Monday, March 31, 2014

Sorry guys sick all day and then I wanted to catch up on work but i will be here tomorrow! Big surprise this week Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hey dudes. Got a huge surprise for you this week. So stay tuned.

I've been looking into book contests in order to put Snapshots From Home; Stories From Dysfunctional High School into but every contest wants a huge fee. $75 doesn't sound like much but multiply that by how many contests there are! Now think about it from their stand-point. How many submissions do they get a day? I think the money is in judgment and not creation. Lol

The Indie-fees are worse too. They charge not just a fee but also a fee per category. And that's the one for small houses and self-published, which is of course the people who had the least money to begin with.

I did find a good one with no fee. The American Book Award. I think that's very kool!

Anyway a HUGE secret is revealed this week so stay tuned into.... As The Stomach Churns! DUM DUM DA.... lol

That's my side of it,

PS. Don't forget to enter the audio contest for voice actors on my website. No huge fees I promise! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A lot of kids at the homeless shelter got free books today! We also sent some baby baskets and assorted goodies! Life is good.
That's my side of it,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Klingon as a Second Language

Stress relief blog...

I hope. Lol because I am so nervous about my event. I have put so much into this that it's a bit like my own formal wedding! And just like in a real wedding the bride needs a sedative just to walk down the aisle in order to keep her from unraveling and screaming at random strangers PMS-ridden madness like, “OMG! Why would you wear that in public?” or my personal favorite, “Is your kid crying because of that terrible hair-cut?”

So before I unravel completely, a silly rant for fun. A little laughter never hurt anyone in any legally binding way IF you read the fine print. Today my lovely rant is at the lack of education in this country... or should I say Higher Education. I have actually seen on the news a report on a college that offers Klingon as a second language. I can see how serious the career path of this student is. He or she wants not only to function in corporate America but won't the executive CEO on Forbes magazine look perfect when they can communicate not with other countries properly, but intergalacticly with fictional characters! Ah, how the Romulains must envy us. The entire universe will be at our command as we in corporate America sit in our padded cubicles and spend invisible money like a politician on crack investing in the new HR and PR bumper-sticker campaign of, “People who don't exist are people too!”

Who thought up this course, found a demographic who required it and decided to charge for it? And who is taking this class? Are these the same people whose level of self-contempt is so high that they sit around preparing legal briefs that they may then sue themselves for defamation? Using as evidence of estrangement, the fact that they haven't talked to themselves in months?

Is it perhaps the guys who when asked if they could hear only one artist preform before they died who would that be, they answered Van Gogh and then stated that they didn't mind if he was tone-deaf now? Are these the same people who in fact have to study the instructions on shampoo bottles every day before they bathe? Are these the kind of people who argue over whether the tracks they see are deer or bear and contemplate it so long that the train runs them over?

Do they truly, deeply care about the treatment of our fictional characters in the work place? Or are they like that one band... you know the guy sings, “Do-wah-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do'” but you can tell he doesn't mean it! I put it to you that these people don't really care whether or not the Saggy-Baggy elephant ever gets his liposuction. Neither do they care if the Big Bad Wolf is endangered! These so called sages are in fact just weasels! I guess that's okay though, eagles may soar high, but weasels never get sucked into jet-engines!

That's my side of it,


Thursday, March 27, 2014

is my new facebook page if you need it to find my blog.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Failure through the eyes of an addict

 My Nanna used to say, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.” Sure that's true... slow and steady wins the race and all that crap. But a lot of times I think failure gets a really bad rap. If you never fail then how do you ever learn?

When you were a baby did you pop out of your mom and just start running? No! In order to learn to walk you had to lift your head, roll side to side, sit-up, wobble, bounce, stand, step and walk. I assure you to learn all of that, to finally master walking you had to fall on your ass a lot!!!

Failure teaches us something new every time we screw-up. Does that mean make a habit of it? No. Repeating the same behavior and expecting different results is the textbook definition of insanity. How though does one measure lessons learned and the long journey to success if not by failure?

In AA we say, “will not regret our past neither wish to shut the door on it.” I was a severe asshole, so why wouldn't I regret that? Because it took that screwed-up person to make this spiritually healthy person. Had I never mis-stepped I might have never realized that there were other people on earth but me. I might just have ambled along thinking that anyone who ever screwed-up in the least was a heathen blight on the face of humanity. I had to fall down in order to learn what getting back up was about.
While it is true that you can't hit bottom until you stop digging, there is much to be learned from failure about success. Also it is from failure that we learn to teach others and help a brother out when needed!

