Saturday, June 9, 2018


I' m home!! And believe it or not I had the time of my life! Also everybody loved my husband and commented on how happy I finally am. I am you know, as far as love, deliriously happy! We saw some sights. We ate and laughed. Actually we had a ball and a blast (if I may borrow the term from a great writer I know. You know while I was there I bought my Mom a couple of shirts and she was just like a kid in a candy store, which made me feel great! (Other than illness and PTSD screwing with me ... and I realized the next day that it was due to me forgetting to take certain meds) Well I was having too much fun to worry with meds so shush! I was expecting my bros to just hate me to death, but they were the absolute greatest! You HAVE TO try my bro's steaks! Holy crap! Rita took us to the shops. I never did get the puppy for dad even though I had the funds because Dad said he didn't want another dog. But that was okay because we enjoyed everyone's company and every day was like a party. Both my nephews are brilliant and wonderful. Chris being an amazing guitarist as well! Hubby went off with the guys to see the air museum, which since he used to be a pilot tickled him to no end. While he was doing that I watched a movie with my bro and sis that was absolute weird but I laughed a lot. We all had a great time. We've invited everyone to vacation here as they showed us an amazing time and I just HAVE to show my Mom La Viata and well everything. Rita and me had a couples night visiting with our hubbys a greek restaurant. A great time was had by all! I am so happy that we went!