Saturday, October 10, 2015


There is NO way to replace the missing episodes... so tomorrow after the doc, I'll try to put together 1 or 2 long episodes .... We'll see what's left. Tonight though I'm redoing the Christmas special, adding Little dude and much more! xxoo

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Virtual Textbook Unit 2 Enigma
NOT for small kids....
I created this for teens and parents in distress. This site and book were made possible by Erin Go Bragh and the amazingly talented Kathleen Shields. Talk shows primarily made possible by the out-spoken media outlet This Needs To Be said, and the incomparable Katherine Waddel. Thank you ladies... we might have saved a life today!

Friday, October 2, 2015


Cheshire Grin Ginormous News!

Hey Guys I have some awesome news for you! I was recently asked to fill out an application for an elite writer's scholarship! Today I sent out my application for it, if I win I will get to travel abroad, and live in another country for one year acting as America's Official Traveling Poet.. I will receive funds for my travel and living expenses. Hopefully I'll get to go to London and visit a few friends there while I write more poetry (but hubby wants Paris!) . Also It's being judged by Harvard!I'm SO excited!

This could open so many doors for me. I could possibly be up for Poet Laureate, like Langston Hughs! My hero! Anyways I am so honored even to be asked. The results won't be in until next year. But believe me this IS a ginormous honor. (The Harvard part has given me a lot of stage-fright!)

At any rate Cheshire Grin will be closing the publishing part of our company in January. Here Be Dragons is undecided as White Rabbit and Prof. Obvious are engaged to be engaged. The textbooks and Little Dudes will remain.

I'm SO happy!!!

That's my side of it,

PS Streetlight Halo will always be there... always!! xxoo

PPS Another one of mine:


He took those old memories,
Packed them neatly away,
Left his kid and his house,
In that recess of gray,
That tears out a heart,
That eats a man’s soul,
That unravels the mind,
And devours the whole.
And who are you to judge me?
She let her whole life,
Creep out in the twist,
Of a razor’s corsage,
Pinned neat at the wrists,
Suicide’s ugly,
Life is unfair,
But you didn’t know her,
So what do you care?
And who are you to judge me?
He took a life,
And too late he wished,
To erase the knife,
And the drug-induced bliss.
So easy to be,
Holier than thou,
Difficult to see,
The why, when and how.
And who are you to judge me?
She’s painted and cheap,
With no face and no name,
Another red-light prodigy,
They’re always the same.
Five mouths to feed,
In an infested flat,
One more on the way,
Life’s funny like that.
And who are you to judge me?
Look down upon them,
And see where you stand,
Under their feet,
Beneath their command,
In that recess of gray,
That eats a man’s soul,
Unravels the mind,
And devours the whole,

And who am I to judge you?

Little Dudes The Speech

Littl Dudes The Speech

Thursday, October 1, 2015