous. I am actually afraid to promote it sometimes as it even gives me nightmares. In addition, sales pop up in places I haven't marketed. It's a bit suspenseful in so far as promoting. Lol

Q. This book is labeled “horror,” something you never write. Tell us how much gore can we expect?

A. This is more Hitchcock than Lovecraft. I think gore is a lot less scary than a probable situation that snowballs out of control. An avalanche of fears can happen to anyone really. To me that is horror. While this book is not graphic in gore it is based in every fear I could think of including an execution scene. It is terrifying to think that one dark obsession and one violent crime can push one so far down the rabbit hole. Once we get stuck in our heads, sometimes we can't climb out.

Q. So what made you change the genre from womens' issues to horror?

A. Honestly I didn't. This book is filled with info on how financial abuse is set up and used to destroy women.

Q. Financial abuse? Never heard of that.
A. Most people haven't, yet it's epidemic in this country. When I googled it years ago, it popped up as a form of sexual abuse. Women have the right to know.

Q. Where can I get this book?

Xin Xii or Smashwords for an ebook. Lulu has print. You're in luck today. I lowered the prices. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm off

I'll write in a few days. The floods seem to have washed up the foundation to our house. I'll get it straightened tomorrow hopefully.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

reposted for Susan

True Happiness? The real fun of being a shaman and non-denominational minister.....

Hi guys. I know my blog is very late again. I have been ill as usual except no the clock in my body dictates that I sleep from 7 in the evening to 1 in the morning, and being that I am severely allergic to coffee... well that's not fixing itself. Lol

I was planning on writing a silly thing until someone I know asked a question. Will this new (fill in the blank) make me happy? No. It really won't. Now before you start pointing the finger and saying nasty names at her for not knowing that remember this.... commercials, ads and commercial arts work for a reason. It's because people actually think if they have the right shoes, cars, house, social-standing (fill in the blank) they will be fulfilled. Remember that is why lottery tickets sell so incredibly well... if I just lived a life of leisure... that would fill the hole in my soul.

It is like the alcoholic mindset on a smaller but universally believed in scale. If I drink that wine... chicks'll dig me. It's fun in a bottle.

Here is my response to her...

 My true meaning, not to pop your bubble was if you can conceive it and believe it you will achieve it. There is no happy cure all. I believe the terrible times exist for a reason. They give us tools and help us define our character. They are learning experiences. Not just for us but for others in the same situation. That is what we use to make ourselves truly happy. Because that is how the soul feeds itself. If you want to feel happier, more content you will not find that in a book. Neither in a quick-fix or a name change or one of those trite and badly written self-help type things. Wanna get rid of the sickening hole inside? We have a phrase we use in AA that has never failed me once, "Become of use to God and his fellows” (speaking of recovering from addiction, without relapses.) THAT is where contentment and feeling comfortable in your own skin comes from. Service to others. Don't agree? See Taoism... the usefulness of what is, lies in what is not. See the Bible, Be ye a fisher of men or the story of the 2 alms. See Native lore 2 wolves ... the one you feed. Atheist maybe... see the studies of Galileo ... the universe does not revolve around us. Neither do I ever want it to.

If you are too stuck in your own mind, your own troubles, your own status... prepare to become miserable quickly. Whereas, if you think to yourself, “Self, I was in that situation once myself. Perhaps I can help this poor schmo along... or at least be empathetic since I was there once.” THAT is being of use. Do I mean giving advice and bailing everyone else's butt out? NOPE. I mean a feeling of isolation or of no one ever understanding leads to feelings that are much more dangerous. Simply telling someone that they are not alone and being there for them or volunteering your time to the cause of your choice after a while pulls us out of ourselves and out of darkness.

We all grow old and fat... that perfect figure is fleeting. Those lottery winnings... gone before you know what hit you. Social status and social climbing makes you look the fool as it also is temporary and fixes nothing. That drink that gives you life long friends... well the short explanation is... drinking buddies and true friends have a difference that is more vast then the Grand Canyon. Try throwing everything you've got into that career of yours, then tell me in your last breath whether or not you said, “The one thing I'll miss here is work.” Just sayin' lol
That's my side of it,


Also our workbook is out.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sneak Peek!

Book 4 All the Queen's Horses (not yet out) of The Shattered Looking Glass series is back from the book critic.