That's my side of it,


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

poems for sissy
For my sister who is out of surgery and doing fine!

You guys will like them!!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Allergy almost took me out today. Thanks to the epipenn I'm still here but no blog. Question why do I need a doctor auth to refill such a thing?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Silly blog

Things I don't get:

1. Why don't the cops ever think it's as funny as I do?

2. Where do those crime shows get all those blurry faced actors?

3. If an aura is a magnetic field why don't I stick to the refrigerator?

4. If I get into my dresser's drawers is it still a virgin?

5. How exactly does Cat Women mark her territory?

Fun things to do at the doctor's office

1. Use your ventriloquist skills during your prostate exam!

2. Ask if you can donate a stool sample to science.

3. Convince them that Dracula did your last blood test and you're waiting for the results.

4. When the doctor insists on your papsmear test, insist that you lost the key to your chastity belt.

5. In a very dramatic way yell, “I’ve been seeing another specialist behind your back!” Then hand him a bouquet of roses!

That's my side of it,


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Painting and Postal

Going to start painting again soon. It relaxes me and I can block out so many annoying things when I paint. It's funny because art has never been my passion. It was always just something I knew how to do. I used to get so aggravated with drawing. I had a job in animation once. I hated drawing the same image over and over. I hated that job so much that to this day I think animating cartoons is a job they should give prisoners as a punishment! Lol

Painting somehow is different. I love it. It feels free and easy and wonderful I'm not really certain why?

SHHHH! Secret! Don't tell my mom but I painted her something. I promise to get that very late birthday present mailed before her next birthday. They keep losing my packages... even sent the books I donated to the Indian School to the wrong address. I can't afford to replace them. Grrr! I need to paint! Kisses all!

That's my side of it,

Friday, March 21, 2014

HEB shout out! And freebies!

Huge shout out! And Fest

Wow guys this is beyond belief! A gigantic, heart-felt shout out to the kind people at HEB. Especially to Christa who represents HEB's literacy foundation. I was over whelmed when she told me they would donate bags and books to the Literacy Fest 2014! I assumed that meant three small boxes of books.... I WAS WRONG! She and HEB have generously donated what looks to me like hundreds of books to be given away at our event.

A few will also be in our raffle which is to raise money for placing books in schools and libraries. IF we have any books left over they will be donated to the homeless shelter... which means that today your friendly green grocer helped the whole world. I say this because just a simple book can make such a difference in the life of one who has lost all that they held dear... because someone cared.

As I always say life is about paying it forward. This I truly believe with all of my heart. There is a famous adage that states, “There is no evil greater than he who did nothing because he could do little.” I don't think truer words were ever spoken. That is really why I wrote my book... anyone who begins to feel that no one understands and no one cares is entertaining a very dangerous mind-set.

(LOL I know now you are saying, “Damn girl! Again with this mindset crap? I'm in AA so basically.... yes! Lol)

Any detrimental thing that we do to our bodies, ourselves and yes, even to others begins with a dangerous mind-set. One random act of kindness can change a mind-set, touch a heart, fill a soul and ultimately change a life. Imagine how much easier our toils and troubles would be if everyone gracefully extended their hand to help another. My book is priced lower simply for that reason. This is the only way that I know to reach out to those I have never met. It isn't hard to do. I hope it helps them as much as it has helped me... for tonight I see the goodness in the world. Tonight I see miracles coming to light. My soul is full. Thank you Christa. Thank you HEB. Thank you Kathleen Shields and mostly.... thank you My Creator!

That's my side of it,
Cordially requests your honorable presence at
Literacy Fest 2014
United Methodist
8101 Midcrowne Drive
Windcrest, Texas 78239
March 29 Noon - 4

Literacy Fest 2014 .... author readings, signings, prizes, give aways, food and fun for kids of all ages, Every one's welcome and admission is FREE! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good news and Bad

Hi guys,
I am excited because we got an entry in my contest today and she is really good. It's the only good news I've had for a while.

I've been missing because of my health... again. The doctors did finally try me on opiates this week and great news... I'm allergic! Broke out in hives and my throat swelled shut... go me! Is there anything left on earth that I'm not allergic too?

Sadder still, beyond the fact that the pain will increase is the fact that they told me there's nothing more they can do for me. I'm out of options. Go me... and don't come back! Lol

Who knows what happens to people who go catatonic? Maybe it's the greatest feeling ever. And you know they might cure SM tomorrow.

