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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I hate July 4th (repost)

I hate July 4th

Not trying to rag on a great National holiday... neither am I trying to be ungrateful to a great Nation. The truth is I hate July 4th. As a child our Aunt would take us to see fire-works and I thought that was purely magical!

I wanted to share the same with my own daughter. When she turned 3. I was very excited to take her to Millander to see the fireworks with the “big kids'” and it was a huge family event... a milestone in her growth.

The family was pure electric-volt excitement as we readied her, bathed and dressed her, loaded her in the car-seat and drove a ways to get to the park.

My Pappaw was giddy with excitement. He nearly skipped the four blocks from the parking to the bleachers. He held her hand and practically dragged us to the top, “First time, best view,” he bragged repeatedly. Reminding us it was his birthday and teasing my little girl all the while that the holiday was his birthday party. (It sort of was actually, it being his birthday as well.) I'd not seen him that excited in years!

We happily waited, drinking slushies, waiting for the popcorn vendor when the lights dimmed. Two small fireworks went off. I thought I heard him weeping. I ignored my instinct to ask. Thinking maybe... I was over-imagining. I've always had an overly-active imagination.

But by firework four there was no more doubt. Pappaw jumped up from the bleachers, screaming, shouting, desperately... hysterical. My daughter, frightened, followed suit. She had no idea what was wrong. I didn't right away either. It wasn't until he began yelling... what I can only call, “Marine-type codes” that I figured it out.

My Pappaw mistook the fireworks for a war-zone and was transported back to Korea. In his mind the danger and desperation, the panic was real. It grew much worse with every bang. Some very nice people near us, who didn't speak English, figured it out too. They helped us get him down, calm him and he was able to walk us back to the car.

The night became a blur of awkward apologies, of the unseen chink in the armor that had been so closely guarded that I never believed it existed. The next day things were relatively normal again... and I failed ever to mention it as I felt what Nanna explained as “Shell-shocked,” and Pappaw shrugged off as “failure to adjust to his gout medicine” (Yes he really said that) I never brought it up again. I didn't want to embarrass him. He was a Marine. A total and complete badass!

But once I put myself in his place... I realized being brave doesn't mean you aren't afraid when people are shooting at you. Anyone who wouldn't be afraid of bullets coming at them is a moron. It means that you do it afraid.

Courage... true courage... allows you to have weakness, even panic. True courage means you keep on going just the same. My Pappaw fought, watched friends die, villages burn and as in any war faced a horror daily that very few that enjoy freedom will ever be capable of or even understand. He was lucky enough to come home.

Very lucky. Wasn't he? Because if you think about it bravery and luck rarely have much to do with one another. He was brave enough to bare those gruesome memories and go to work every morning... even if remembering destroyed a good night's sleep … or roused him with nightmares. Even then he faced life, raised a family and internally carried the quiet burden of what freedom truly costs, even when people abused it, ignored it, or belittled it. That's true bravery. That's a true hero.

And there are so many millions more. Suffering silently. Men and women who returned safely home... and never told us that parts of their souls were Missing In Action, that their ability to sleep, sometimes even function had gone AWOL.

I have only one thing to say about that... Once A Marine, Always A Marine. Once a hero... Eternally A Hero.

To those who've served... I am forever in your debt!

Happy Birthday, Pappaw.

That's my side of it,



Saturday, June 9, 2018


I' m home!! And believe it or not I had the time of my life! Also everybody loved my husband and commented on how happy I finally am. I am you know, as far as love, deliriously happy! We saw some sights. We ate and laughed. Actually we had a ball and a blast (if I may borrow the term from a great writer I know. You know while I was there I bought my Mom a couple of shirts and she was just like a kid in a candy store, which made me feel great! (Other than illness and PTSD screwing with me ... and I realized the next day that it was due to me forgetting to take certain meds) Well I was having too much fun to worry with meds so shush! I was expecting my bros to just hate me to death, but they were the absolute greatest! You HAVE TO try my bro's steaks! Holy crap! Rita took us to the shops. I never did get the puppy for dad even though I had the funds because Dad said he didn't want another dog. But that was okay because we enjoyed everyone's company and every day was like a party. Both my nephews are brilliant and wonderful. Chris being an amazing guitarist as well! Hubby went off with the guys to see the air museum, which since he used to be a pilot tickled him to no end. While he was doing that I watched a movie with my bro and sis that was absolute weird but I laughed a lot. We all had a great time. We've invited everyone to vacation here as they showed us an amazing time and I just HAVE to show my Mom La Viata and well everything. Rita and me had a couples night visiting with our hubbys a greek restaurant. A great time was had by all! I am so happy that we went!

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Eb books

I have decided to end them with book 8. I doubt we will publish 9-on as the original ending in book 8 was perfect. Adding the rest will make the series possibly less appealing. This is because the ending of 8 is one of those rare Once in a lifetime type things. I can't top it. If we change our minds, you'll be the first to know.

That's my side of it,

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Kukla's Masterpiece

The Unicorn's Boy is available at Lulu today!!