 She says:
I’m writing this review differently than the others, and I will provide something more polished, if you’d like. However, this novel is different than your others, so I think it’s befitting of a different approach. Through all the darkness, the secrets, the pain and the addiction, “Queen’s Horses” offers something new: fragile hope. The final message is one of triumph. There is something incredibly endearing about the characters you’ve created here, something genuine and real. From the father, who mixes his stories, having Zeus swallowed by a whale in the Bible, and the alcoholic, has-been B movie actress mother comes a family that is shattered and broken by secrets and suppressed memories. But through the narrative, brought alive by the different characters’ own narrations, we see a complex family system, developed in the past and seemingly doomed to continue into the future. In the present, it is up to Queenie and Katie to break the bonds of their dysfunctional inheritance and start something new. Beyond everything else that this novel is, it is a story of perseverance and hope. These are not words I would typically use to describe a Hatter novel, and the very nature of this story proclaims the multi-facetedness of the author.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I think I'm going to need antibiotics for this one. Whole house has it now!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thank you!

I'd like to thank you for reading my blog and just dealing with my every day crazy! It means more to me than I can say ... and so to show my gratitude I've managed to get the prices reduced on Lulu for my print books and gotten a "sale" price on Diaries of The Cheshire Girls, book  one of the Shattered Looking Glass series.

In other news my poetry is in the works for a chapbook. Book 4 just came back from the critic ... so that "sneak peek" tomorrow! And also I have a second and possibly third children's book coming out. Also I am hatching an idea for a book 6 and something else ... Did you enjoy Chicken Soup Books? Not quite those but inspirational. Ummmm... maybe? (but most of those are a long way off!)

Trying to set up a small book fair (I KNOW the season's over!) I thought though a small signing at a thrift store would be a good fit for books with small misprints. They would be greatly reduced but the misprints are size or cover so the stories are in tact. I really think it might extend my reader base. People might spend $5 to get a $20 book with a mess up on the back. If they read that they may like to buy others later.

Well those are my thoughts. Wow! Think I'm too busy and need to lay-off the candy? Naw.... I'm no quitter! lol

That's my side of it,


I'll write tomorrow!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Family day

So today is family day .... more mini-bites to come eventually. However, I'm pretty sure everybody gets tired of hearing about books and sales on every single blog post. So today I thought I'd just blog about something silly. So here goes:

Things I don't get:

1. Why do the car makers always produce cars with gas tanks that are on the opposite side from the pump?

2. If you mix invisible ink with nail polish remover does it render your PC unable to print thumbnails?

3. Why does the sign in the grocery say, "10 items or less?" Shouldn't it actually say, "This line is for people who can't count?"

4. If a man argues in the woods where no woman can hear him, is he still wrong?

5.  People who don't believe in God because he's invisible are called atheists. If I don't believe in ninjas for the same reason does that make me Asiaist?

6. Is the Pilsbury Dough Boy the patron saint of people in knead?

7. Why did we name so many things in a misleading manner? Hop Scotch never involves liquor. Also shouldn't beer pong involve old Atari games?

8. How does an aspirin know where I hurt?

9. Why doesn't the EPA just do us all a favor and declare dust bunnies endangered?

10. Isn't hairspray just a fancy word for, "I've gotta start keeping bugspray in here?"

That's my side of it,

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book 1 mini-bite

Diaries of the Cheshire Girls
Book 1 of The Shattered Looking Glass series
#addiction #sobriety #inhalants #drunkorexia #incest

Those dragons are real bastards too. They climb into your bed, instead of staying under the bed where they belong. They whisper into your ear, I can get to you anywhere, any time. So it's a secret and if you tell I'll kill your Mom!”


Q Angel Dunworth you wrote Cheshire Girls under the name Hatter. You have stated that the entire series is a cracked version of Wonderland. Exactly how cracked?

A Pretty cracked, yet I stayed away from truly graphic descriptions. I kept the integrity and the reality is shocking and gritty. I truly believe though that people are basically smart enough to figure out what sex is without going into detail.

Q You seem to deal with mostly what you've called, “negative mind-sets.” Yet you claim that your books are empowering. How can your fans believe both?

A Alot of my characters start out with some really toxic ideas. Most find a way to work through them. I think our darkness has something to teach us. I feel that provided we learn from it, rather than dwell in it we can find a veritable smorgasbord of strength and ultimately questions that we weren't aware we had. Those questions will lead us to epiphanies if we follow their lead.

Q Most of your work seems to be rooted in relationship dynamics. Does that mean romance?

A No, not necessarily. But if we really look at it, most of the mistakes we make whether mother-daughter, boyfriend-girlfriend or even sister-brother are the same mistakes on different levels. In the end it's all about boundaries and whether or not we decide to respect them.

Q What makes this series unique?

A For one thing I don't pull punches. I think mostly though its the simple fact that each is a stand alone novel. Each has a different story with it's own resolution. It really doesn't matter which one you pick up first. You aren't going to get lost in who's who or where the last book left off. You also get an ending to each story. You don't have to wait around wondering, “Where will this end? Will it ever?”