So that happened.

I'm kind of getting a bucket list together but you know what's truly kool? There won't be much on it. I've done what was important. I've achieved all kinds of things. I stayed sober and still do. I think though I want to visit Wounded Knee. We had ancestors come from there and be relocated to the Indian School in Pennsylvania. It was one of the first ones.

You know, I know, I didn't write it but if you ever want a good read about history pick up a Dear America book entitled, “My Heart is On The Ground.” It's quite good. Actually I've never read one in that series I didn't like. But then once a teacher, always a teacher! Lol

That's my side of it,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Audio book contest
Calling all voice actors. Looking forward to college or that big break, maybe just a little exposure? Send your demo tapes of yourself reading one of the stories from Snapshots From Home; Stories from Dysfunctional High School in character in MP3 format to and win not only a role on the audio book but also a resume reference or college entrance resume reference. No entrance fee with book purchase of e-book for $1.99.

Get your voice out there and gain exposure for your craft, while helping troubled teens! It's a win win! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fest news

Finishing up things for the Literacy Fest 2014 and I have to admit this is killer hard work. I never thought that promoting a book and organizing one event could ever be so very much work.

C'mon out and bring the kids, grandbabies. I'll have a little literacy corner for the toddlers complete with giant building blocks! In addition there will be games for older kids, coloring sheets, activities, a story time, question and answer sessions and signings. There will be lots of free food and fun and even a raffle with proceeds to get books out there to libraries and to kids who just can't afford them (homeless shelters, unwed mothers etc.) HEB our local green grocer is donating and there are plenty of freebies and give-away bags to be had while supplies last. See you there!

 Cordially requests your honorable presence at
Literacy Fest 2014
United Methodist
8101 Midcrowne Drive
Windcrest, Texas 78239
March 29 Noon - 4
Literacy Fest 2014 .... author readings, signings, prizes, give aways, food and fun for kids of all ages, Every one's welcome and admission is FREE! 
blue screen of death. no blog again sorry

Monday, March 17, 2014

My OCD giggle

My OCD lol

Sorry I was gone from here guys.... PC issues. And please don't miss our Literacy Fest on the 29th.

I have noticed a growing trend that is really irking me, people in decent medical health walking around, looking intelligent enough until out of their mouth comes a phrase like, “Oh you'll have to excuse me. That must be my OCD, Bi Polar, PTSD (fill in the blank.)” This growing trend isn't funny and it isn't kool. In my opinion, neither is denying a child who actually suffers from something medication for it. In my day that was called criminal neglect.

The reason I am so adamant about not using a mental disorder as opposed to an adverb or even, dare I say it, a misplaced modifier is because if you suffered from one of these disorders I seriously doubt you would take it so lightly.

My daughter suffers from OCD and her case is mild. If in school she was assigned a choice of four topics she would find herself unable to pick one. She would write on all four. Yet it was never good enough. She would have to rewrite the papers repeatedly even after she got the grade. To this day she hasn't stopped those reels of obsession. It is not uncommon for her to insert, “That paper I wrote on ___ I should have really used the word sardonic instead of sarcastic,” into an unrelated conversation. She has been graduated for 5 years and she is still rewriting those papers. They haunt her like some dark sin that needs rectified. My point is those reels are still playing in her mind every minute of every day.

She explained to me long ago that OCD means eight or nine reels playing continuously in your mind at once. I asked my shrink years ago about this disorder. His response was, “OCD is worse for the sufferer than having schizophrenia.” I felt terrible also for having told her for so many years, “Dammit! Would you just let it go and come to the present moment!” It would appear she couldn't help it.

Go and turn on every radio in a store to a different channel and turn the volume up as loud as it will go. Live with that truth for five minutes and tell me then, is it a joke? Imagine that noise in your head every minute for the rest of your life. Still funny?

That's my side of it,


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned on FB

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I learned on FB

I have to admit first that I had been searching for a meaning to my life for a while. I was becoming increasingly a sad sack. Now however I am happy to report my life and mind-set are cured entirely. My unlikely savior? Face Book. In the midst of my depression I cam across a meme on FB. It had a lovely philosophical saying, “When life hands you lemons... add Vodka.” I had my answer. I was able to start drinking at every opportunity. It fixed everything... but then the detox program charged me what little I had had left of my savings. And since I got fired for drinking on the job... they repossessed my liver.

