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2017 book release... Jan. 1rst

From Children to Young Adult (in order of appearance) 

Cheshire Grin proudly presents a line of books ranging between tween and YA... a sci/fi fantasy line of stand-alone stories for the teen in your life. Also expect this year more Happy the Hippo books for your little ones.
Just like Little Wolf Happy the Hippo are educational however, Happy the Hippo books range for ages 3-6 with My First Readers and activity books. While
Little Wolf is for children, 7-10 years of age. before the year is out expect to also see...

And also a book for 7-up, highly educational...

In addition, we have storybooks in the works written by the masterful Rose  Tawney and a fairy-tale by the amazing Serge Kozlovsky (later in 2017)

Keep watching! That's my side of it,

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Possible January releases! New YA series

A new series of books spanning from middle reader to Young Adult, sci fi/ fantasy! Coming in 2017!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Escaping an Abusive Marriage (How to)

Escaping an Abusive Marriage (How to)

First a resource:

To all of you abused spouses out there, don't lose hope. It can be done. I know I've done it. But leaving an abusive marriage is usually not an over-night thing. Be prepared for this to take weeks or even months.

The first rule of escaping an abusive marriage is the same as the first rule of business. Failing to plan AND planning to fail are basically synonyms.

I understand what it is to resent it when people say, “Well why don't you just leave?” That is really easy to say. Is that person going to put a meal on your table? Is that person going to take your kids to the pediatrician without him knowing? Is that person going to clothe you? Shelter you? Care for your infirmaties? No. So basically it just feels like a huge cop-out.

I know. I KNOW how over-whelming leaving is. I know the fear that he has taken so much of you away that you are afraid that he has erased just enough of you that you will never be able to leave. Yes I understand completely. So the second rule is this... if you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right. Attitude plays a huge role.

I don't care much for Whoopie Goldberg yet she is like an idol. It is not from her career that she derived that position in my life. It was from an interview I saw, she said (about her career) “I never worried what I had to do. I only asked myself what I could get done today.” That is hugely important. Don't get over-whelmed. It doesn't take a miracle. It takes baby steps and careful planning.

The first thing you will need is the cheapest disposable phone you can find. Put in this phone only one number. That phone number should be one and only one contact. It needs to be someone you trust and preferably someone he doesn't know. Keep it turned off and the best hiding place is your bag of kotex as he is very unlikely to look there. This phone is going to be your best resource soon.

WARNING: Do not rely on shelters or govt. programs to support you. Many take time to get that you don't have. Some require a legal divorce finalization before you can receive them. Also these leave a paper trail that is easy to trace. You are going to need a safe hiding place for a while. A little known fact is also shelters for domestic violence usually need police and hospital reports before they will take you, which most women won't have because seeking help will set him off again. BUT women's shelters are still a very viable tool! They have all kinds of resources they can make available to you anyway. Some can put you on a waiting list for an asset. Where I was they had had a farm... you did not need police reports for but there was a 3 month wait. When he is at work use your track phone to call shelters to find these resources. Do not use your regular cell as this leaves a trail even if it is pay as you go with no contract.

So if there are not govt. programs you can rely on financially how do you sustain a living? Do you have kids? Some people that are hiring nannies will allow your kids to live with you and rather then pay you will give you room and board. At least that's a roof. Also as a nanny your taxes are paid by you which means no paper trail until the end of the year. This gives you a year to get back on your feet, learn a trade or whatever.

Also if you have a name on a joint savings account, on the day that you leave (and not before) visit the bank. Have not just your debit card, carry also your ID and wedding certificate. Instead of walking straight up to the teller, sign your name and sit down as if you are looking to refinance. This is very important... WAIT for a female representative. You have lived years in a relationship that proved how over-powering men can be. Now it is time for you to understand the strength of women. Other women will become your biggest asset. (Some of them are abused too remember.) Tell her discreetly of your situation. She will let you know how much you can withdrawal and probably not call your husband until the next business day. However this money is not a cushion. It will run out quickly so it is time to try to learn to live again.

