Saturday, September 24, 2016


Talking to my Mother this morning, she jokingly made a heart-wrenching but too true joke.

“Oh c'mon Angel, if you look up treaty in the dictionary the definition is “F@ck you!”

All too sadly this seems to be true ...all too often ... as the American government has not broken just one treaty it's held with the Indigenous Peoples (Native Americans) but ALL of them... yes all.

Just today an action was passed that allows the government to simply take 100,000 acres of sacred lands from the Ute tribe in Utah, violating a treaty from 1806. You probably won't hear it in the media, especially if the President played golf today. Still, it's true. And don't even get me started on the Black Hills.

My people have a prophecy about the end times, the 4th age or whatever you want to call it. And that's really why I'm bending your ear. It says that a black snake will come and destroy the waters, turn them into poison. Well, guess what?

A pipeline that claims to be creating a job boon and taking oil out of the terrorist's reach, is actually being built by a Texas Corporation. It runs through 4 reservations, destroying sacred sites and threatening people's clean drinking water. Now I know you might not be too worried if you don't live on Standing Rock Rez.... but that'd be folly. It isn't just the tribes who need to be concerned with this pipeline and the threat to clean water. It's everyone. The Dakota Access Pipeline runs the whole of the Missouri River.

10 million, count 'em 10 million people's drinking water is actually at risk if the Army Core of Engineers is allowed to keep building. Not just Indigenous Peoples... ALL people must see this as a threat. Why? Oh vets, Moms, Dads, unborns, toddlers....Indigenous People aren't just fighting for themselves, they are fighting for you too. They are fighting for your right to have children without birth defects. They are fighting for your right to not get poisoned. They are fighting against every malady you can imagine.... and the sad part is, they are fighting alone.

WHY? Because the press doesn't find it important. The UN obviously does as they are hearing our side of it. Even when a private security company unleashed attack dogs on the crowds (including children and pregnant women) the media was otherwise occupied.

I know if you've done your homework you will say, “But Angel, Obama temporarily halted the building of the pipeline.” The word here is temporarily. Why is that a problem? Because as time passes, people forget. The stink goes away. Misinformation takes over and you never hear another word. Yes, they want you to forget... if by some miracle you heard of it in the first place. It really is astounding how hush hush the media goes when the government or maybe I should just say big money is involved.

I may not know much, but I do know this a tragedy that can be prevented but isn't... is a massacre. I also know you can't hold a job on this pipeline if you've died of poisoning. But what I know more than anything else is my children's children will find a greater sanctuary in drinkable water, than anyone ever has in a job.

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