Again I was sad and feeling incomplete. I returned again to my Temple of Social Media as it were. Another meme dictated that I should think of all things in a more positive way... and the absolutely breath taking picture of a totally unrelated topic inspired me greatly. It made me a better person instantly. It said that I should just become whoever it was I idolized because they were inspirational for a reason. Along side of that was a picture of a cute puppy. I had found my answer... sadly... it didn't work out. Did you guys know that identity theft is a crime?

So after I finished serving my time I was ready to start a new life. I was ready to find my mate and settle down. I was at a loss on how to do exactly that. I searched my beloved internet for the answer to my prayers. The next meme I saw solved my romantic problems! It insisted that the object of my desires wanted greatly to be kissed more, held more and told that they are loved. I was unaware that the opposite sex prefers to know who you are first. Luckily the charges were dropped.

Sadly I found out after that I was dying. I have begun to worry about my immortal soul. But what worries me more is this... when I meet St. Peter will he inform me that I was denied entrance to Heaven because I didn't fwd to 20 people?

That's my side of it,


Saturday, March 15, 2014

True Happiness

True Happiness? The real fun of being a shaman and non-denominational minister.....

Hi guys. I know my blog is very late again. I have been ill as usual except no the clock in my body dictates that I sleep from 7 in the evening to 1 in the morning, and being that I am severely allergic to coffee... well that's not fixing itself. Lol

I was planning on writing a silly thing until someone I know asked a question. Will this new (fill in the blank) make me happy? No. It really won't. Now before you start pointing the finger and saying nasty names at her for not knowing that remember this.... commercials, ads and commercial arts work for a reason. It's because people actually think if they have the right shoes, cars, house, social-standing (fill in the blank) they will be fulfilled. Remember that is why lottery tickets sell so incredibly well... if I just lived a life of leisure... that would fill the hole in my soul.

It is like the alcoholic mindset on a smaller but universally believed in scale. If I drink that wine... chicks'll dig me. It's fun in a bottle.

Here is my response to her...

 My true meaning, not to pop your bubble was if you can conceive it and believe it you will achieve it. There is no happy cure all. I believe the terrible times exist for a reason. They give us tools and help us define our character. They are learning experiences. Not just for us but for others in the same situation. That is what we use to make ourselves truly happy. Because that is how the soul feeds itself. If you want to feel happier, more content you will not find that in a book. Neither in a quick-fix or a name change or one of those trite and badly written self-help type things. Wanna get rid of the sickening hole inside? We have a phrase we use in AA that has never failed me once, "Become of use to God and his fellows” (speaking of recovering from addiction, without relapses.) THAT is where contentment and feeling comfortable in your own skin comes from. Service to others. Don't agree? See Taoism... the usefulness of what is, lies in what is not. See the Bible, Be ye a fisher of men or the story of the 2 alms. See Native lore 2 wolves ... the one you feed. Atheist maybe... see the studies of Galileo ... the universe does not revolve around us. Neither do I ever want it to.

If you are too stuck in your own mind, your own troubles, your own status... prepare to become miserable quickly. Whereas, if you think to yourself, “Self, I was in that situation once myself. Perhaps I can help this poor schmo along... or at least be empathetic since I was there once.” THAT is being of use. Do I mean giving advice and bailing everyone else's butt out? NOPE. I mean a feeling of isolation or of no one ever understanding leads to feelings that are much more dangerous. Simply telling someone that they are not alone and being there for them or volunteering your time to the cause of your choice after a while pulls us out of ourselves and out of darkness.

We all grow old and fat... that perfect figure is fleeting. Those lottery winnings... gone before you know what hit you. Social status and social climbing makes you look the fool as it also is temporary and fixes nothing. That drink that gives you life long friends... well the short explanation is... drinking buddies and true friends have a difference that is more vast then the Grand Canyon. Try throwing everything you've got into that career of yours, then tell me in your last breath whether or not you said, “The one thing I'll miss here is work.” Just sayin' lol
That's my side of it,

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Repost huffing

This little girl in question died. 

Huffing, sniffing, dusting and bagging

A friend of mine called today and told me of a concern her neighbor had with her daughter... apparently the girl is huffing. She can't seem to get help and I informed my friend sadly that there is no non-medical detox. Just like with heroine addicts that require methadone in order to stop or they will die, huffing detoxes need to be watched by a qualified treatment center or medical doctor, or so I am told.

