Saturday, September 14, 2019

How I know I'm old.... witty

How I know I’m old:
• If it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t work any more
• I can injure myself sleeping
• I take a sweater with me in 106 degree weather (just in case)
• I can get wasted by moving too fast
• Staying up past 10 is reliving my wild youth
• Walking has sound effects (popping, clicking, groaning)
• If I walk by a mirror and catch a glimpse of myself, my only thought it “Oh how the mighty have fallen”
• If I drop an object on the floor and have to bend, I must debate whether or not it should just stay there
• If a medication has a side-effect the doctors give me medications for that side-effect and also medications for the side-effects of medications of that side-effect
• When shopping, the ointment aisle is now a “wild time out”
• Napping is like winning an all expense paid vacation

• Never mind… I forgot what this list was for

That's my side of it,

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