Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cool Papa Ike interview

Hi, Cool Papa Ike, welcome. What prompted you to write your book?

S.J. McMillan, what a remarkable, intelligent and talented woman she is. May I add that she is my daughter? This classy gal was the published author of the family. I had a bee in my bonnet about a story line that was about a grandpa and his cathouse. She got a laugh out that and said my personality fit that notion better than her. A couple of weeks later, I took on the gauntlet and started writing. I discovered writing Grandpa’s Cathouse was fun. That led to writing Grandpa’s Copasetic Conundrum. That was even more fun. I like having fun so a third book got cranked out. Now I have started a fourth. Three books in eight months all because my daughter said, “You should write it”…

Tell us just a little about the story, isn’t it sort of coming of age?

My character Sam came of age like no other. In Grandpa’s Copacetic Conundrum he reflects on his initiation into a society of gifted and talented gentlemen. He takes you back to his days of youth which set this whole conundrum in motion. With the misfits, characters and experiences he had, it certainly does describe one unique coming of age. As this grandpa reflects on his memories he admits that life is full of conundrums and with a little luck you can keep them all copacetic. Guess Grandpa’s Copacetic Conundrum sums it up pretty well.

In as far as writing, who were your biggest influences?

Mark Twain is at the top of the heap in my estimation. His books, speeches, interviews and everything written about him is right up my ally. I do appreciate Kurt Vonnegut, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Salinger, Heller and all those writing geniuses. I find inspiration in comedy. From movies to television, those images rattle my brain with persistence. That muck between my ears is full of curious peccadilloes. Grandpa’s Copasetic Conundrum has a plethora of these influences crammed in all those pages.

What sets you apart from other writers?

In Grandpa’s Copacetic Conundrum there is a phenomenon that is explored. This theme is that we are all wired differently. Safe to say, I’m wired in a unique way. This singular wiring of mine comes out in my writing. I don’t copy any particular style and would pity anyone who would attempt to copy mine.

Can we expect more books?

Grandpa’s Copacetic Conundrum was my second book. Grandpa’s Courteous Obligation is a great sequel to it, and it’s ready for editing. My first book was Grandpa’s Cathouse and it’s ready for the editor as well. I have started book four. Surprise! It’s a Grandpa book too. I don’t foresee any lack of Grandpa Books. I’m having too much fun to quit.

If you were to give just one piece of advice to other writers, what would that be?

Writing Grandpa’s Copacetic Conundrum was so entertaining. Everyone has a story. I would suggest that if you have one you want to share, get with it and tell your tale. I like to have fun. I’d hate to think anybody would consider writing work. So, I would say, be sure to enjoy the experience and have a good time with it. Now, if you are wired differently and love to work, then get to work. Make your writing a copasetic conundrum.

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