Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I survived Andrew, Hurricane check list

I survived Andrew, Hurricane check list

1. Don't tape windows. Hurricanes bust glass, so tapes easier to bust.

2 Anything outside can become flying debris. This includes shingles and potted plants etc.

3. Patio furniture must be submerged in a swimming pool or brought in. It will also fly.

4. If you are in a flood zone place sandbags under doors.

5 put all important docs in double ziplocks so the water doesn't destroy them.

6. Need an ice chest? Have you got a washing machine? Fill it with ice.

7. Be certain that your bath tubs are filled with water. A bucket is also a good idea as plumbing might not work for a while.

8 Candles, gas lamps, kerosine etc are a NO NO. Flash lights will not catch the house on fire.

9. There is never enough drinking water. Buy more. Pets need clean water too.

10 have not only a good stock of sterno and canned goods, but also a hand operated can opener.

11. Also using a grill indoors will kill you. Every day's a backyard BBQ

12. Boarding up windows can save your life.

13. If time permits trim down trees that may fall.

14. A generator won't last long. Have a plan B

15. Cell service is out and so are street lights. Time to study the emergency driving rules and find a land line to call relatives.

16. Find the most central room, or if your bathroom has no windows, this is the place to stay during the storm.

17. You need a buttload of batteries and an actual radio to get updates and help center info.

18. If possible it's safer to go as far inland as possible, even if you have to stay in a crappy hotel.

19. have a first aide kit and refills on every med. Remember roads may be blocked and 911 might not have access to where you live.

20. DON'T take a walk after to access the damage. Power-lines are down, live and hidden.


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