Perfect gift for every child!

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A witch's death, excerpt from Witches of Eb Eb book 1

A witch's death, excerpt from Witches of Eb Eb book 1

Death stood waiting, scythe in hand, long black robes, a pale, green horse with eyes that burned like tealight candles. In the old days, the horse's eyes were balls of molten flame, and that may have been much more terrifying, what with the soul-crushing smoldering and resembling the torch of eternal torments. The vet had ensured that those days, the days of being an ethereal, majestic symbol of Death's icy grip were in fact over. All by stating that a more mature horse spirit was better off eating a diet of skinless, organic cucumbers... raw, unfried and with absolutely no fatty gravy either. What was the point of cucumbers without the fatty gravy I'd like to know.

As Granny Voggle's soul popped up into view, Death smiled. His smile, though terrifying and able to put icicles into the warmest heart, did nothing to distract from the dimness of his horse's eyes. Neither did it give the soul who was passing on a feeling of comfort, as it was originally meant to do. Instead it was the type of smile that reminded one that they'd left the mousetraps empty without so much as a crumb of cheese in them. This smile reminded one of things left incomplete in life.

“You feeling alright, are you?” Granny asked looking Death right in the eye.

“I'm fine. You, however, are dead.” Death remarked and tried the smile again. This time envisioning tiny ballerinas in music boxes, fluffy bunnies, and melons on sale two for a dollar. Anything comforting could be transferred from one being to another by just the right sort of smile.

“Yeah? If you don't mind me sayin' your smile's a bit toothy. Maybe try just tiltin' your head or a polite nod, or you could get a hat. You know, tip it lightly, then you wouldn't need to smile at all.”

“I will take it under advisement,” said Death and added, “You are dead, you know. You've been poisoned.”

“Naw,” Granny Voggle argued, “Can't be!” And Death had no idea how to argue with this as most spirits wept for a few minutes and then demanded their eternal reward. He'd never had anyone just refuse to be dead. That's not how it worked was it?

“I am Death...” he began.

“I know who you bloomin' are. You ain't hearin' what I said is all. I'm a witch ain't I?” snapped Granny sharply.

“Yes,” Death replied but before he could go on Granny exclaimed, “Then I just can't be dead. Every witch knows their number of years don't they? It's a well known fact that every witch has whatcha call 'em... premonitions. And I ain't had none have I? That makes it seem a bit... just a bit mind you, like ya ain't doin your job proper on accounta you ain't givin me no warnin' what so ever.”

“I do see your point...” Death agreed. To his knowledge he'd not sent any bad dreams to warn her.

“Not a dream,” said Granny.

“Yes...” said Death.

“Not a whatdya call spiritual visitation,” said Granny.

“”Yes,” said Death, “I get what you're saying.”

“Not a bloomin letter or telegraph,” Granny argued.

“Yes,” said Death.

“Not even The Great and Omnipotent Bob and his dancin' cabaret of eels singing me a dirge,” said Granny.

“Yes,” said Death, rubbing his temples, or at least the place where there would've been temples had he not been a skeleton.

“I ain't received no mysterious owls hootin in me attic during a mid-summer storm to the beat of some old disco song,” said Granny.

“Yes” said Death, sort of anxiously bouncing around.

“I mean you ain't even sent me a proper sign such as me tea leaves risin outta the cup and spellin out the word, Soon,” said Granny.

“YES, yes yes,” Death said, “I understand.”

“I mean if you want people to go pushin up daisies, you gotta make an effort don't you? I mean it ain't as if you couldn't of run down to the local post and wrote me up a post card with a picture of the cemetery on it, sayin' I wish you were here!” said Granny.

“Yes,” said Death now backing away.

“I mean it ain't as if ya didn't have plenty of opportunities to properly haunt my stockings on laundry day. They're right there on the clothesline ain't they? I mean...” Granny howled as Death mounted his horse, “It ain't as if you couldn't a done somethin classy like sent a raven to me door with a blood red parchment baring the words, 'You wanna dance?' What I mean is in the last hundred and two years you coulda found five seconds to have a tornado touch down and scribble the words, 'Be seein you soon' in the mud. And it ain't as if...”

But then Granny stopped. She spun in a circle. He was gone and she was back in front of the campfire with Ratchet and Wren snoring vigorously near her.

“Ah,” sighed Granny, “He's buggered off. And just when I was getting to the good part too.”***

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Getting Rave Reviews!

Teaches kids about plants in a fun way!

A playful poem and a little science! Beautifully illustrated, and includes photos of each "animal plant!"

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Amazing Day at Half Price!

We met so many lovely people! We sold so many books! What an excellent day!
Shout out to Penny! (An especially nice lady!!)

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First Eb signing

Signing for the Witch Books (Eb books) First stop Half Price Broadway, April 14 1-3

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Released today!!!

Kukla's masterpiece, will warm your heart and move your soul. The very essence of selfless sacrifice and the truest meaning of love!