Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Meet Scooter!

Q). What is a day in the life of Scooter the Cat?

I wake up early for breakfast, then nap to let my food digest properly. When I wake up, I usually take a bath, which takes a while. The perfect amount of fluffiness takes time. Afterward I search the house for the perfect place to take my next nap. Sometimes I get distracted by a toy and must play. My favorite place to nap is in the sun or on a windowsill by an open window. I also must have lunch and dinner in a day’s time. I don’t want to starve. If I’m lucky and the day is nice I get to go outside and lay in the grass and enjoy the fresh air. I also let Samantha pet me in the evening because I haven’t seen her all day. She is my favorite person.

Q) What inspired you to write Scooter's story?

Samantha wrote my story. I was her cat when she was a kid. She adored me. She wanted to share my story with kids who have their own favorite pet. It was her Dad though that told her she should write my story. He’s a smart man.

Q) Can we expect more Scooter books?

I know for a fact that Samantha has more Scooter books up her sleeve. She recruited her own kids to help write an ABC book about my world and eventually she will introduce you to a few of my friends, Patches, Duchess Chantilly, Pat, and Theodore.

Q) What sets the story of Scooter apart from other childrens' books?

The story is told my point of view. Samantha knows me very well and knows exactly how I felt that first day at her house. She doesn’t only write about me, but about our family, humans and pets included.

Q) Do you have a birthday club?

Why, yes I do. The people who published my story kindly set one up for me. Follow the link to sign up! http://www.cheshiregrinpublishing.com/birthday-club.html

Q) How can kids talk to Scooter?

I have my own Facebook page! I post funny things about other pets, about my life, pictures of myself, and drawings people send to me. You can find me at www.facebook.comsuperscootercat.

Q) What are the real life Scooter's favorite toys, games?

My favorite place to be is outside. I love chasing bugs and lying in the sun. Inside I play with strings, feathers, and little stuffed mice. I also like to play with my animal friends.

Q) Thanks for talking with us today!—

Thank you for talking to me. I had fun!

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