Now for those of us (like me) who are rather uneducated on the topic I will list a couple of definitions:

Huffing – when a chemically soaked rag is held to the face or stuffed in the mouth and substance is inhaled (usually gasoline)

sniffing – inhalant drug that can be done directly from containers, clothing, plastic bags or rags saturated with the substance or even from the product directly

bagging- putting spray paint in a bag and putting it over one's head

dusting - inhaling “computer duster” to get high. (Contrary to popular belief this is NOT air in a can)

Inhaling substances for a high has a lot of danger to it. Did you know it can cause cancer and leukemia? Have you ever heard of “Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome”? That is when the heart beat becomes erratic and rapid causing the user to go into cardiac arrest. That can happen the very first time you use an inhalant drug.

Just like alcoholism inhalant addiction is just that... an addiction. And just like with alcoholism an addict will go to any length to get their fix. Some will even spray the inhalant onto their clothes or soak clothing in the substance to be sniffed so they can carry their drug of choice for use later. Unlike alcohol this sufferers high will only last a few minutes, forcing the addict to keep huffing, sniffing or whatever to prolong their high.

As a parent myself I have to say here I would be stumped and without a clue if I had not done research on this topic for a friend. Today's drug paraphernalia is not the simple bong of yester-year. Today's parents have to look for soda cans, rags, clothing, plastic bags, paper bags... and the list goes on. It's quite frightening and over-whelming just reading the info and so I can certainly sympathize for that parent and of course the addict.

My advice to this woman would be... get her to an ER quickly and have her Baker-acted if you have to. This stuff is too scary to screw around with. Even as an addict myself I wouldn't want a high that kills you the first time. The attraction to that is way above my head. But then more then likely it is the exact same mind-set that we alkies have. Our friends died in car wrecks but it could NEVER happen to me... right? Know what? It does. Statistically 15% of suffocation deaths in the US are linked to inhalants... what makes that statistic even more tragic is that most inhalant abuse deaths are attributed to other causes and therefore remain unreported and hidden. Scary stuff!

That's my side of it,


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Promoting with a disability

I spent all day with my daughter handing out fliers for the Literacy Fest 2014. I found a few places that might want signings but no promises yet. However, I am in very poor health so by the time we got home it was straight to bed and I have been there ever since. The day is shot.

I am currently in the process of writing a proposal for funding for audio books. Dude! I hate writing proposals. It's too hard. I can't get my mind really around what they want. Anyone out there writing business plans I don't envy you!

Okay so my book is out in soft cover. I have an audio book contest going on for voice actors and the Lit Fest is in just a couple of weeks. So yes I'm swamped. It feels good to be needed but I'm not sure how much my body is going to let me do.

I'll bet my daughter is more frazzled. It seems like most places don't have wheelchair ramps. I think that is so unfair. Do you know the last place I lived actually refused to put a ramp in for my apartment? They were none too nice in telling me no as well. The place I bought this wheelchair didn't have a ramp. It did have like 1000 steps though. Funny thing you have to show your ID and sign if you're using a Rx from a doctor too. That was the only place close... so I got to walk a LOT of steps.

I was talking to a friend and she was sympathizing with me about my condition and how I've basically fallen through the cracks. Truth is as I told her I feel that God allows me to be in this chair so that some one else going into a chair can ask me what they're in for. And maybe also because people who say, “Well of course you can't. You're disabled,” will basically have to shut their mouths!

Secret.... SHHHHH! Secret …. if I can you can.... cuz I'm not that smart. Don't tell anyone.... I’m hoping they all mistake me for a freakin genius! SHHHHH!

Any way I would like to say to my friend Sandy.... thanks for helping me pull my head outta my arse! God bless and keep you... and I mean everyone! Because everyone of us has some kind of a disability!

That's my side of it,

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Softcover and Kids' Stuff

Soft cover and Kids stuff...

Hey guys! My book Snapshots From Home; Stories From Dysfunctional High School is out in soft cover NOW! Hooray!!! If you're looking for it at the best price google the full book title and put softcover next to it. That's best when comparing prices.

Also my Literacy Fest is really not that far in the future! It's nearly March 29 already!

I was gone for a couple of days spending some time with my husband and his grandson came for a visit. Tyler and I made lots of crafts and had a wonderful time. We made a St. Patrick's Day snow globe. It was fun, we took a snow globe form and Tyler found a toy car (wooden) and we fist glued that down. Then we took some shamrock confetti and he put that in the actual globe part, then you just basically reassemble the form and Voila … lots of giggles and a really kool toy that none of his friends have.