It is important not to rely on friends that drink a lot. Why? Loose lips sink ships! Alcohol loosens the mouth and allows too many confessions for you to be safe with. Also do not rely on an extra-marital affair to “rescue you.” No one is going to rescue you. It is time to do the hard thing as you may get to his house.... and he may decide you didn't look as pretty now as you did when there was no danger of commitment.

Well you are probably asking yourself, how do we pack without him noticing? Gradually. What we did was to thin out the wardrobe of things we didn't wear often. These clothes went into a garbage bag. We said something like, “She wants an allowance. So I told her taking out the garbage would be her responsibility.” He bought this without question. So the garbage bag with the white tie went in the dumpster. The garbage bag with the yellow tie went to the neighbor who agreed to keep our things until a friend with an unutilized garage could drive over and pick them up. By her storing things in her garage I did not pay for storage... and again, no paper trail that he could trace.

Now you receive every day important documents that you can not do without such as school notifications, bills ongoing child support checks from previous marriage etc. How do you get these by post without him receiving notification of where you just went? EASY.... explain to the post office official you need a change of address and explain your situation... there's a form. Best to go outside your neighborhood post to do this. Your neighbors let your secret out unknowingly with simple gossip. IE “Did you see Mary filling out change of address? Are they moving?” The best advocate you will ever receive is the following rule, “Do not whisper in private what you don't want shouted from rooftops.” Right now secrecy is your best friend. The more people who know, the more likely he will find out.

When do we make this flight to freedom? That depends on him actually, more then you would think. My ex spent a private vacation every year at the races. We spent those 2 weeks getting boxes too large to smuggle out in clear view.... telling neighbors it was donations for one of our charities. We knew when he came home it would be his employer's longest day of the year. We choose that day to flee, keeping calm and keeping the cellphone on to answer his calls. Once we got to where we were going, that phone went in the trash and my tracphone came out of its hiding place.

Remember the less people you tell the likelier your secret remains a secret. I had my most trusted contact in my tracphone call worried friends and family 2 days after my departure and inform them that “Yes I was all right. But no I would not be calling and nobody knew where I was.. Any messages came through my sponsor and were relayed that way.”

A lovely thing my friend did for me was to organize other abused women in the community for me to talk to. One woman had a good job but times were hard. She pretended a pay-cut to keep a job at a failing company and at least keep some money coming in. Her husband did hit her that night but the story was believable so he let it go. She was able to store up enough money in a separate account that then she was able to flee with her kids.

If you are penniless and need to leave the state immediately some bus lines and train stations are sympathetic enough to lend you one-way tickets with the understanding that when you get to the refuge on the other side someone you know will pay the ticket, whether you have a credit card or not. In AA I hear there is always a couch available. Also some companies will hire an abused woman seeking refuge and food because it looks pretty good on that employer.

If he has locked up your social security card from you and your birth certificate you can always apply for another. Write snail mail (info that he can hack from your email is now a no no) to the hospital where you were born leaving them your new address.

If you have important documents that you need to get out and can not smuggle, hide them in plain sight. Buy a new wastepaper basket, crumple them up, buy some potato chips, empty the bag and throw them on top with a few emptied and thoroughly dried water-bottles. Most men won't bother to go through the trash cans.

In the coming weeks food is still important although straying from a hiding place might not be an option. As you shop in the coming moths before your departure buy dry goods, can goods, dry milk etc. Here and there a few small items that won't be noticed. If you are unable to smuggle these out or hide them in an abandoned suitcase, then the solution is simple... church is having a food drive. Place them in a box to be moved by the mailbox tomorrow. Most men won't even ask.

There are many grants and very short school times out there for degrees if you need one. Good Will industries have what is called, “Good Careers Academy.” They might be a resource you may want to look into. If this is not an option for you, try calling your local 3 digit help line... usually 211.

If you need to leave this very second my advice is don't dawdle. Call the police, ask for protection and get out now. Otherwise you are teaching him it's okay to treat you that way. And believe me your children ARE learning that too.

One more rule my Medicine Man taught me that will go a very long way... leap and the net will be there. Faith goes a long way and will last much longer and stronger then any other asset you've got. Give yourself a chance. You DO deserve it.

