Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 book release... Jan. 1rst

From Children to Young Adult (in order of appearance) 

Cheshire Grin proudly presents a line of books ranging between tween and YA... a sci/fi fantasy line of stand-alone stories for the teen in your life. Also expect this year more Happy the Hippo books for your little ones.
Just like Little Wolf Happy the Hippo are educational however, Happy the Hippo books range for ages 3-6 with My First Readers and activity books. While
Little Wolf is for children, 7-10 years of age. before the year is out expect to also see...

And also a book for 7-up, highly educational...

In addition, we have storybooks in the works written by the masterful Rose  Tawney and a fairy-tale by the amazing Serge Kozlovsky (later in 2017)

Keep watching! That's my side of it,

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