You know they grow so fast. Next year he won't like crafts any more. He does like music right now though so I'm thinking of buying him a starter guitar for his birthday. I think he'd like that.

So today I am just swamped with work because yesterday my husband sent me and Sarah out for a girl's day at the salon. That was totally what I needed to just relax for a bit. Got my hair and face done for my event. Last week he took me shopping for a suit for my book tour, as I have only one decent dress and one tattered suit. I really have to say... at my age I look absolutely horrid in Armani (which is nice on my wallet) but I look awesome in Anne Klein. I guess I wasn't made on an assembly line because so many places on my body don't even match any more. Lol I am quickly becoming pear-shaped! Lol

I rarely spoil me because quite simply, it isn't cost-effective and I don't like wasting money on things that aren't practical. That's just me. It is nice to be spoiled once in a while though. Do something nice for yourself today. It's really relaxing. Beyond that I adore that you're spending your valuable time to follow my blog! Thanks!

That's my side of it,

Monday, March 10, 2014

CONTEST... be a part of my book

Audio book contest
Calling all voice actors. Looking forward to college or that big break, maybe just a little exposure? Send your demo tapes of yourself reading one of the stories from Snapshots From Home; Stories from Dysfunctional High School in character in MP3 format to and win not only a role on the audio book but also a resume reference or college entrance resume reference. No entrance fee with book purchase of e-book for $1.99.

Get your voice out there and gain exposure for your craft, while helping troubled teens! It's a win win!

Angel Dunworth

Friday, March 7, 2014


Look how kool you guys....

And here...

OMG! I am so excited you guys!!!!!!!!

Also I just finished my first draft of my next book. Not sure what I'll do with that one though.... it might be too hard to follow. We'll see. My husband's Grandbaby is coming for the weekend though. I am also very excited about that. So I'll be back next week and let you know all of the fun stuff we did!

That's my side of it,


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Decorative Tape Syndrome

Things I don't get:

1. If dogs don't like it when you blow on their face, why do they stick their head out the car window?

2. When did the meaning of half-off become I can only buy half of what I used to for the same price?

3. why do little kids know how to lock themselves in a room, but not how to unlock that same door to come out?

4. when Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall why didn't he sue all the kings horse for malpractice?

5. if a man argues with himself; is he still wrong?

6. if my dog really is half-billy goat why isn't that on her adoption papers under breed?

7. that every time I save ten bucks I can't rest until I've spent twenty?

See pictured the tape I bought for the new games I will be making in a few weeks. This stuff makes it so much easier to trim a board game so when they're on sale I buy some. My husband thinks I have a problem. I don't get it? Is he trying to tell me he needs a shrink or what?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Schools, Tours and Texas

Schools, Tours and Texas

Hey guys! I am feeling a bit better but still so busy! Who'd a thunk a book was this much work to promote? Lol (Yes I am aware that thunk is not a word! lol)

So I am writing a second book this one is for women and I'm to chapter 6. I love writing because it's extremely addicting. I also hate writing because it is extremely addicting! It takes up too much time... but I love that time. It feels like down time.

So far I have the local grocery donating some books to my event! Way to go HEB. I also have built a LOT of stuff for it! I am talking to schools now and some school boards are actually looking at it! AH! I feel like a millionaire...and in my opinion, that is far superior to actually being one! Just sayin!

I am also in the process of planning a book tour starting with signings at Half-Price books... probably not starting until April, but from what we've discussed it may span all of San Antonio. I love San Antonio... they really know how to make a girl feel special. They love to promote things that originate here... but again that's not why. It's because it really is all about me. Lol I'm just kidding I know full well that it's really all about chocolate!

My People have a belief... an old lore that states that each man will return to the soil where his soul was created even if he's never set foot here. That is how I felt when I entered Texas... like I was finally home. I felt that way more so when I walked into this house. I doubt I will ever move.

Before I lived here I had a weird idea about Texas. I figured it had one cowboy, one cactus and some tumbleweed and that nothing else existed here! LOL I must say I have never seen such vast beauty and so many forests as I have seen in Texas. I love it here. I even love when the deer eat my plants! I think I shall stay for all time!

That's my side of it,

Monday, March 3, 2014


go here to see the circus sign I made:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

no blog

really sick again you guys. I dunno if I have pneumonia again or what... back asap