Friday, December 18, 2015

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Diaries of the Cheshire Girls

If you're looking for a happy, light-hearted story then get out while you can. If romantic comedy's your thing or say flowery, poetic garbage like that, just go back to that epic misconception of how the real world works and leave me alone. If you like trite inspirational and meaningless stuff like that don't read any further. If angry is your thing then you've come to the right place. The thing you need to know right now is that this story... my story... the story of Chelsea O'Hara starts in death.

If all you envision in your tiny, little life is entrance to the Gates of Heaven, then I'd suggest you run like hell. My life, my inner ME, my gentle disposition was spawned in a gutter and I will not be moved. So if you're one of those do-gooder's that's lookin' to save a soul then let me save you a little time. In my world Wonderland comes in the form of a drug-induced coma. I'll never reach the light.... but then I'm not looking to. Just a nicer gutter and a better fix. If that's not available... a crappier gutter and a mediocre fix'll do. Whatever it takes right?

Because just like all of you mamby-pamby wanna-bes out there, I'd do anything for my God. The difference is my God is real. You can touch my God... you can snort him, smoke him, swallow him, inhale him, inject him or drink him.... whatever you're into really. It takes all kinds right? In my church we never turn anyone away... but like any temple the problems start with the money-changers. Isn't it always the way?

And suddenly I see...

All of these people are swarming around me. I don't know them. I'm not certain what's going on but I can't feel my legs which tickles in a way. My arm hurts real bad. They are trying to put an oxygen mask on me but I am fighting them tooth and nail. They wanna take away my high. They wanna take away my low. They wanna take away my numb... my perfect numb so screw them. I feel this unbearable buzz in the back of my skull and I start to flail and writhe... some kind of seizure maybe. Please give me more. Please give me heaven.... the heaven of numb.

Flat line.

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