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas... Happy the Hippo

Friday, November 25, 2016


Diaries of the Cheshire Girls.... the book that started it all. Addiction to death is a blinding ride through a dark Wonderland... Do you dare ride along? 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wonderful review of our site

My daughter Peyton (13), volunteers in her guidance office. She's been ask to do some research about peer pressure and to put together a resourceful pamphlet for any student in need of it. While we were researching, we came upon your page . It was super helpful, thank you so much for that!


In time for Christmas!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Another great review!!

The new work by Serge Kozlovsky is a wonderful collection of ideas and tools for self analysis..... Something I have always believed in rather than the dogmas of religion and organized spirituality..... This book is a great way to organize your thoughts and reflect upon what you may discover about yourself within these pages.... I would say "Look in the mirror, boy”!!! The world we live in has changed so fast in the post WWII era, leaving many of us confused, depressed and withdrawn, unable to move forward on the path we choose. This writing provides a resource of mantras, positive thoughts, and exercises designed with a personal touch, since each of us has different ideas, goals and emotional content. I like this because it is important to write down your thoughts and read them back to yourself to "keep in touch" whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis...... Also included is a nice coloring book for those who love art but cannot draw!!! (Like Moi)...... I have worked in the New Age field for over 35 years and find this to be a simple, fresh approach to empowering the inner soul and I applaud Serge on his new release!!!!! Robert Slap 11.01.2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Que for next year's hits

Hi guys! Next years first hits will be:

Secret Castle By Rose Tawney... ah.... dragon's afoot! This is certain to be a classic!

Family Team... by Lilart..... have an aggravating baby brother? You'll love this!

The Magic Staff... By Serge Kozlovsky ... sometimes brothers need a push to get along!

Adult and YA

(Poetry) Under The Streetlight by Angel Dunworth

Painting the Roses Red.... by Hatter.... suicide leaves more questions than answers

Black Golgathia... by Angel Dunworth and Susan Bishop.... YA fantasy.... hope you like monsters, dragons and pirates!

Also we have more coloring books coming by Charlie Fountain and probably about a ton of activity books for kids too!

Promises to be a great year for literature!

That's my side of it,

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Talking to my Mother this morning, she jokingly made a heart-wrenching but too true joke.

“Oh c'mon Angel, if you look up treaty in the dictionary the definition is “F@ck you!”

All too sadly this seems to be true ...all too often ... as the American government has not broken just one treaty it's held with the Indigenous Peoples (Native Americans) but ALL of them... yes all.

Just today an action was passed that allows the government to simply take 100,000 acres of sacred lands from the Ute tribe in Utah, violating a treaty from 1806. You probably won't hear it in the media, especially if the President played golf today. Still, it's true. And don't even get me started on the Black Hills.

My people have a prophecy about the end times, the 4th age or whatever you want to call it. And that's really why I'm bending your ear. It says that a black snake will come and destroy the waters, turn them into poison. Well, guess what?

A pipeline that claims to be creating a job boon and taking oil out of the terrorist's reach, is actually being built by a Texas Corporation. It runs through 4 reservations, destroying sacred sites and threatening people's clean drinking water. Now I know you might not be too worried if you don't live on Standing Rock Rez.... but that'd be folly. It isn't just the tribes who need to be concerned with this pipeline and the threat to clean water. It's everyone. The Dakota Access Pipeline runs the whole of the Missouri River.

10 million, count 'em 10 million people's drinking water is actually at risk if the Army Core of Engineers is allowed to keep building. Not just Indigenous Peoples... ALL people must see this as a threat. Why? Oh vets, Moms, Dads, unborns, toddlers....Indigenous People aren't just fighting for themselves, they are fighting for you too. They are fighting for your right to have children without birth defects. They are fighting for your right to not get poisoned. They are fighting against every malady you can imagine.... and the sad part is, they are fighting alone.

WHY? Because the press doesn't find it important. The UN obviously does as they are hearing our side of it. Even when a private security company unleashed attack dogs on the crowds (including children and pregnant women) the media was otherwise occupied.

I know if you've done your homework you will say, “But Angel, Obama temporarily halted the building of the pipeline.” The word here is temporarily. Why is that a problem? Because as time passes, people forget. The stink goes away. Misinformation takes over and you never hear another word. Yes, they want you to forget... if by some miracle you heard of it in the first place. It really is astounding how hush hush the media goes when the government or maybe I should just say big money is involved.