Q Where can we get these intriguing books of yours?

A It's best to go to the site:
There we have buy buttons so that consumers can shop around. Presently Lulu is where print books are sold.

Sarah's birthday

but I was so sock I was in bed most of the day. Hopefully back tomorrow

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Mini-bites (Jabberwock)

I'm going to be talking about our books off and on in the fashion below. We have more coming and none of these will be in order so check back often. I hope you can find something you really like.

Mini -bites
Strength of the Jabberwock
Book 3 of the Shattered Looking Glass series...
#drama #body-shaming, #Alzheimer #60's #Vietnam #shell-shock

You wanna know what's cruel? Not being able to remember my grandbabies faces … that's cruel. Erasing my wedding day … that's cruel! It's just like you told Jenni. You stand your ground against the jabberwock you live! You flee … you die!”


Q. Angel Dunworth, you wrote the Shattered Looking Glass Series under a pen name. Why is that?

A. I created the pen name Hatter for 2 reasons. The first being so that people don't have to put a lot of thought into buying the right age group/ genre. I sorted demographics in a way. Parents can buy a book knowing that the Angel Dunworth is for their teen, Ms. Angel for their younger children and Hatter for themselves.

The second reason is we associate the character Mad Hatter with darker things these days. Madness, insanity, addiction even. Any negative mindset that we leave unchecked has the absolute ability to turn you into a statistic. I don't think that applies only to teens or women. I believe that it is a simple part of the human condition that needs to be looked at realistically.
Q: Can you be a bit more specific?

A: I know that I myself can go into a room and take a survey of a thousand people about their opinion of me or my work. I'll leave that room in tears because even though 999 of those people thought I was awesome, there's always that one guy who hates everything. The opinion I tend to remember is the one that is the most toxic because we are sort of conditioned to forever believe the criticism before we acknowledge the praise. It's simply easier to believe the bad about oneself. I think as a society perhaps we should look at that.

Q: So at the core what are these books about?

A: Shattered Looking Glass Series is a “Cracked Wonderland” themed series of stand alone stories that cover a huge myriad of topics and mindsets. Each is a novel with a resolution (not always the one we cheer for) the only thing they have in common though, other than discussing relevant issues is the use of Lewis Carol symbols. Each has a different mix of issues and most a different genre. For instance one of the books is about addicts, another a who-dun-nit, another about abandonment, another about caring for an aging parent.
These books are my idea of what would have become of our beloved childhood characters if they had entertained the toxic thoughts and fears we allow ourselves to believe about not only others, but the self.

Q: Whoa there! You have three of the series out, but you mentioned a fourth?

A: Yes, there will be more books. The 4 one's first draft is done. I can't stop writing novels. I write therefore I am. Lol

Q: Scuttlebutt has it that there will be a book of your award-winning poetry and art out soon. A sort of coffee-table book. Will that be included in the series?

A: No. It will be just my dark poetry. It will be separate from these. It's sort of a life-lesson thing so that readers can see how I've evolved as a writer. My mindset was very different back then. If you read a novel and then the poetry, I think you'll get another look at me. Like an old baby picture of my psyche!

Q: So where can we buy your books?

A: My teen book is on the website: and I strongly suggest looking at the site and clicking on the links even if you're buying the adult books.

My adult books and story books can be found at: That is where you'll find the series. My children's book is being reformatted with sharper images but when you want to buy it parents I have those buy buttons on the store page so that junior can't accidentally purchase a book.

Go to my site to buy because we've offered a buffet of vendors such as Xin Xii or Lulu so that people can compare prices and get the most bang for their buck. Happy Literary Adventures. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

This week +

I'm going to get around to writing a mini-excerpt for each book this week. It'll take me a bit. I have exciting news... my friend Susan of Byrnes Publishing told me that she very much felt my books are helpful. She shouldn't have done that because now I've gone and started book 4. Hmmmph!

Also I'm working on a volume of very exciting Goth poetry... coming out of the literary closet as it were. I plan to reveal my accolades within.

Now a survey ... should I consider an AMA (ask me anything?) I hear they are very difficult in as far as keeping up with questions and screening duplicates. Yet every writer is doing one. I dunno... book fairs sell books... AMAs? Leave your vote on my FB since no one has figured out how to post here!

That's my side of it,

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jabberwock excerpt

Jabberwock is about a big girl who has had enough of body-shaming. It is about extraordinary women and the every day struggles they face. Aging parents, divorce, weight gain are all mentioned but this book is about so much more. It is about what binds us together and the things that chip away at that bond. Here's an excerpt:

I am on the cell with food stamps twice more, including the hour in traffic that wouldn't be parted for Moses himself. I am on hold for an hour before I realize the office has been closed for 45 minutes.

