Thursday, March 22, 2018

Interview for Grandpa’s Courteous Obligation (Cool Papa Ike Speaks!!)

Interview for Grandpa’s Courteous Obligation

Q) Thanks for granting us an interview. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

If this interview will put my new book creation, “Grandpa’s Courteous Obligation”, in the hands of some readers I should be thanking you. To ramble on about my anomalous personal biography could be a novel in its own right. Most folks would probably agree that I’m a bit eccentric with an appreciation for life that leans toward the humorous and singular perspective. Those who have read “Grandpa’s Copacetic Conundrum” and “The Copacetic Conundrum Continues” got a taste of such a posture. We keep rolling with this unique styling in “Grandpa’s Courteous Obligation.”

Q) What is the title of your book and what is it about?

“Grandpa’s Courteous Obligation” is the next step in The Grandpa Series. “Grandpa’s Copacetic Conundrum” and “The Copacetic Conundrum Continues” was the tale of what Grandpa went through when he entered a society of gifted and talented gentlemen. It is now Grandpa’s Courteous Obligation to bring his grandson into the fold. As you read this story you will notice the many obligations that must be handled with ever-present courtesy by Grandpa Sam as well as all the colorful characters in this novel.

Q) What message do you feel your book most conveys?

The title, “Grandpa’s Courteous Obligation,” was vested with the notion that there are obligations that are assigned to us at times. Such obligations when accepted are frequently a courtesy toward others. In choosing titles for these books, if a conundrum can be copacetic than an obligation placed upon you, handled with courtesy, becomes a courteous obligation. In this exploit the reader will find that handling various obligations can lead to abundant entertaining escapades, a multitude of engaging absurdities and fascinating fun times.

Q) Tell us a little about what made you start writing? What’s your inspiration?

For all the writing required throughout your life, there has been no scribbling that has been as enjoyable as writing these narratives. “Grandpa’s Courteous Obligation” is considered the third book in The Grandpa Series. I have four more books that have gone through the first draft and author rewrite process. The first story initiated was called “Grandpa’s Cathouse.” My daughter Samantha is a published author. I delivered this inspiration to her with the expectation she could write it. She deferred this opportunity back to me. She wasn’t interested in writing a book about a cathouse for some reason. Never one to avoid the gauntlet I gave writing a shot. The experience was a hoot. When finished it was obvious that there was background needed for the reader to fully understand this compendium. Such an enigma led to my next endeavor “Grandpa’s Copacetic Conundrum.” Before you knew it, a series of Grandpa Books came flowing through the mush between my ears. My beloved bride sent “Grandpa’s Copecetic Conundrum” to various publishing companies. She loved my work so. Publishers can be a flattering bunch, let me tell you. A lady by the name of Angel with Cheshire Grin Publishing was the most honest and equitable. Thanks to her I got published. Inspired by letting the creative juices run rampant, having fun and outstanding support, I found myself inspirited to keep working to improve the writing and enjoy it to the fullest.

Q) What does writing mean to you?

I find writing fun. This mental exercise challenges you in the most fascinating way. The creativity, imagination and learning the art of using words to express your message in a meaningful correct manner is intriguing. To find that others take pleasure in reading your contribution is an accolade which is priceless. Writing is an astonishing peccadillo.

Q) If you were to give fledging writers one piece of advice on writing, what would that be?

Patience, patience, patience… Do it right and revel in your endeavor…

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