I may not know much, but I do know this a tragedy that can be prevented but isn't... is a massacre. I also know you can't hold a job on this pipeline if you've died of poisoning. But what I know more than anything else is my children's children will find a greater sanctuary in drinkable water, than anyone ever has in a job.

Coming soon... a tribute to Ed Gorey

Sunday, September 18, 2016

New poem, new book


Let me go

Let me fall

Standing up

Takes my all.

I don't want protection,

I don't want your net.

I want to free fall

into what ever's next.

I've wasted time

I've never lived,

Want to do more

than simply exist.

I don't want your approval

Or rejection or games

Want to remember

My own fucking name.

I want life

I want breath

I want to breathe in

every second of death.

I don't want your praise,

don't want your reprieves,

I wanna soar thru

A life made by me.

I need history

of whoever I am

I need a silence

that breaks with a slam

Cuz I don't want

crayons and colorful words

I want my own place

in a black and white world.

I want life

I want breath

I want to breathe in

every second of death.

I don't want your approval

Or rejection or games

Want to remember

My own fucking name.

Life just splinters

like shards of regret

reminding me of all

I haven't done yet.

It sings to my body

a dirge to my soul

It cries out a darkness

that I can't control.

So let me fall

and when I'm broke

I'll find wings

Like I've never known.

I don't want protection,

I don't want your net.

I want to free fall

into what ever's next.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Shattered Looking Glass

Q. Angel Dunworth, you wrote the Shattered Looking Glass Series under a pen name. Why is that?

A. I created the pen name Hatter for 2 reasons. The first being so that people don't have to put a lot of thought into buying the right age group/ genre. I sorted demographics in a way. Parents can buy a book knowing that the Angel Dunworth is for their teen, Ms. Angel for their younger children and Hatter for themselves.

The second reason is we associate the character Mad Hatter with darker things these days. Madness, insanity, addiction even. Any negative mindset that we leave unchecked has the absolute ability to turn you into a statistic. I don't think that applies only to teens or women. I believe that it is a simple part of the human condition that needs to be looked at realistically.

Q: Can you be a bit more specific?

A: I know that I myself can go into a room and take a survey of a thousand people about their opinion of me or my work. I'll leave that room in tears because even though 999 of those people thought I was awesome, there's always that one guy who hates everything. The opinion I tend to remember is the one that is the most toxic because we are sort of conditioned to forever believe the criticism before we acknowledge the praise. It's simply easier to believe the bad about oneself. I think as a society perhaps we should look at that.

Q: So at the core what are these books about?

A: Shattered Looking Glass Series is a “Cracked Wonderland” themed series of stand alone stories that cover a huge myriad of topics and mindsets. Each is a novel with a resolution (not always the one we cheer for) the only thing they have in common though, other than discussing relevant issues is the use of Lewis Carol symbols. Each has a different mix of issues and most a different genre. For instance one of the books is about addicts, another a who-dun-nit, another about abandonment, another about caring for an aging parent, One is about bullying- school shooting. The next about human trafficking, the one coming out next is about suicide.

These books are my idea of what would have become of our beloved childhood characters if they had entertained the toxic thoughts and fears we allow ourselves to believe about not only others, but the self.

Q: So where can we buy your books?

A: My teen book is on the website: and I strongly suggest looking at the site and clicking on the links even if you're buying the adult books.

My adult books and story books can be found at: That is where you'll find them all.

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A lot of surgeries

In light of our impending medical Children's book fair is sadly finished until Oct (after pow wow- Nov.

In the interim we will be doing smaller shows for daycares and Assisted/elderly committees. If you'd like one in your area please contact us via the website contact button.

That's my side of it,

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Released for Global distribution!!

This book includes the story Mama's Umbrella, but has many more stories and fairy-tales, originally written and illustrated by award-winner Angel Dunworth. It includes an "I can read it," and even has a few children's poems (also original)

Perfect gift for readers of all ages, this charming collection is certain to awaken the magic in every reader's heart!