And when I get home who should I see on my stoop but the lovely, Jenni! It just keeps getting better and better!

Fucking Mondays! I'll bet there's a fucking Monday fairy. Like she was too twisted to just give out painful shit like cavities to little kids so instead of Tooth Fairy they promoted her to Monday Fairy, appointed her head of the IRS and everything. And I bet the winged bitch looked just like Jenni.

Her belly is showing a little as I rush past her standing on my porch. She pulls my hand from my keys, “I'm ready to accept your apology now, Wilma,” she says and I look at her as if she's been drinking.

You keep waiting. I don't owe you an apology!” I snap.

I have a police report that says differently. It must be so hard though … knowing how easily you and your kids were replaced with someone younger, thinner, much … much prettier. I suppose I'd be bitter too!”

She's so smug and I really have to hold back from hitting her. I tell her she is trespassing and that I'm well within my rights to shoot her if she doesn't leave. For some reason, she seems to see it as a threat.

If you ever want Sam to take an interest in those mutts of yours again I'm certain you'll learn to keep a civil tongue around me. I'm sure we can come to some kind of arrangement!” she says in a chipper spiel that doesn't fit. It doesn't fit but I don't care. Did she just call my children mutts? In less than ten seconds I am going to bitch-slap her.

I understand your poor mother is owed a little money from the hospital,” and 10 … 9 …

Sam's been so … emotional since I’ve gotten pregnant. Just too clingy. Y'know? He really needs someone more insecure … like you.” and 8 … 7 … 6. “That's why you two were so good together. You each knew your limitations.” and 5 … 4.

He needs you. And I need money to strike out on my own. Start again with people in my own class, if you get my meaning,” and 3 … 2.

I'll even sell him back to you at a discount. Say $10,000 even? I'm sure your mother is used to buying you happiness …” and Houston we have lift off! ***

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

So? New book?

Yes I have another book out entitled Strength of the Jabberwock. It's third in the Shattered Looking Glass series and under the pen name Hatter. Like the other 2 books it is a stand alone story. I felt bad about the book fair postponement so I put it out a couple of months earlier than I planned to.  Here's the funny thing, I had not announced, neither posted it to the web, yet in less than 4 hours of Kobo listing it I had a sale already. Thanks so much whoever did that really boosted my self-esteem! And my luck as it happens ... I made more sales on other books today! Wow... you guys rock!

In more good news I got the best review of my life on the childrens book, which I am soon to update all the images and repost to make it ... brighter, prettier. Yet I did happen to give a free birthday copy and here was the response...
 I loved it so much I am going to write a sequel...
 Tyler age 9
 Best review ever!!! Makes it all worth it to us literary types! It really cheered me so if possible I want to post any writings, pics or "fan mail" from kids to a FB page and link it to my site. It's not just for parents and teachers that I want to do this. It encourages kid to write, use grammar and read. As I've said at some point I fully intend to try to start a literacy foundation for Cheshire Grin. Pay it forward always! That's what helped keep me sober and happy for 23+ years.

More about the new book tomorrow but if you can't wait, it's on the site with this cover

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Silly Ad 3

As the scene is set a really bad commercial plays in your brain!
You desperately smash your fingers on the remote buttons but.... no luck! The commercial is for.......
(drum roll please)

The MOST interesting author in the world! (part 3)

See Angel Dunworth in an evening gown, stepping off of the trolley in San Francisco and being awarded a bowl of rice-a-roni!

Voice over “Her achievements are good for dinner anywhere in town”

See Angel Dunworth opening the empty box gag gift and calling the FBI to report escaped ninjas.

Voice over “She is descended from the great scientific mind that designed nuclear over-reactors.”

See Angel Dunworth serving French food with a Scottish accent.

Voice over “She can be well-rounded in a straight line!”

See Angel Dunworth spearfishing with a sword while quoting John Wayne movies and wearing a tie-dye tutu...

Voice over, “When she … not real sure what she's doing there actually … um?”

See Angel Dunworth finger-painting with mashed potatoes while doing the Macarena to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Voice over: When she … I got nothing! COULD WE WRITE A SCRIPT NEXT TIME?

See Angel Dunworth juggling cans of motor oil and hopping on one foot while covered in tomato paste.


Voice Over: Somebody get the union on the phone! I'm outta here.

Pan in on author's tattoo that reads “Predictable spontaneity forever!"

Angel Dunworth says, “I don't tango often...but when I do I wear sandals made of organic lettuce! Stay crazy my friends!”


Fade out

That's my side of it,